K.A.R.E. Rescue


Kindness Animal Rescue and Education is an all-volunteer non-profit animal rescue in Fort Worth, TX dedicated to educating on animal issues and achieving a no kill nation.

The Asymmetrical Division


Encouraging the awareness of endangered species of fauna and environmental issues that currently plague our planet.

Foster Dog Stories


Fostering dogs is sometimes fun, sometimes sad, but always rewarding. Find out more about fostering right here.

Heaven or Dirt


This blog talks about work at a humane society. It tells weekly stories of the animals who come into the shelter. Heaven or Dirt talks about tough decisions and moral questions concerning animals.

Haus Of Paws Blog


Be prepared to enter the BOLD and UNUSUAL world of DOGS. With stories that will entertain and enlighten. With stories and videos that highlight the extraordinary world of canines, be prepared to laugh and be amazed.

by hausofpaws about 3 years ago
INFOGRAPHIC: Decoding Your Dog’s Body Language
by hausofpaws about 3 years ago

Animals At Your Side


Exploring the connection that exists between man and animal, and the realizations that emerge from a proper understanding of this connection.

Greenlane Organic Farming Blog


Greenlane blog strives to become the catalyst for a healthier society by providing useful tips on how to produce a reliable source of fresh, natural and sustainable supply of fish, meat, grains, fruits and vegetables. To do so we are providing you with the most effective tips on how to start your own natural food production, how to prevent common diseases that can harm your farm animals, how to distinguish premium quality meat and many more. In case you want to get the best quality farm products, we also have sustainable supply of premium grass feed farm animals meat, organic seeds and vegetables among others. Just log-in to our blog and enjoy the privilege of getting the access to healthier life and happy living.

Australian Fantasy Adventures


Although I am an author of middle grade fantasy, on my blog's I write about and highlight endangered animals around the world. Endangered animal heroes roam the pages of my books, and I am excited to introduce the unusual flora and fauna of Australia to my readers. It's always an interesting visit, and I blog once a week; not too much not too little. Hope to see you there. Hope you follow, and hope you comment. TY

Animal Rescue Nosara


The Journey and Adventures of Animal Rescue in Costa Rica. Moving to a new land. Living simply and in harmony with Nature. Making a difference. Saving lives.



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