Serious Monkey Business


Future first-class primatologist Ashlee composes this thoughtful and insightful primate blog page. Still in the midst of completing her undergraduate degree, she manages to provide a professional and deeply considered set of postings on primates of all sizes and varieties. This blog is definitely one for students thinking of specializing in primatology to check out: Ashlee, like many undergrads, remains ambivalent about a firm career choice. But all signs point for her future shining bright should she choose this.

Orangutan Foundation


Though in the past imagined to be vicious, we now recognize this clementine ape to be peaceful and quite bright. This blog reminds you of how threatened they are.

Born Free Primate Sanctuary


America unfortunately knows its fair share of abused and mistreated primates that reflect poorly on humanity. This Texas-based rehab center looks to make things right.

Great Orang Utan Project


This blog and commendable project understands that primatology can be a tool to provide holistic relief to communities and environments. The orange ape really glows on this page.

Gorilla: Wildlife Direct


Improve your understanding of mountain gorilla behavior, psychology, and conservation with this page. The consistently updated postings will keep you in the know.

Sadness and worry as Virungas head ranger is shot
by Tuver Wundi over 4 years ago
Gorilla missing in the mist!
by Tuver Wundi over 4 years ago

Chimp Sanctuary


Seven chimpanzees who were saved from intense and unnecessary scientific research provide the fodder for this site. The writing here is always compassionate and smart.

Fascinating Mouths
by Lisa about 4 years ago
Happy Easter!
by Elizabeth about 4 years ago

Tumblr: Primatology


This Tumblr page is an excellent one to supplement any primatologist's studies and obsessions. Recent articles including findings that primates can repair their own spines.

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almost 4 years ago
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almost 4 years ago

Great Ape Trust


The Iowa-based research facility looks to apes to provide insight into the groundwork of human intelligence and culture. The blog also shows their undying commitment to preservation.

Scoop on Primates


Looking for great primate news, but don't have a lot of time? Sprint to this site and take advantage of the site's zippy yet zealous posts on primatology.

Cheek Pouches
by Sylvie over 2 years ago
A Tail’s Tale
by Sylvie over 2 years ago

Houston Zoo: Primates


The Houston Zoo has designed an excellent and energetic blog page on the beauty of primates. It keeps you informed about the animals at the zoo and in the wild as well.

Carolyn Jess Helps Novia the Ocelot Celebrate
by Ryan Draper almost 5 years ago
Orangutan-Friendly Palm oil: Reality or a Dream?
by Lynn Killam almost 5 years ago

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund


One of the most preeminent primatologists and scientists of any field finds her commitment to gorillas furthered in this blog. The posts here always burst with great info.

Ape Alliance


This blog makes sure that its readers are attuned not only to primate research studies, but also news on primate protection. The writers writhe at reports of uncalled-for cruelty to the animals.

Primate Rescue Center


This center is thankfully devoted to the cause of rescuing primates from unneeded suffering and abuse. The blog keeps track of their humanitarian effort with an animal focus.

Chimp Trainer's Daughter


This animal rights blog is indeed written by the daughter of a chimpanzee trainer, is one of the only blogs on the internet dedicated to fighting abuse against primates, specifically. This highly educational blog is personal and interesting, including personal anecdotes and information on the plight of chimpanzees.

What happens to baby pet chimp when he becomes a strong adult?
by Dawn Forsythe almost 4 years ago
Chimp photo represents plight of apes in entertainment
by Dawn Forsythe almost 4 years ago

International Animal Rescue's Primate Diaries


The Primate Diaries follows the ups and downs of our primate rescue units in Indonesia. Led by Veterinary Director Karmele, the team rehabilitate macaques, slow lorises and orangutans at our two rescue centres in Java and West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo).