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Tracy Coenen is a forensic accountant and, in addition to her blog, has authored two books. Her blog offers tips on investigative accounting and auditing, as well as news on the latest frauds, Ponzi schemes, and regulations.

Evaluating Businesses for Divorce: Using the General Ledger
by Tracy Coenen about 2 years ago
A Correlation Between Gambling and Fraud?
by Tracy Coenen over 2 years ago

re: The Auditors


Blogger Francine McKenna has "more than twenty years of experience in consulting and professional services including tenure at two Big 4 firms." Needless to say, her insights are spot-on and a must-read for any person interested in accounting issues.

Update: Writing About Equity Market Structure at MarketWatch
by Francine over 2 years ago
Three Accounting-Related Stories At MarketWatch
by Francine over 2 years ago

Fraud Expert CPA


Kim, a partner in a Southern California CPA firm, provides a deep analysis of the numbers in each post. Forensic accounting and auditing are popular themes.

Asset Search


This blog looks to boost the intelligence of its readership regarding fraud investigation and avoiding being duped. Identity theft and bankruptcy are also popular themes here.

A Multifaceted Approach For Your Asset Search
by Fred Abrams over 2 years ago
Searching For Assets Hidden By Hawaladars
by Fred Abrams over 2 years ago

The Financial Investigator


This blog's title spells it all out: this is an individual who pursues forensic accounting leads all the way through. Each post meticulously dissects the latest issue of note.