Animal Rights


The Animal Rights blog on About.com is reliably updated regularly, primarily providing information on recent news in the animal rights activism world, changes in animal rights laws, and animal farming. Blogs contain plenty of links to find other sources of animal rights information.

Japan Cautiously Moves Forward with Whaling Plans
about 4 years ago
Rabbits, Chickens, Eggs, and Easter
over 4 years ago

Let's Help Animals


You don't have to roam the continents to save animals. This blog encourages you to do do simply by supporting your local animal shelter.

Stop Animal Abuse


This blog is more news-focused than philosophy focused. Each post provides an update on how people are committing atrocious animal abuses or are bravely fighting injustices. Nearly every post includes video footage.

Geari Animal Rights


The Group for the Education of Animal Related Issues has a blog that puts people in touch with animal rights info. Michael Vick and religious groups are recent topics.

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by GEARI.ORG almost 4 years ago
The Chinese are the Worst: 2 Quick Actions
by GEARI.ORG about 4 years ago

The MFA Blog


The blog affiliated with Mercy for Animals, the MFA blog seeks to promote the activities at their organization and similar organizations. The site deliberately includes a large variety in its blog posts, discussing everything from how abstaining from meat can prevent cancer to prosecutions of animal abusers.

Activist Spotlight: Meet Outreach Coordinator Brian Pietrzycki
by Mikael Nielsen about 4 years ago
7 Vegan Peanut Butter Recipes That Will Change Your Life!
by Sarah Von Alt about 4 years ago

Humane Research Council


The Humane Spot blog is kept in conjunction with the Humane Research Council, an advocacy groups that promotes animal welfare in scientific research. The tone of this blog will appeal most to those who already work in animal rights and are looking to network with other organizations to be as effective as possible.

Henry Bergh, the Unlikely Champion of Animals
by Morgan over 4 years ago
5 Animal Advocacy Pitfalls to Avoid
by Che Green over 4 years ago