Diana Republic


This is a blog that shares the everyday experiences of a woman overcoming alcoholism. Diana Republic is a snapshot of a recovery success story, so come her for inspiration!

A Lid for Every Pot
by princess over 4 years ago
Time for a Change (aka Midlife Crisis Take 2)
by princess over 4 years ago

One Day at a Time


One Day at a Time is a blog about an avid Al-anon member who is also a mother and a student. Get advice here about juggling family life while maintaining your health and well being.

Being Made New


My blog is basically random thoughts, experiences, rants and the occasional dab of wisdom accumilated over six plus years of recovery from alcohol abuse, sex addiction and codependency. It is my venting place but also it is my hope that the person that needs it on a given day stumbles across it at the exact moment they need to. I hope that person is you and that day is today.

A Good 5 Year Run
by Being Made New over 4 years ago
temporary- maybe
by Being Made New over 4 years ago

Eli Hornby


This is an interesting blog because the blogger is an addict, as well as a father and husband. While Eli Hornby is very personal and intense it is also inspiring.

My Life on the Rocks


This blogger implores you to follow her struggle with raising a family, doing well professionally, and being a good wife to a recovering sex addict. Rock Bottom will give you words of wisdom to live by!

I Live
by RockiBottom about 4 years ago



Just because you start the road to recovery does not mean sobriety solves all of your problems. The blogger at Jubilant shares her thoughts on some of her own struggles with depression and weight gain after she became sober.

Between Living and Existing


This is a blog that is devoted to recovering from an eating disorder. Like a drug or alcohol, as the blogger at Between Living and Existing explains, recovering from an eating disorder takes a lot of discipline and strength.

The Addict in the Orange Tree


alcoholic; HCV; novelist; just sharing about life so we know we aren't alone.

Twisted Inside the Mind of a Drug Addict


The day to day Life of a now clean and recovering addict and the struggles to live a new way after being hopelessly addicted for over 30 years.