Drinking Diaries


This is blog that shares essays on a variety of issues pertaining to alcoholism. Come to Drinking Diaries to learn about issues ranging from entering relationships (soberly) to opinions on Hollywood depictions of alcoholics.

Midlife Drinking: Part 1
by Caren over 4 years ago
Excerpt from “Drinking To Distraction,” a Memoir by Jenna Hollenstein
by Leah over 4 years ago

It's a Girl Thing


This is a blog that welcomes you right away, and beckons you to come in and learn and share your own experiences with addiction!

Prayers (Please!)
by PJ over 4 years ago
by PJ over 4 years ago

No More Merlot


Follow the updates of this mom who is tackling the first year of sobriety. This is a fun blog to follow because the blogger at No More Merlot is upbeat and personal!

Drunk in Cardiff


Depression and alcoholism often go hand in hand, as the blogger at Drunk in Cardiff has put it, alcohol can seem like the cause and solution to all of life's problems. Read this blog and discover how this blogger is grappling with those hard issues.

Breaking the Cycles


This is a blog that covers a wide range of addiction issues, including alcohol abuse and dual diagnoses. Breaking the Cycles is interested in sharing information that could change the way that we treat and view addiction.

Mothers in Recovery – Documentary Film by Sheila Ganz
by Guest about 4 years ago
The Brain and the Secondhand Drinking Connection
by Lisa Frederiksen over 4 years ago

Healing Imperfectly


This blogger is new to recovery and writes with a passion and a sense of hope that is hard to ignore. Healing Imperfectly is perfect for those looking for inspiration to recover from their addiction.

RIP Robin Williams
by Imperfectly Healing almost 4 years ago
by Imperfectly Healing about 4 years ago

Letting Go-Finding Hope


This is a blog about accepting addiction, letting go of the pain of addiction, and finding hope for a better future. If you're looking for a boost then you have to read Letting Go-Finding Hope.

Bragging - Criticism
by Grace-WorkinProgress over 2 years ago
Rich full life - Mustard seed
by Grace-WorkinProgress over 2 years ago

My Life Sober


The authors life and journey through alcoholism, sobriety and recovery. Being a sober woman, mom and wife. Making it one day at a time and gaining first & second hand knowledge along the way and offering hope and inspiration. Proof that there is hope for us all and that while we have to make our sobriety #1, being an alcoholic and/or addict is not all we have to be.

A Little Encouragement For the Alcoholic
by Tonya Marie almost 3 years ago
Being Humble In Recovery
by Tonya Marie over 3 years ago

A Society of Sobriety


We live in a society where alcohol is included in almost every event. Thousands of people die every year from drinking related incidents. When we are stressed, bored or emotionally wrecked, many of us turn to drinking and drug abuse. The goal of this blog is to educate others on the dangers of alcohol/drug abuse, support those in recovery and show others that life can be more fulfilling when we learn to become self-aware and deal with our issues in a healthy way. We need the support of those who choose to live without alcohol and drugs. Whether you are a recovering addict/alcoholic, a friend or family member of an alcoholic, or simply a person who chooses to stay alcohol and drug free as an example to others, we need your support and feedback. You can support us by sharing your stories, experiences and wisdom.

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