Addiction Recovery Blog


This is a blog that publishes relevant news, information, and advice on recovery and overcoming addiction. Addiction Recovery Blog mostly features news and new insights though!

Recovery Monologue


It's hard to overcome an addiction of any variety. This blog deals with gambling addiction and ways you can cope and grow.

Al-Anon Journal


This is a journal that chronicles the recovery of one Al-anon devote. If you want to learn more about the Alcoholics Anonymous program check this blog out.

Step Six: Letting Go of the Handrails
by Hummingbird almost 4 years ago
Carousel of Progress
by Hummingbird about 4 years ago

Letting Go-Finding Hope


This is a blog about accepting addiction, letting go of the pain of addiction, and finding hope for a better future. If you're looking for a boost then you have to read Letting Go-Finding Hope.

Bragging - Criticism
by Grace-WorkinProgress over 2 years ago
Rich full life - Mustard seed
by Grace-WorkinProgress over 2 years ago

One Day at a Time


One Day at a Time is a blog about an avid Al-anon member who is also a mother and a student. Get advice here about juggling family life while maintaining your health and well being.

A Room of Mama's Own


This is a well-written blog that explores the struggles of living with a sex addict. A Room of Mama's Own provides simple, clear advice about overcoming sex addiction.

Love in the Time of Addiction


Addiction takes many forms, and for the young woman in this blog, sex addiction is causing problems in her new marriage. If you're interested in finding ways to overcome sex addiction check out Love in the Time of Addiction!

Resep Jajanan Kue Cubit Manis Spesial
by Farid am almost 3 years ago
Resep Praktis Membuat Kulit Lumpia Siap Pakai
by Farid am almost 3 years ago

My Sex Drug


A lot of blogs about sex addiction are written by spouses or significant others struggling with their partners addiction. But My Sex Drug is from the direct perspective of a sex addict.

Chronic Biologic Technologic
by noreply@blogger.com (Ken X) over 4 years ago
Go Gaga, Go!! The Ultimate Sexpot!
by noreply@blogger.com (Ken X) over 4 years ago

Memoirs of a Heroinhead


Read this blog with caution. Memoirs of a Heroinhead is struggling to recover from a lifelong addiction to hardcore drugs like heroine and often has relapses. His art is definitely worth checking out!

The Dirty Works of Shane Levene
by Memoirs of a Heroinhead over 2 years ago
Down on the Low
by Shane Levene over 2 years ago

Being Made New


My blog is basically random thoughts, experiences, rants and the occasional dab of wisdom accumilated over six plus years of recovery from alcohol abuse, sex addiction and codependency. It is my venting place but also it is my hope that the person that needs it on a given day stumbles across it at the exact moment they need to. I hope that person is you and that day is today.

A Good 5 Year Run
by Being Made New over 4 years ago
temporary- maybe
by Being Made New over 4 years ago

Eli Hornby


This is an interesting blog because the blogger is an addict, as well as a father and husband. While Eli Hornby is very personal and intense it is also inspiring.

Calm Acceptance


Like the title suggests, Calm Acceptance, is full of way to cope with recovery, and accept and deal with issues of addiction.

In God's Hands


In God's Hands is a blog dedicated to inspiring people to overcome addiction through learning from Christian values.

Imagine a Creek
by indistinct about 4 years ago

My Life on the Rocks


This blogger implores you to follow her struggle with raising a family, doing well professionally, and being a good wife to a recovering sex addict. Rock Bottom will give you words of wisdom to live by!

I Live
by RockiBottom about 4 years ago



Just because you start the road to recovery does not mean sobriety solves all of your problems. The blogger at Jubilant shares her thoughts on some of her own struggles with depression and weight gain after she became sober.

Attitude of Gratitude


Attitude of Gratitude is a blog that is full of advice for those recovering from alcohol addiction who are looking to take their journey to recovery one day at a time.

How can I feel more gratitude?
by Scott W over 4 years ago

Between Living and Existing


This is a blog that is devoted to recovering from an eating disorder. Like a drug or alcohol, as the blogger at Between Living and Existing explains, recovering from an eating disorder takes a lot of discipline and strength.

Here and Now for Angel


This is a blog that shares poetry and art about recovering from an unhealthy lifestyle full of addiction. Here and Now for Angel contains not only some good poetry but some good advice.

About Caring
by noreply@blogger.com (Angela) over 2 years ago
Deserving Pain
by noreply@blogger.com (Angela) over 2 years ago



Looking for some friendly professional advice? Feeling bad about yourself because of a relapse? The blogger at beYOUtiful is a professional counselor and has plenty of wisdom to share.

Tips & Tricks for College Interviews
by Jessica over 4 years ago

Confessions of a Co-Dependent


Co-dependency is an issue that stems from addiction. Instead of getting bogged down, however, this blogger took that adversity and channeled into a career as a recovery coach!

Blah Blah Blog


This is a blog written by an addiction counselor. Blah Blah Blog is different from other blogs dealing with addiction because it uses the blogger's own experiences as a counselor to get at larger lessons about recovery.

(Great!) Questions asked by students studying to become helping professionals
by Paula over 2 years ago
For the love of dog...
by Paula over 2 years ago

I Must Diminish


This blogger recognizes that there's an intense love-hate relationship at play in an addiction to food. Fortunately, he's not afraid to sprinkle charm and humor into his posts.

Living By My Own Rules


Very frequently, those who struggle with food addiction feel that the food is in control. Let this blogger introduce you to the new commanders to come: you, yourself, and you.