Waiter Rant


Being a waiter is hard work, and from author of "Waiter Rant" and "Keep the Change" Steve Dublanica comes a humorous look into the world of waiting tables and the customers that don't tip.

Nobody Fucks With Us
by guru over 4 years ago
Natalie Marie Dublanica
by guru over 4 years ago



A blog about life, death and everything inbetween and just how we go about getting our lives to be more than merely "lived".

Grieving Savagery
by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore over 3 years ago
Complicated Grief "Disorder"? Really?
by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore over 3 years ago

Community Guy


Looking at all things social media, Community Guy helps you to understand the role and power of this new form of communication in our Internet-driven society.

The Ad Master


Advertising is everywhere, and for someone looking to promote themselves or their business, advertising is a must. The Ad Master gives tips and tricks on where to advertise and how.

Girl Get Paid


The title is hardly inspiring, but this blog does contain a legitimate an interesting set of links for anyone looking to get their career from home jump-started.

Silence Is Betrayal


A study of all things feminist and the need for continual, active dialog fuel this interesting blog and its posts.

Blogging 2 Learn


This blog is a classroom blogging tool aimed at teaching 4th to 12th grade students how blog. Primarily an innovative way to teach writing skills, this do-it-yourself tutorial also has loads of links to other creative teaching sites.

D.C. Creative Writing Workshop


This site is created for parents, students and professional writers to provide youth with a creative outlet. Words can be a source of inspiration, and this is a great place for educators and/or students to learn to work together to create a safe environment for self-expression.

Content Writing and CopyWriting Blog


One guy's thoughts on blogging, copywriting, content writing, SEO, and more. enjoy interesting topics such as "What Impact Will Google Instant Have On Your Organic Search Engine Results?"

Gesundheit und Krankheit in der indischen Ayurveda Medizin
by Redakteur over 2 years ago
Kauftipps für Schwarzwald Kuckucksuhren – Schmuckstücke mit Charakter
by Redakteur over 2 years ago

Mystery Writing is Murder


One of Writer's Digest's 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2011, this blog follows the literary exploits of Elizabeth Craig, mystery writer. Make sure you read one of Elizabeth's most popular posts, "When Good Characters Do Thoughtless Things," on her justification for a particular character's actions in her novel.

A Tip for Avoiding Plot Holes
by Elizabeth Spann Craig about 4 years ago
Keeping Motivated By Focusing on Today
by Elizabeth Spann Craig about 4 years ago

Haden Interactive


Haden Interactive blog is geared in assisting copywriters everywhere to perk up and develop their website attributes while also providing opportunity to increase revenue. With navigating ease Rebecca Haden quite often provides authentic illustrations, many using screenshots to convey crucial and significant views.

Google, Europe’s High Court, and Reputation Management
by Rebecca Haden about 4 years ago
Can You Skip Linkbuilding?
by Rebecca Haden about 4 years ago



ProCopyTips doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to supplying amazing tips to create bright and intelligent efficient copywriters. With checklists, How-to Guides, Writing Basics and Writing tools Dean Rieck exhaust every possible move.

Success Works


Heather Lloyd-Martin has 20+ years expertise in the specialty of SEO copy writers. Her blog Success Works is composed by way of a relaxed and informal approach. Because its direction is concentrated toward realistic advice that is written in a no-nonsense manner, its resource value to copy writers is priceless.

Diversify or die
by Heather Lloyd-Martin over 4 years ago
SEO and content writing tips: Week ending March 11, 2014
by Tracy Mallette over 4 years ago

PhD Blog (dot) Net


Internationally, the Ph.D. degree speaks to a level of scholarly rigor and precision that precedes the holder of the title. The process of earning the prized prefix is as rewarding as it is harrowing. No blog better captures the ups and downs of the experience as this page, helmed by education Ph.D. candidate Andy. This blogger is completing his Ph.D. in England. Yet location is of little matter here. The sophistication and keen perception on this page transcends place and country.

That Frog Photo
by Andy Coverdale over 4 years ago
New researchers, interdisciplinarity and social media
by Andy Coverdale over 4 years ago



Blogger Lauren would make an entire generation of both French and American intellectuals giddily happy. She holds two masters degrees, one in French from the Sorbonne, and another in English from NYU. The duality of her academic pleasures persists not only in the pursuit of her PhD in literature at a Parisian university, but also in the romance and dynamic flair of her praised blog page. Anyone even blankly considering the idea of a PhD. would do very well to read the chic site often.



The forty-nine other blogs we've featured here will most likely whet your appetite about the consideration of grad school and chasing the Ph.D. We highly recommend that you also pass by this site to ensure that the decision is the best for your circumstances. Gradland pulls no punches in informing readers about the realities of going after the higher degree. No other blogger injects more reality into the heads of Ph.D dreamers.

Best of 2015
by LindsayNelson over 2 years ago
Onward and upward!
by LindsayNelson over 2 years ago

To Do: Dissertation


Writing a dissertation can seriously deplete your mental and emotional resource. Plentiful solitude, a life spent inside a book of some kind, and carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by copious writing can result. This blog targets woebegone thesis craftsmen in the midst of their oeuvre to give them the support and spurring-on they need to succeed. Writers of sundry disciplines can come here to discover writing tools and counsel galore that they can implement right now.

The PhD Blog


Scottish Ph.D. holder Robert reminds his readers that the dissertation is only one face of the chase for the doctorate, what can be a difficult and trying experience. He also makes sure to convey the hope and elation that both a dissertation and the resulting doctorate can provide. His blog teems with timely advice that resounds with the maturity and authority that years of doctoral experience has lent him. Anyone considering a PhD and the requisite writing will find this page invaluable.

Top 10 Tips for Building an Academic Reputation
by Robert MacIntosh over 2 years ago
Top Ten Hints for a Great Methodology Chapter
by Robert MacIntosh over 2 years ago

The Thesis Whisperer


The Thesis Whisperer literally seems to have been sprung from a graduate student's most idyllic dream. Every post numbers no more than one thousand words, to make for concise and info-packed reading. The writers value strong opinions and unique and fresh perspectives, injecting a personable quality not easily found elsewhere. And theses' topics aren't as prized as the narratives that deal with their creation, crafting the Whisperer's writing into pieces of advice that work for innumerable PhD chasers.

Unhelpful PhD advice
by Thesis Whisperer over 2 years ago
The research Pitch
by Thesis Whisperer over 2 years ago

The Ombuds Blog


An ombudsman is essentially someone who is hired by a specific institution (colleges, in the case of blog) to investigate the success and failures of the administrative structure. This site posts what those people have found.

ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Section Devotes Newsletter to Ombuds Issues
by Tom Kosakowski over 2 years ago
Academy of Management Creates Ombuds Program
by Tom Kosakowski over 2 years ago

PhD Works


This blog primps its readers into thesis-writing professionals with advice on argumentation and research technique. Learn topic-specific writing tips as well here.

Thesis Writing Blog


From developing an outline to finding new ways to research, this blog offers support for every step of the process. It's a great place to visit when just starting the thesis.

Dissertation Today


Well-versed dissertation writers lend their hard-earned counsel to fellow developers here. Electronic theses are a particular specialty here.

Thesis Blog


Whether you're writing a thesis as a final college assignment or to earn a Ph.D., this blog can offer great counsel. Templates for many types of theses abound here.

Dissertation Service


Those who struggle with developing introductions and conclusions for theses will appreciate this site. Learn how to write essays for art, economics, and more here.