Food: My Drug of Choice


Last year, this blogger decided that her husband required attention for his addiction. Little was she cognizant then of her own taxing concern, an addiction to food. On that night in February, she decided to consecrate the rest of her days to reclaiming her life and its healthfulness. Her urge to change has eventually resulted in her goals to take up a half-marathon and to chart her binge-free days. A great blog chock-full of great habits for similar addicts to emulate.

Drinking Diaries


This is blog that shares essays on a variety of issues pertaining to alcoholism. Come to Drinking Diaries to learn about issues ranging from entering relationships (soberly) to opinions on Hollywood depictions of alcoholics.

Midlife Drinking: Part 1
by Caren over 4 years ago
Excerpt from “Drinking To Distraction,” a Memoir by Jenna Hollenstein
by Leah over 4 years ago

All Treatment


This blog features current international news and information on alcohol and drug use. Most of the posts on All Treatment are news items about policy and current findings from studies about addiction.

Effects of Drugs on the Brain
by admin about 4 years ago
Behavioral Issues Related to Drug Abuse
by admin about 4 years ago

I'm Just F.I.N.E.


Blogger Syd maintains a level of blatant and piercing honesty in her blog page. Her bio tells how she was raised as a child by an alcoholic, and is now wed to someone struggling with alcohol. Valiantly, she carries on with her spouse through this journey away from the shackles of her pain and into freedom and peace. This blog is particularly noteworthy for its candor. Anticipate no song-and-dance routines here, only the searing truth.

Feeling at home
by Syd over 2 years ago
This day in time
by Syd over 2 years ago

Alcoholic Outsider Artist


What's a man to do with the frustration, anger, and new growth that accompanies a struggle with alcoholism in AA? Make great artwork, of course. Blogger Parker paints enviably beautiful pictures in direct response to his experiences with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He describes his painting as distracted, to-the-point, and devoid of direction. None of that hampers the power of the paintings you'll see here.

Incredible work of Robert Franz, downtown Wausau. Active alcoholic/addict. Brain trauma. True outsider artist.
by Alcoholic Outsider Artist over 3 years ago
Conspiracy Art.
by Alcoholic Outsider Artist over 3 years ago

An Addict in Our Son's Bedroom


Looking for some parenting advice about overcoming addiction? This blog is written by two parents who are struggling to raise a son with a drug addiction.

What If It Never Gets Better?
by Dad and Mom over 4 years ago
Waiting On Spring
by Dad and Mom over 4 years ago

Enchanted Oak


Poetry is one of the best ways to express deep feelings that come up during recovery from addiction. This blog uses poetry's healing qualities to discuss the trouble and complications that arise when dealing with issues of addiction.

It's a Girl Thing


This is a blog that welcomes you right away, and beckons you to come in and learn and share your own experiences with addiction!

Prayers (Please!)
by PJ over 4 years ago
by PJ over 4 years ago

No More Merlot


Follow the updates of this mom who is tackling the first year of sobriety. This is a fun blog to follow because the blogger at No More Merlot is upbeat and personal!

Drunk in Cardiff


Depression and alcoholism often go hand in hand, as the blogger at Drunk in Cardiff has put it, alcohol can seem like the cause and solution to all of life's problems. Read this blog and discover how this blogger is grappling with those hard issues.

Number 12 Foundation


Want to catch up and keep up on new scientific studies about addiction? Then keep track of Number 12 Foundation!

One Crafty Mother


This mother, crafter, and recovering alcoholic takes her recovery and slow return from that addiction one day at a time and with a sense of hope. Check out One Crafty Mother for recovery resources and advice!

An Open Letter To Me, On The Day He Asked For A Divorce
by One Crafty Mother over 2 years ago
For Rebekah. Still. And Always.
by One Crafty Mother over 2 years ago

Mr. Sponsorpants


This is a great blog that is organized as answers from a long time sponsor to questions about recovering from alcoholism. Mr.Sponsorpants deals with issues ranging from regret to blacking out.

why I need meetings #24
by Mr. SponsorPants about 4 years ago
gives momentary pleasure
by Mr. SponsorPants about 4 years ago

Improve Our Conscious Contact


This is a blog that is set up to discuss Step 11 of the12 Step Program. Want to read some illuminating commentary on the 11th step, be sure to check out Improve Our Conscious Contact.

Frunboblax 57


Do you want to know what the litmus test for being alcoholic is? Do you want to learn about the roots of alcoholism? Then come check out this blog for its incites into learning how to recover from alcohol addiction.

Making Amends for a Deceitful Past
by Danny S over 3 years ago
Born Alcoholic?
by Danny S over 3 years ago



This is about information, news updates, and opinions on the Medical Assisted Treatment about overcoming opium addiction. ARM-ME may be based out of Maine, but their blogs information is universal.

Breaking the Cycles


This is a blog that covers a wide range of addiction issues, including alcohol abuse and dual diagnoses. Breaking the Cycles is interested in sharing information that could change the way that we treat and view addiction.

Mothers in Recovery – Documentary Film by Sheila Ganz
by Guest over 4 years ago
The Brain and the Secondhand Drinking Connection
by Lisa Frederiksen over 4 years ago

Healing Imperfectly


This blogger is new to recovery and writes with a passion and a sense of hope that is hard to ignore. Healing Imperfectly is perfect for those looking for inspiration to recover from their addiction.

RIP Robin Williams
by Imperfectly Healing almost 4 years ago
by Imperfectly Healing about 4 years ago

Dawn Farm Blog


This blog run by a successful addiction treatment center and their goal is to provide relevant information and advice for those who work in the treatment industry and those wishing to know more about addiction recovery.

Addressing Criticisms of the Disease Model
by Jason Schwartz over 2 years ago
NY Times on Medicines to Keep Addiction Away . . . “these work”
by Jason Schwartz over 2 years ago

Diana Republic


This is a blog that shares the everyday experiences of a woman overcoming alcoholism. Diana Republic is a snapshot of a recovery success story, so come her for inspiration!

A Lid for Every Pot
by princess over 4 years ago
Time for a Change (aka Midlife Crisis Take 2)
by princess almost 5 years ago

Life... On Its Own Terms


Recovery from addiction is an everyday struggle. Life... On Its Own Terms is a great blog to check in with if you're struggling with the everyday battle of overcoming addiction.

Diet Coke on the Rocks


Are you a mom struggling to raise children and stay sober? Diet Coke on the Rocks is a great resource for advice on how avoid alcohol and parenting!