Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project


This blog determines to safeguard the hot orangutan property in Indonesia away from poaching and disturbance. It shows primatologists how essential the environment is to a species.

Our science team is expanding! Hello Monday from Jenn
by OuTrop over 2 years ago
Wild About Pangolins 4 #almost famous
by OuTrop over 2 years ago

Houston Zoo: Primates


The Houston Zoo has designed an excellent and energetic blog page on the beauty of primates. It keeps you informed about the animals at the zoo and in the wild as well.

Carolyn Jess Helps Novia the Ocelot Celebrate
by Ryan Draper over 4 years ago
Orangutan-Friendly Palm oil: Reality or a Dream?
by Lynn Killam over 4 years ago

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund


One of the most preeminent primatologists and scientists of any field finds her commitment to gorillas furthered in this blog. The posts here always burst with great info.

Ape Alliance


This blog makes sure that its readers are attuned not only to primate research studies, but also news on primate protection. The writers writhe at reports of uncalled-for cruelty to the animals.

Primate Rescue Center


This center is thankfully devoted to the cause of rescuing primates from unneeded suffering and abuse. The blog keeps track of their humanitarian effort with an animal focus.

The Peta Files


Peta's blog focuses mostly on high-profile and pop culture news stories that relate to animal rights. The blog is often blunt, and includes promotion of Peta's own projects and ads that aim to fight animal cruelty.

Animal Freedom


This blog is a combination of the blogger's everyday dealings with pets and other animals and the blogger's personal views on animal cruelty. Rather than advocating strict veganism, the blogger's approach is more relatable in that it advocates health and safety for all animals and humans.

Animal Rights & Anti-Oppression


A blog written by multiple contributors, the Animal Rights & Anti-Oppression blog is an intelligently written site that is more practical and open-minded than many other animal rights blogs. The bloggers behind Animal Rights & Anti-Oppression keep readers up-to-date on major events in the animal rights movement and on recent literature in veganism and vegetarianism.

Animals & Politics


As its name suggests, the main focus of this blog is the way animals are treated by politicians and by voters. Blogger Mark Markarian works and writes for the Humane Society, with well-researched, relevant posts on animal rights.

HUD Needs a Clause on Claws
by blog@hslf.org (Humane Society Legislative Fund) over 2 years ago
Political Progeny in the Limelight on Animal Issues
by blog@hslf.org (Humane Society Legislative Fund) over 2 years ago

Chimp Trainer's Daughter


This animal rights blog is indeed written by the daughter of a chimpanzee trainer, is one of the only blogs on the internet dedicated to fighting abuse against primates, specifically. This highly educational blog is personal and interesting, including personal anecdotes and information on the plight of chimpanzees.

What happens to baby pet chimp when he becomes a strong adult?
by Dawn Forsythe almost 4 years ago
Chimp photo represents plight of apes in entertainment
by Dawn Forsythe almost 4 years ago

Critical Animal


Most animal rights blogs are emotionally driven, but Stanescu's Critical Animal blog is dedicated to the academic study of philosophy as it relates to animals. It is one of the most philosophy-heavy blogs and specially studies the philosophies of vegetarianism and veganism.

The new is the new post now that we are post post, but perhaps we should be post new Turn, Or, Why I am so Meta.
by Scu over 2 years ago
Trumped-up Theory: On Donald Trump's appeal
by Scu over 2 years ago

We're All Animals


We're All Animals promotes the ideology that most vegans and vegetarians subscribe to in an understandable way: humans are animals too. A professor of US History, the blogger's posts are switch between interviews, news articles, and philosophical musings, all intending to promote veganism and peace towards animals.

Behind the Vegan Scare
by Andrew Hunt almost 4 years ago
Do Animals Have Emotions?
by Andrew Hunt about 4 years ago



The ASPCA is a highly visible organization that is specifically dedicated to protecting pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect. Their blog details the many challenges they are facing, as well as they many happenings in their pet adoption movement.

Equine Advocates


The Equine Advocates is a group that works specifically on behalf of horse welfare, and their blog details their efforts and the work of others. They provide stories about specific horses who were rescued and brought to their sanctuary, as well as about people who are working on behalf of horses.

2014 American Equine Summit
by Kelly over 4 years ago
In Loving Memory of Jeremy
by Karen over 4 years ago

Animal Rights


Although this is a blog written by a professor at Southern Methodist University for her animal rights course, it is open to the public and includes resources that interested participants may find useful. Videos, news links, and book reviews are included regularly.

Zoopolis, Loose Ends, Final
by Jean Kazez over 2 years ago
by Jean Kazez over 2 years ago

The MFA Blog


The blog affiliated with Mercy for Animals, the MFA blog seeks to promote the activities at their organization and similar organizations. The site deliberately includes a large variety in its blog posts, discussing everything from how abstaining from meat can prevent cancer to prosecutions of animal abusers.

Activist Spotlight: Meet Outreach Coordinator Brian Pietrzycki
by Mikael Nielsen about 4 years ago
7 Vegan Peanut Butter Recipes That Will Change Your Life!
by Sarah Von Alt about 4 years ago

Encyclopedia Brittanica: Advocacy for Animals


Advocacy for Animals works on behalf of all animals, but focuses primarily on protecting wildlife. Popular topics for this site include anti-fur in the fashion industry and working to end the popularity of dog-fighting. The blog includes plenty of relevant news articles.

Only Known Wild Jaguar in the U.S. Spotted in Arizona
by Earthjustice over 2 years ago
Action Alert from the National Anti-Vivisection Society
by National Anti-Vivisection Society over 2 years ago

Humane Research Council


The Humane Spot blog is kept in conjunction with the Humane Research Council, an advocacy groups that promotes animal welfare in scientific research. The tone of this blog will appeal most to those who already work in animal rights and are looking to network with other organizations to be as effective as possible.

Henry Bergh, the Unlikely Champion of Animals
by Morgan about 4 years ago
5 Animal Advocacy Pitfalls to Avoid
by Che Green about 4 years ago

Please Do Not Tap on the Glass


Featuring images so graphic that they sometimes make the blog hard to swallow, Please Do Not Tap on the Glass shares stories of animal mistreatment and how readers can help combat them. Keeping readers up-to-date on oil spills is a particular specialty of this blog.

Tips For Getting A Singapore Personal Loan for Expanding Your Business
by admin about 4 years ago
Singapore Personal Loan for Taking Up a Course
by admin about 4 years ago

Invisible Voices


Invisible Voices is technically a blog that aims to protect all kinds of farm animals and wildlife, but because of the blogger's farm connection it often discusses the welfare of pigs on farms. Advocacy of veganism and humane treatment of animals on farms are important elements of this blog.



Fun ForYou and Good For Your Pets - The Smart Pet Lover's Site! Our team of writers post daily on all the latest animal news and fun pet stories from around the world. The website is packed with helpful tips and recommendations for everything you need for your pets, including the latest scientific findings related to the care of your pet, unbiased product reviews, guides to pet insurance, and recommendations on interesting new products to try.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Seagull Of The Day
by Laurie Kay Olson over 2 years ago
Get Your Shopping Hopping With A Frog
by Kitty Devine over 2 years ago

Pets Guide


Find out what You and your Pet need to know

Best Pet Jobs


Jobs and Business Ideas for Animal Lovers. Be inspired to live your dream of working with pets.

The Best Friends Blog


Best Friends Animal Society is guided by a simple philosophy: kindness to animals builds a better world for all of us. We hope the Best Friends blog will be a place for you to hear about the latest from us in terms of our work and our thoughts on what is happening across the country every day to save lives. We want you to be involved and comment, tell us what you think!