A Merry Life


At the end of the day, every food addict just wants to lead a happy and mirthful existence. This blog reminds that your new life begins once you envision it as real.

They Call Me Roof… Because I’ve Got Shingles
by Mary over 2 years ago
Help Your Guy in His Weight Loss Goals
by Mary over 2 years ago

Addiction Management


Be it food or fishing, any addiction demands a serious consideration of what led to it. Begin your introspection on how this all happened with this site.

A call for increased treatment and education for those behind bars
by admin over 4 years ago

All About Addiction


Educate yourself on the exact definition and nature of addiction with this blog. Afflictions of all types and varieties are covered.

Mental Health Labels – Rebranding Our Shame
by Adi Jaffe over 2 years ago

Ali's Fat to Fit


Instead an existence that's themed on the fact of your suffering, this site encourages you to embrace change and release. When you're focused on the positive, wonders result.

Kathy's Journal


Kathy's dilemma with addiction began with her husband's untimely death. She began to deal with the grief, and overeating, with this raw and honest blog page.

Moved to Wordpress
by kathyj333 almost 3 years ago
Yes, It's a Survey
by kathyj333 almost 3 years ago

Quit Smoking for Good


Rudy's relationship with smoking sharply exhibits the yo-yo effect with which some cigarette users are too familiar. He started at the age of twelve, quit two decades later, and renewed the habit a few years after that. His own example acknowledges that ending your life's period of smoking is not easy. Luckily, this blog is stacked to the brim with informative articles that address the theme head on. What's more, ex-smokers are invited to lend additional understanding and sympathy.

The Love for My Daughters is Something Worth Dying and Quitting For
by Rudy over 2 years ago
It’s All About Beliefs – Change Your Smoking Beliefs and Smoking Will Quit You
by Rudy over 2 years ago

Smoking Cessation


The exercise of quitting smoking can be especially trying without some reputable assistance. This blog gives you the info and help you need in spades.

Smoking -- Quit


This site offers a bounty of information on the finer points of quitting cigarettes. The site has such specialties as secondhand smoke info and smoking laws.

Stop Smoking Art work
by admin over 4 years ago
NHS Stop Smoking Service
by admin over 4 years ago

Online Stop Smoking Tips


Use the Web to help you kick the habit here. It does a great job of bringing to the surface many of the more hidden bonuses of throwing your packs away.

Stop Smoking Online Today


No need to head to your physician to get any kind of information on quitting smoking. This blog makes an effective start to your efforts.

Dry Blog


A social work blog spot dedicated to helping those with drug and alcohol addictions.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Adult & Adolescent


Right Step offers affordable residential and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, for adults and adolescents. Our mission is to help those we serve live life sober by valuing each individual and utilizing the best practices in addiction treatment.

Right Step Launches Groundbreaking ‘Positive Recovery University’
by Right Step over 4 years ago
Severe Nasal Damage Can Come From Snorting Heroin
by Right Step over 4 years ago

Holistic Drug Rehab and Alcohol Recovery Treatment


Our highly personalized drug rehab and alcohol treatment program assesses and meets the unique physical, mental, emotional, family, and spiritual needs of each client. Our mission is to help those we serve live life sober by valuing and utilizing the best practices in addiction treatment.

Addiction Specialist Takes Potshot at Alcoholics Anonymous
by Promises Austin almost 3 years ago
‘Negative Coping’ Blamed for Alcohol Abuse in People With PTSD
by Promises Austin almost 3 years ago

Adventure-based Addiction Treatment Center for Young Men


San Cristobal is an adventure-based treatment center specialized in drugs and alcohol addictions for males between the ages of 18 and 26 who have proved resistant to other treatment approaches.

My Life Sober


The authors life and journey through alcoholism, sobriety and recovery. Being a sober woman, mom and wife. Making it one day at a time and gaining first & second hand knowledge along the way and offering hope and inspiration. Proof that there is hope for us all and that while we have to make our sobriety #1, being an alcoholic and/or addict is not all we have to be.

A Little Encouragement For the Alcoholic
by Tonya Marie over 2 years ago
Being Humble In Recovery
by Tonya Marie about 3 years ago

The Addict in the Orange Tree


alcoholic; HCV; novelist; just sharing about life so we know we aren't alone.

Cope or Mope


Cope or Mope - your choices when battling addiction. My story about coping (or moping) about mental health and drug addiction.

Which Prescription Drugs Do Americans Abuse Most?
by Jennifer over 4 years ago

Addiction, Bipolar, God & Me


I am in the middle of a cocaine addicition that is suffocating and controlling my life. My blog is about the journey I am on, the mistakes I am making and lessons I am learning along the way. I am also Bipolar and I talk honestly and openly about this disorder and how it affects my life. A year ago when I hit rock bottom, I found God and since then he too has become a part of my life and this too is one of the many areas I touch upon. This is a real honest account of a life marked by the pain of living and will hopefully be my legacy of the way I made it out of the darkness and found the light. I hope it offers some help for people who also find themselves battling within this arena of pain and confusion.