Living Life Simply


Living Life Simply is a blog that follows the life of a Catholic family trying to grow in faith. It shares crafts, activities and thoughts about raising Catholic children. We are celebrating the liturgical year and making new family traditions to help. Join us on our journey, we would love the company and friendship along the way.

Lenten Season
by Jessica Padilla about 4 years ago
Saint Blaise and Start your Novena!
by Jessica Padilla about 4 years ago



Find faith-filled Catholic worksheets, puzzles, games, lessons, F3 folders, timelines, notebooking sheets, mini-books, coloring pages and other fun printable resources for FREE download. These resources are perfect for your CCD and Religious Education classes, Bible study or Christian learning co-ops, and reflect a mix of Classical, Montessori and Charlotte Mason (CM) learning methods.

Life of a Catholic Teen


Life of a Catholic Teen is dedicated to posting prayers, devotions, recipes, crafts, feast day celebrations, adventures and other things that I find worth writing for your enjoyment! I hope you find my site helpful in your life.

All Hallows Eve
by Nick Halliday over 3 years ago
All Hallows Eve
by Nick Halliday over 3 years ago

Equipping Catholic Families


Crafts and traditions for Catholic Families, along with showcased Catholic craft kits, quizzing cards and books

Prodigal Son and Daughter


During a discussion about our faith, Erin & I both indicated that it was important to us and we both wanted to get back into it. At that time, we had decided we were going to make it part of our journey together. While attempting to visit another local parish, whose doors were closed, we decided to stop by our home parish of St Cyril in East Lansdowne. We sat in the pews quietly sharing our individual stories of experiences in that church then proceeded to the altar and talked further about our faith and plans for the future. Our conversation continued in the car. One major point we agreed on as a couple was that we both observed that couples who shared a strong sense of faith, have a stronger relationship due to that foundation in faith. We knew that this was something we both wanted for our relationship. Within 30 minutes we received news that a new pope had been elected. This day was monumental for us and our relationship. It was clear it was a calling from above. Our discussions continued about what our journey would be, what we would do and what we wanted to learn, etc. We also then decided that it would be great if we started a blog to document our journey. At the very least, this blog would be a wonderful chronicling of our journey for ourselves to reflect upon. At the very most, other will find our blog and journey inspiring and allow them to renew their faith and perhaps some relationships as well. The title, Prodigal Son and Daughter, seemed fitting as we are both returning home to our faith. In our journey, we will visit new parishes, learn more about saints and other aspects of our faith, celebrate our own patron saints, learn about the various parishes we visit and teach Dominic and Michela (Brian’s children) about the faith as well. We hope you enjoy our stories and photos and will join us in our journey of faith!

Pilgrim Jet


My Love Story with God. Testimony of a Catholic wife longing to be a mom.

Chéri Vausé


One theology teacher who uses Jewish mysticism to teach the Scriptures. Her approach is to use the Talmud (Jewish argument), the Kabbalah (the origins of the universe in Jewish mysticism), and the Aggadah (the Oral tradition of Judaism) as references, along with the Catechism and Canon Law.

Daylight Origins Society


Our blogs discuss faith & reason, theology & science, as well as questioning the wisdom & certainty of theistic evolution. Our main charism focuses on origins science for Catholics.

In the Beginning… God said Abracadabra?
by Daylight writer over 3 years ago
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – pronounce that!
by Daylight writer over 3 years ago

Divine Will


The Will is the arena for the Kingdom.The Divine Will reigning in souls who live in It is the Kingdom . This will spread everywhere growing within us like a mustard seed.

Divine Will Retreat in Dublin
by Divine Will Promoter over 4 years ago
Archbishop of Trani and Luisa Piccarreta
by Divine Will Promoter over 4 years ago

The Newlywed Lefebvres


The Newlywed Lefebvres are a recently married Catholic couple beginning their journey with Christ together - and blogging about it! Craig & Pier are a Catholic couple just married in September 2012, seeking God’s Will and striving to serve Him in every facet of their lives. The couple lives in Dallas, Georgia with their precious fur-babies, Miss Daisy, Lucy & Caroline.

All In Just Over A Month…
by newlywedlefebvres . over 3 years ago
Where Has Our Faith Gone?
by newlywedlefebvres . over 3 years ago

Impacting Culture


Thoughts from John Paul the Great Catholic University on art, culture, and entertainment media. Read posts from faculty, alumni, and students.

Finding God's Grace Podcast


I tell stories of ordinary occurrences of love, forgiveness, hope, and prayer which have helped me to celebrate God’s grace. I hope they will do the same for you. You can call this a Catholic podcast, or a Christian podcast, or a spiritual podcast but it is meant to simply share the every-day miracles of life. Finding God’s grace in the ordinary is what storytellers do.

Top Weekend Reads-13 Thing to Do after RCIA
by tonyagnesi almost 4 years ago
FGG 021 Watch Your Tongue
by tonyagnesi almost 4 years ago

Speramus-We Hope


Speramus We Hope for Better Things! A Call for Prayer and Sacrifice for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! I am a Secular Carmelite and Marian Catechist joining with Our Lady at Fatima to help Her win the final Victory for Christo et Ecclessiae (Christ and His Catholic Church! Marantha, Come Lord Jesus

Seeking the Face of Christ during Lent
by noreply@blogger.com (Spera Rose,OCDS) about 4 years ago
Memorial of Blessed Jacinta and Francisco of Fatima February 20
by noreply@blogger.com (Spera Rose,OCDS) about 4 years ago

Speramus' Posterous


With the closing of Posterous Spaces I have been looking for another venue to publish posts on the Carmelite Marian Spirituality of the Message of Fatima. Fatima was called a reaffirmation of the Gospels by Bl. John Paul II. Our Lady came as a Catechist at Fatima transmitting the Gospels as the Church has received it understands it celebrates it! Published posts here are not necessarily related to the Fatima Message, but I hope they will be of interest to deepen your spiritual life and help you to Fight the good fight for the true faith. Holding tightly to eternal life to which God has called you!1 Tim. 6:12

Divine Mercy


Resources about the Divine Mercy Devotion and the Divine Mercy Rosary.