Food: My Drug of Choice


Last year, this blogger decided that her husband required attention for his addiction. Little was she cognizant then of her own taxing concern, an addiction to food. On that night in February, she decided to consecrate the rest of her days to reclaiming her life and its healthfulness. Her urge to change has eventually resulted in her goals to take up a half-marathon and to chart her binge-free days. A great blog chock-full of great habits for similar addicts to emulate.

I Must Diminish


This blogger recognizes that there's an intense love-hate relationship at play in an addiction to food. Fortunately, he's not afraid to sprinkle charm and humor into his posts.

Living By My Own Rules


Very frequently, those who struggle with food addiction feel that the food is in control. Let this blogger introduce you to the new commanders to come: you, yourself, and you.

A Merry Life


At the end of the day, every food addict just wants to lead a happy and mirthful existence. This blog reminds that your new life begins once you envision it as real.

They Call Me Roof… Because I’ve Got Shingles
by Mary over 2 years ago
Help Your Guy in His Weight Loss Goals
by Mary over 2 years ago

Ali's Fat to Fit


Instead an existence that's themed on the fact of your suffering, this site encourages you to embrace change and release. When you're focused on the positive, wonders result.

Kathy's Journal


Kathy's dilemma with addiction began with her husband's untimely death. She began to deal with the grief, and overeating, with this raw and honest blog page.

Moved to Wordpress
by kathyj333 almost 3 years ago
Yes, It's a Survey
by kathyj333 almost 3 years ago