Serious Monkey Business


Future first-class primatologist Ashlee composes this thoughtful and insightful primate blog page. Still in the midst of completing her undergraduate degree, she manages to provide a professional and deeply considered set of postings on primates of all sizes and varieties. This blog is definitely one for students thinking of specializing in primatology to check out: Ashlee, like many undergrads, remains ambivalent about a firm career choice. But all signs point for her future shining bright should she choose this.

ESA Blawg


This is the only blog on the net dedicated specifically to following the aftermath of the enactment of the Endangered Species Act and the current challenges facing its enforcement. The ESA Blawg has more of an academic tone, and seeks out news articles that most other blogs and news outlets ignore.

IDA Blog


This blog from the IDA is insistent on doing what it can to promote the importance of habitat preservation. Readers can also expect posts as fun as Save Pizza and Save Animals.

Animal Rights


The Animal Rights blog on About.com is reliably updated regularly, primarily providing information on recent news in the animal rights activism world, changes in animal rights laws, and animal farming. Blogs contain plenty of links to find other sources of animal rights information.

Japan Cautiously Moves Forward with Whaling Plans
about 4 years ago
Rabbits, Chickens, Eggs, and Easter
about 4 years ago

Let's Help Animals


You don't have to roam the continents to save animals. This blog encourages you to do do simply by supporting your local animal shelter.

Stop Animal Abuse


This blog is more news-focused than philosophy focused. Each post provides an update on how people are committing atrocious animal abuses or are bravely fighting injustices. Nearly every post includes video footage.

Abolitionist Approach


The main focus of this blog is to advocate veganism to help truly fight animal cruelty. The site features interviews of individuals who have chosen a vegan lifestyle and profiles of other groups who are promoting veganism, as well as philosophical debates

Animal Ethics: Abolition, Regulation, or Citizenship?
by Gary L. Francione over 4 years ago
New York Times Debate on Carriage Horses
by Gary L. Francione over 4 years ago

Geari Animal Rights


The Group for the Education of Animal Related Issues has a blog that puts people in touch with animal rights info. Michael Vick and religious groups are recent topics.

I'm Still Here but GEARI was Hacked. So I've Been Working on Getting it Back Up
by GEARI.ORG almost 4 years ago
The Chinese are the Worst: 2 Quick Actions
by GEARI.ORG about 4 years ago

Friends of Animals


This amicable animal activist blog ensures we don't forget about the animals' perspective. The site tries to reinforce the idea of animal rights being for the animals.

Orangutan Foundation


Though in the past imagined to be vicious, we now recognize this clementine ape to be peaceful and quite bright. This blog reminds you of how threatened they are.

Actions for Animals


This Portugal-based animal rights and protection site focuses on the vileness of hunting and poachers. It also includes a special section depicting victories in the animal rights movement.



DNApes doesn't poo-poo pop culture in its own unique way of providing top-notch primatology postings. The writing often takes on a fun and sarcastic tone.

Born Free Primate Sanctuary


America unfortunately knows its fair share of abused and mistreated primates that reflect poorly on humanity. This Texas-based rehab center looks to make things right.

Great Orang Utan Project


This blog and commendable project understands that primatology can be a tool to provide holistic relief to communities and environments. The orange ape really glows on this page.

Gorilla: Wildlife Direct


Improve your understanding of mountain gorilla behavior, psychology, and conservation with this page. The consistently updated postings will keep you in the know.

Sadness and worry as Virungas head ranger is shot
by Tuver Wundi over 4 years ago
Gorilla missing in the mist!
by Tuver Wundi over 4 years ago

Chimp Sanctuary


Seven chimpanzees who were saved from intense and unnecessary scientific research provide the fodder for this site. The writing here is always compassionate and smart.

Fascinating Mouths
by Lisa about 4 years ago
Happy Easter!
by Elizabeth about 4 years ago

Tumblr: Primatology


This Tumblr page is an excellent one to supplement any primatologist's studies and obsessions. Recent articles including findings that primates can repair their own spines.

Updo Hairstyles For Prom And Weddings
almost 4 years ago
Hairstyles For Prom African American
almost 4 years ago

Great Ape Trust


The Iowa-based research facility looks to apes to provide insight into the groundwork of human intelligence and culture. The blog also shows their undying commitment to preservation.

Scientist at Work


Find the latest research from high-level field scientists from all over on the NY Times-sponsored page. Primatologists consistently factor into the postings here.

Scoop on Primates


Looking for great primate news, but don't have a lot of time? Sprint to this site and take advantage of the site's zippy yet zealous posts on primatology.

Cheek Pouches
by Sylvie over 2 years ago
A Tail’s Tale
by Sylvie over 2 years ago