Kids' Movies and Television Blog


It's a mad mad world out there when you think of cinema and TV aimed at kids; this site helps you sift through it all and make smart choices.

Get ready for the 4th
almost 4 years ago
Using Movies to Get Kids' Creative Juices Flowing
almost 4 years ago

Jonas Brothers' Blog


This Myspace blog for the mega-hit-super-power-amazing-boy group features regular updates from the young heartthrobs.

Kids' Games Blog


Your little one might not yet be ready for Halo or World of Warcraft, and thankfully this blog has found a bunch of appropriate titles for her to enjoy.

Fun Kid Birthday Blog


Looking to ensure that your kid's party trumps all the other ones this year? Come here and find ideas to set the celebration apart.

Child's Play x2


"A dad and his twins" embark on remarkable adventures and provide visitors to the blog with a wealth of activities to try.

You failed
by Childsplayx2, Copyright (c) 2005-12 about 4 years ago
Bath Time
by Childsplayx2, Copyright (c) 2005-12 over 4 years ago

Movies for Kids


Flicking through the current pile of flicks for kids can be exhausting and non-fruitful; always come up with a cinematic gem here.

The Crafty Cow


This "children's craft collective" inspires both parents and those under their tutelage to explore the world of arts and crafts.

Turn Toilet Paper Rolls Into Cactus And Flowers
by Cassi almost 4 years ago
Homemade Toy: Cardboard Stackers
by Cassi almost 4 years ago

The Kid's Fun Review


The Kid's Fun Review is all about kids, all the time, from fun birthday party ideas and themes, cooking with kids, fun craft ideas and clothes, to toys and games we have it all.

Baseball Subway Art Printable
by Linette about 2 years ago
DIY Leprechaun Hat Cupcakes For St. Patrick’s Day
by Linette about 2 years ago

Preserving a Sense of Wonder


This blog is meant to help others preserve or recapture that “sense of wonder” in their children or even in themselves. I will be posting free/almost free events/activities that are happening in areas that my readers are interested in. I will also spotlight places to go (particularly for free) like local hikes or reviews of local parks. I will also be posting simple tips from hiking with cloth diapers to rainy day activities and reviewing/giving away products applicable to the site content.

I am Vince Crispaul


a blog about kid's thoughts, activities and journey

We Made That


We are two moms that enjoy doing and making things with our kids. Our hopes for this blog are to give you some fun ideas of things you can do with your little ones.

Acorn Necklace
by Tracey Kite over 4 years ago
We Made That Linky #62
by Tracey Kite over 4 years ago

We Made That


We Made That is a blog for things made by kids or for kids. So if you are looking for crafts, recipes, or activities to do with or for your kids this is the site for you!

We Made That Linky #63
by Tracey Kite over 4 years ago
Turkey Footprint
by Tracey Kite over 4 years ago

Pop Kids Report


All the latest news and info on kids movies, DVDs, TV shows, music, books, toys and games, tech, fashion, and hot spots! Do YOU have a Pop Kid?

Big Brothers


For all those little siblings with annoying big brothers-cause i know how it feels!

Belle Bébés


Belle Bebes is a British baby-oriented blog featuring inspirational design for the modern day baby. We feature original designs for the nursery, artwork and attire ideas, photography of those precious moments and ideas for planning the perfect party.

Debs’ new business venture: of Alp & Ash
by Debs over 3 years ago
A behind-the-scenes seaside shoot with Helen Schryver
by Debs over 3 years ago