Alcoholic Outsider Artist


What's a man to do with the frustration, anger, and new growth that accompanies a struggle with alcoholism in AA? Make great artwork, of course. Blogger Parker paints enviably beautiful pictures in direct response to his experiences with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He describes his painting as distracted, to-the-point, and devoid of direction. None of that hampers the power of the paintings you'll see here.

Incredible work of Robert Franz, downtown Wausau. Active alcoholic/addict. Brain trauma. True outsider artist.
by Alcoholic Outsider Artist about 3 years ago
Conspiracy Art.
by Alcoholic Outsider Artist about 3 years ago

Enchanted Oak


Poetry is one of the best ways to express deep feelings that come up during recovery from addiction. This blog uses poetry's healing qualities to discuss the trouble and complications that arise when dealing with issues of addiction.

One Crafty Mother


This mother, crafter, and recovering alcoholic takes her recovery and slow return from that addiction one day at a time and with a sense of hope. Check out One Crafty Mother for recovery resources and advice!

An Open Letter To Me, On The Day He Asked For A Divorce
by One Crafty Mother about 2 years ago
For Rebekah. Still. And Always.
by One Crafty Mother about 2 years ago

Diet Coke on the Rocks


Are you a mom struggling to raise children and stay sober? Diet Coke on the Rocks is a great resource for advice on how avoid alcohol and parenting!

Love in the Time of Addiction


Addiction takes many forms, and for the young woman in this blog, sex addiction is causing problems in her new marriage. If you're interested in finding ways to overcome sex addiction check out Love in the Time of Addiction!

Resep Jajanan Kue Cubit Manis Spesial
by Farid am over 2 years ago
Resep Praktis Membuat Kulit Lumpia Siap Pakai
by Farid am over 2 years ago

Attitude of Gratitude


Attitude of Gratitude is a blog that is full of advice for those recovering from alcohol addiction who are looking to take their journey to recovery one day at a time.

How can I feel more gratitude?
by Scott W about 4 years ago

Here and Now for Angel


This is a blog that shares poetry and art about recovering from an unhealthy lifestyle full of addiction. Here and Now for Angel contains not only some good poetry but some good advice.

About Caring
by noreply@blogger.com (Angela) almost 2 years ago
Deserving Pain
by noreply@blogger.com (Angela) about 2 years ago