The Dieline


The Dieline is involved in the package design industry and with every package there is typically a logo involved. The site offers a place for the design community to discuss, critique, review design projects.

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Design Nugget #65
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We're thinking retro here; this blog is "focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period."

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Design Books
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Stefan Glerum – Stained Glass Project
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Wecan Media Blog


Wecan Media is a digital marketing agency offering services including web design, social media page design, logo design and marketing. Its blog discusses digital marketing as well as logo design for businesses.



Come here to gaze at great, and not so great, ads from everywhere in the world.. The not-so-great ads teach what what mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

Color Matters


At the groundwork of any school of therapy and healing is appreciation and recognition of some element of science at the fundamental level. In the vein of understanding the actual functioning of pigments, Color Matters provides an excellent background in the myriad ways that color works. Besides just therapy, visitors can learn about color symbolism and its affects in the worlds of business, marketing, and ecology.

A Marketing Student's Blog


Blogger Phil's blog may not address communications titularly, but the content of his site more than fills the bill for the field. A second-year pupil at a British University, Phil understands the huge potential rewards that can result from an intensive study of marketing, comm, and other similar fields. What's refreshing about his posts is Phil's embracing of the new and the trendy; Twitter, Starbucks, and Google's news and headlines are addressed with an erudite yet clear and compelling feel.

Trend Hunter


Marketing wizzes come here to soak the latest news on the trends that matter the most. Fashion, technology, music and art are all well-represented in many posts.



WE ARE THE WHIMSICAL PEACOCK! whimsical art, eccentric oddities &funky finds...we consider ourselves innovators in eclecticism. Modern day "treasure hunters" of amazing history we WON'T let be forgotten! Vintage clothes, jewelry, furniture with a new and exciting twist, that makes you able to find that "gotta have it" item!!! We've been around a while, though always keeping up with todays trends, yet adding that feeling of yesteryear and originality that exudes exclusivity, confidence & edginess of a hollywood star! If for some reason our whimsical innovators have not yet created or found whats in that wonderland of ideas in your minds eye...JUST ASK! You'll be amazed what can be created at our place... "tHE factory PEaCOck"...if you can dream it, we CAN create it! 2013 is THE YEAR OF THE WHIMSICAL PEACOCK... wonderland for your imagination our blog is going strong and offers monthly contest, our website is being revamped with new goodies... So please "excuse our bliss", yes bliss, as we recreate your destination for an imagination amusement park, best part...you can take some home with you...see you there!

Boston Handmade


Boston Handmade provides visibility and voice to independent artists, artisans, and craftspeople. Written by members of the juried artist group, Boston Handmade, this blog celebrates creativity made by hand and Massachusetts artrepreneurial spirit.

custom lapel pins


maerda.blogspot.com is the blog of lapel pins,badge,challenge coins making and design.

Professional eCommerce Website Design


A better strategy is to maintain a steady stream of marketing that doesn’t take time away from delivering those products and services during busy times. And one of the best ways to do that is with an e-commerce website.

Now Avail Custom Printed Folders For Affordable Prices


Irrespective of whether you are a student, a business representative or an employee of an organization, at one point of your career/studies or another you will need to use a folder.

Get Custom Vinyl Sticker Printing For Cheap


It is common to see vehicles like cars, buses and trucks and even two wheelers with bumper stickers of different shapes, sizes and colors pasted on their back.

Printing Companies For Custom Box And Pocket Folder Printing


In this age when even your mobile covers can be customized and personalized as per your requirements and specifications, it is not a surprise that printing service providers can customize a wide range of products, goods and items for you.

Get Customized Printed Coasters in Bulk Orders Made


In this world of stiff competition among companies, where each one is trying to have an upper hand over the other one, marketing is one thing which can play a vital role in establishing your company’s presence among consumers and clients.

The Importance Of The Finest Custom Cardboard Coasters


In today’s times, it is extremely important to engage in the right set of marketing. If you do not indulge in a befitting marketing campaign, your products and services are likely to face some serious problems.

Avail The Best Custom Stickers Printing Cheap Services


Do you need to make a presentation? When you are making a presentation, it is hugely important to make sure that you have all the necessary files and documents with you.