An Addict in Our Son's Bedroom


Looking for some parenting advice about overcoming addiction? This blog is written by two parents who are struggling to raise a son with a drug addiction.

What If It Never Gets Better?
by Dad and Mom over 4 years ago
Waiting On Spring
by Dad and Mom over 4 years ago

A Room of Mama's Own


This is a well-written blog that explores the struggles of living with a sex addict. A Room of Mama's Own provides simple, clear advice about overcoming sex addiction.

Our Journey


I am a mom of 3 beautiful children and married to a recovering addict/acoholic. He recently had a replase and has gotten into legal trouble. My blog discusses how are family is coping and thriving despite the chaos.

No body knows the trouble I've been through
by Karen Drew over 3 years ago
My Heart is Broken Again
by Karen Drew over 3 years ago

Michelle Lisa Anderson


Support, Hope and Healing for Loving A Man Who Has Substance Abuse Issues Or Drinks Too Much