Find a wealth of informative material on all facets of the process here. Recent posts address concerns for med school and b-school applicants.

The Choice


The New York Times blog, which blows away the fog covering college admissions info, often discusses nationwide scholarships. Every other possible concern for university aspirants is covered excellently.

Admissions Consultants


Deep in the throes of composing personal statements and courting recommendation letters, students frequently don't have tons of time to donate in the reading of advice columns. Enter the info-packed brevity of Admissions Consultants' counsel blog. You'll find important information that can make a serious difference in your bid for success, tucked away in a petite post. Posts on rejection with encouragement and pre-med courses of study at MIT example this ability to inform in miniature.

The Ivy Coach


Head to this blog to balance your scholarship search with maintenance of the traits you need to get into prestigious schools. Parents with ambitious kids should read here often.

Interest Quotient for the Ivies
by Bev Taylor over 3 years ago
Colleges Subscribing to Common App
by Bev Taylor over 3 years ago

Planning and Preparing for College


Blogger Callie's extremely comprehensive college preparation page has developed a reputation as a prime source for up-to-the-minute scholarships that college hopefuls should apply for straight away. The site handles a wealth of themes that relate to the process outside of just scholarships; community service opportunities, internships, and worthwhile summertime experiences are also highlighted. University applicants should not only bookmark this page, but visit it often to help ensure campus success.

The Nordstrom Scholarship -- Deadline: May 1, 2015
by C. Herd almost 3 years ago
Memphis Ambassadors Program - Deadline: February 28, 2015
by C. Herd about 3 years ago

College Admissions


Dealing with acceptance and rejection letters, among other college admissions experiences, can feel like a rollercoaster.This blog lends a sense of calm and focus.

"Tell Me About a Challenge That You Overcame" - College Interview Tips
about 4 years ago
Cornell University Photo Tour
about 4 years ago

The Admission Game


Many people believe there's no rhyme or reason to the admissions process. Starting early, and reading this blog, can teach you that there's a system to be worked.

November College Planning Tips: Application Preparation
by Peter over 3 years ago
“BCF Readers’ Forum” 10.23.14
by Peter over 3 years ago

My College Calendar


Scheduling exams, application due dates, and more can prove quite a challenge. This blog helps you keep it all straight, the better to earn a win.

College Admission Essays That Will Get Students Rejected
by Steve Sterling over 4 years ago

College Admissions


A professional college counselor doles out advice you can implement right away in your application here. This site's strength is its insightful opinion on college essays.

How to Get In


The title of this blog is the basic question that every eager applicant wants the legitimate answer to. There are no surefire formulas, but this blog can help you out.

Do Colleges Provide Adequate Disclosures to Student Consumers?
by David Levy about 4 years ago



This blog was written by students to help entering students gain financial aid and scholarships. College is not cheap and this blog can help you find some ways to pay for it.

The Effectiveness of Student-Centric Teaching
by Chad almost 4 years ago
A Career in Private Investigation
by Chad about 4 years ago

Rethinking Admissions


Wake Forest University has composed a radically exciting page on the art form of college applications. Even if you're not interested in WFU, this site deserves a read.

Accepted to College


Keep track of virtually every important date in the admissions experience with this blog's assistance. Homeschoolers and "senioritis" have been written on well recently.

The Uncommon Blog


The University of Chicago's alternative style of application has generated enough attention to justify its own blog page. Everyone can read this to appreciate the school's quirks.

Spring Break: India
about 4 years ago
Advice for Waitlisted Students
about 4 years ago



College essay specialists know that a hook is needed at the paper's start to catch readers' attention. That philosophy of hitting the ground running permeates this page.

College Admissions Blog


Find some of the admissions process' innermost secrets on this page. Several vetted experts display their wisdom and insights here.



This blog introduces applicants to the wealth of scholarships and other programs they should be interested in. It also keeps them abreast of the latest college headlines.

A Guide To Winter Break For Parents and Students
by Ruth Cisneros over 4 years ago
5 Smartphone Apps to Help You Through College Admissions
by Ruth Cisneros over 4 years ago

Admissions Advice


Find a trove of important and difference-making resources on this page. It helps you understand such fine technique points as figuring realistic college options.

Admit One: Applying to College


My College Options is a free college planning service, offering assistance to students, parents, high schools, counselors, and teachers nationwide. We connect students to over 5,000 accredited colleges and universities and over 60,000 scholarship listings.

The Fast & The Furious
by Andrea K. - My College Options Team about 4 years ago
Unassigned Reading, Vol. 5
by Andrea K. - My College Options Team about 4 years ago