I'm Just F.I.N.E.


Blogger Syd maintains a level of blatant and piercing honesty in her blog page. Her bio tells how she was raised as a child by an alcoholic, and is now wed to someone struggling with alcohol. Valiantly, she carries on with her spouse through this journey away from the shackles of her pain and into freedom and peace. This blog is particularly noteworthy for its candor. Anticipate no song-and-dance routines here, only the searing truth.

Feeling at home
by Syd over 2 years ago
This day in time
by Syd over 2 years ago

Number 12 Foundation


Want to catch up and keep up on new scientific studies about addiction? Then keep track of Number 12 Foundation!

Mr. Sponsorpants


This is a great blog that is organized as answers from a long time sponsor to questions about recovering from alcoholism. Mr.Sponsorpants deals with issues ranging from regret to blacking out.

why I need meetings #24
by Mr. SponsorPants about 4 years ago
gives momentary pleasure
by Mr. SponsorPants about 4 years ago

Improve Our Conscious Contact


This is a blog that is set up to discuss Step 11 of the12 Step Program. Want to read some illuminating commentary on the 11th step, be sure to check out Improve Our Conscious Contact.

Frunboblax 57


Do you want to know what the litmus test for being alcoholic is? Do you want to learn about the roots of alcoholism? Then come check out this blog for its incites into learning how to recover from alcohol addiction.

Making Amends for a Deceitful Past
by Danny S over 3 years ago
Born Alcoholic?
by Danny S over 3 years ago

Al-Anon Journal


This is a journal that chronicles the recovery of one Al-anon devote. If you want to learn more about the Alcoholics Anonymous program check this blog out.

Step Six: Letting Go of the Handrails
by Hummingbird about 4 years ago
Carousel of Progress
by Hummingbird about 4 years ago

Sober Courage


Sober Courage is an inspirational blog about finding empowerment and courage to face life without alcohol. It is a blog about dropping the social stigma and celebrating sobriety!