Abolitionist Approach


The main focus of this blog is to advocate veganism to help truly fight animal cruelty. The site features interviews of individuals who have chosen a vegan lifestyle and profiles of other groups who are promoting veganism, as well as philosophical debates

Animal Ethics: Abolition, Regulation, or Citizenship?
by Gary L. Francione over 4 years ago
New York Times Debate on Carriage Horses
by Gary L. Francione over 4 years ago

Critical Animal


Most animal rights blogs are emotionally driven, but Stanescu's Critical Animal blog is dedicated to the academic study of philosophy as it relates to animals. It is one of the most philosophy-heavy blogs and specially studies the philosophies of vegetarianism and veganism.

The new is the new post now that we are post post, but perhaps we should be post new Turn, Or, Why I am so Meta.
by Scu over 2 years ago
Trumped-up Theory: On Donald Trump's appeal
by Scu over 2 years ago

We're All Animals


We're All Animals promotes the ideology that most vegans and vegetarians subscribe to in an understandable way: humans are animals too. A professor of US History, the blogger's posts are switch between interviews, news articles, and philosophical musings, all intending to promote veganism and peace towards animals.

Behind the Vegan Scare
by Andrew Hunt almost 4 years ago
Do Animals Have Emotions?
by Andrew Hunt almost 4 years ago