Shoe Money


This blog drills in basic yet hugely influential skills into marketing readers. Concentration on your own virtues and greeting new trends with joy are among the lessons here.

The Iconic Google AdSense Check and My 10 Year Journey After
by Jeremy Schoemaker over 2 years ago
FaceBook Likes – The New Email List
by Jeremy Schoemaker over 2 years ago

Shock Marketer


Understanding consumer behavior, studying case studies to find out what really works and unorthodox style are all part of the rhetoric at shock marketer. Don't expect this blog to tell you anything about being an affiliate marketer, but it will give you some food for thought on how successful salespeople operate. I'm a big fan of Malcom Gladwell, maybe his ideas are not ground breaking as he thinks, but he does a phenomenal job of presenting other peoples stories and ideas. This TED talk re-posted at Shock Marketer stresses the most important fundamental of marketing: knowing your customer.

Get 3X the conversion rate by adding a second “option,” research finds
by Shock Marketer over 4 years ago
Get a boost to your ad’s CTR by reading one hyped up UpWorthy video’s headline (with test results)
by Shock Marketer over 4 years ago

Pro Blogger


This appropriately named blog puts together a list of helpful, informative and creative tips for you Internet promoting types. Posts include insightful breakdowns on consumer psychology and advice from advertisers of yore.

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
by Stacey Roberts over 2 years ago
5 Things to Do after You Hit “Publish” on Your Next Blog Post
by Darren Rowse over 2 years ago

Matt's Marketing Blog


Run by Australian internet entrepreneur Matt Carter, his blog brings quality affiliate marketing advice, tips on free services, products and software, and some tutorials on getting started.

Getting Reviews for Your Amazon Listing
by Matt Carter over 4 years ago
SEO for Amazon Products
by Matt Carter over 4 years ago

Entrepreneurs Journey


If you're looking at this list chances are you're interested in internet marketing, selling information, blogging and entrepreneurship. This blog is for you. Its run by the very accomplished web marketer Yaro Starak who's been involved in the business since 1998. The main focus of the blog is to get people interested in running their own businesses and making money online.

Harry Campbell: Blogging About The Rise Of Ride Sharing (Uber, Lyft) To Make $80,000+ A Year From 10 Different Income Streams
by http://ReplytoYaro.com (Yaro Starak) over 2 years ago
Free Live Training: A Step-By-Step Guide To Setup A Blog And Email List To Sell Your Product On Autopilot
by http://ReplytoYaro.com (Yaro Starak) over 2 years ago

Earners Blog


This blog is a reference treasure chest for web marketers. It not only provides in depth and detailed explanation of ideas, problems and techniques related to affiliate marketing, but also SEO, email marketing, traffic generation and web development among others. This is not for the faint of heart some posts can get pretty technical pretty quick.

AM Navigator


This blog focuses on some demystifying some of the areas of affiliate marketing. It also covers a lot of the industry leaders, conferences and discusses blog posts by other affiliate marketers, SEO experts and social media marketers.

Affiliate Marketing – CMO’s Least Mastered Area of Digital Marketing
by Geno Prussakov over 2 years ago
2016 Affiliate Marketing Conferences, Trade Shows, Events
by Geno Prussakov over 2 years ago

Tips and Tricks


The name says it all. Tips and Tricks features articles to help you stay a float during the first weeks of your affiliate campaign. What most important here is not only the massive number of articles available, but the honesty and the depth of knowledge that the Tips and Tricks team have on all internet marketing related topics. Tips and Tricks doesn't try to be fancy, and makes an effort to stick to the simple tactics that make successful marketing campaigns. Here's a thorough breakdown of how to increase your sales page's conversion rate 10 Tips to Increase Your Sales Page Conversion

How To Attract Customers To Your WordPress e-Commerce Store
by admin over 3 years ago
Adding a PayPal Payment Widget to The Sidebar of Your WordPress Site
by Korin Iverson over 3 years ago



Covers various aspects of becoming an internet baller, from affiliate and email marketing to SEO, landing pages and Domain flipping.

Who Is Andrew Wee


Andrew Wee was mentioned somewhere earlier on in this list. He's a semi famous super-affiliate who publishes a popular industry podcast. Like most other blogs its a pretty standard mix of internet marketing knowledge, geeky tech and business wisdom. He also has a comprehensive guide that reviews all the affiliate marketing networks worth their salt.

Hello world!
by awee99 almost 3 years ago
How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!
by Andrew Wee over 3 years ago



The best Internet marketing website hands down is run by a group of die hard affiliate marketers who have spent the time to painstakingly develop a Plenty of Fish ad up loader.

The Affiliate Marketing Event Of The Year!
by Mr Green almost 3 years ago

Inside Affiliate


Run by musician, affiliate marketer and tech enthusiast Josh Todd, Inside Affiliate is an honest attempt at an honest blog about online marketing. Catering more to beginners than super affiliates, so its super easy to read, engaging and Todd regularly posts in the comment threads.

Affiliate Summit West 2016 Wrap Up
by Josh Todd over 2 years ago
Protected: Test ad tag
by Josh Todd over 2 years ago

Nicky Cakes


Covering the low down, often dirty news and gossip of the affiliate marketing scene, Nick Cakes is the TMZ of the affiliate blog world. Its a little low on the celebrity stalking and focuses more on nerdy superstars who are also pretty well paid.

The Best Conference In The Industry with 100% Discount Code
by nickycakes about 4 years ago
The Cake Show Podcast 003 – Asian Efficiency
by nickycakes about 4 years ago

Logan Thompson


One of the more popular affiliate marketers, who's also written a handful of guest posts on some of the blogs listed here, Logan Thompson's blog runs the gamut of online marketing. In the business since his college days in the early 2000's Logan has grown his affiliate sites and programs from a measly 78 cent pay check into a real business.

How I Got 226,626 Unique Visitors In 1 Week With 1 Blog Post
by Logan Thompson over 4 years ago
How To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Reach
by Logan Thompson over 4 years ago

Affiliate Tip


Affiliate Tip is blog run by award winning web marketer Shawn Collins. An affiliate marketer since 1997, Shawn is a co-founder of the Affiliate Summit, the leading industry conference as well as an affiliate marketing magazine FeedFront. The blog chronicles industry event happenings, podcasts, tips for beginners and real life analogies connecting affiliate marketing to the virtual world.

Convert 2 Media


Easily one of the best Affiliate Network Blogs out there, Convert 2 Media is run by Ralph Ruckman and his partners in crime Michael and Steve. They are entrepreneurs in every sense of the word and share tiny tidbits of their wisdom and industry happenings on their blog. They've been interviewed by countless bloggers, and have made several appearances on Andrew Wee's podcast.

Super Affiliate Twins


Super-Affiliate Twins is run by not one but two sets of twin brothers who live next door to each other. Sounds like a bro-mance novel that only the internet could create. The twins combine their combined fourteen years of affiliate marketing experience into one blog covering industry news, personal lives and tips.

PPC blog


If you're a PPC kind of marketer this blog has to be added to your RSS feeds. It offers some unique tweaks, commentary on PPC related news, and quick how to's and DIYs.

My blog toolkit


If you're looking to get into Wordpress affiliate marketing this blog has a ton of tips and pointers to get you started and making bank.

Blam ads


Blam Ads is a big name in online advertising and lead generation. The Blam Ads blog is all about breaking down the lingo, and technology that makes Blam Ads so successful.



You may have heard of the online dating site Plenty Of Fish, and you may have some reservations about it. This blog is probably the reason why. It features coherent break downs and tips on how to run a successful Plenty Of Fish campaign.

How Your Drinking Habits Are Affected By Where You Live And How You Love!
by pofben over 4 years ago
Guest Post: Alex From Hyper6 on POF Landing Pages & Ads that Worked for Him
by pofben over 4 years ago