The Renaissance Woodworker


Woodshop owner Shannon decided to capture the happenings of the wood world via podcast, initially. He has recently expanded into the blog post format here yet continues to pump out informative listens that are tuned into by many. Eighteenth-century woodworking styles are a highlight here, but Shannon directs his attention to myriad other fashions and techniques that will gratify even the most outlying woodworker.

Go Big or Not At All
by Shannon about 4 years ago
Proportional Models in SketchUp
by Shannon about 4 years ago

Chair Notes


Peter specializes in crafting beautiful, praised wooden chairs in the Windsor style. His blog reveals him to be an open man, not one to firmly guard the secrets to his excellent creations. On the contrary -- the posts typically exhibit a barrage of photos that help readers comprehend exactly what they're getting into, and what they can expect out of it. Peter warns all who visit to practice all safety procedures.

Ray Duffy
by noreply@blogger.com (Peter Galbert) over 2 years ago
Added Class and Spoon Video!
by noreply@blogger.com (Peter Galbert) over 2 years ago

The Unplugged Workshop


Toronto-based Tom, with dreadlocks that complement his glasses in a quirky way, espouses the benefits of hand-crafted woodworking here. His blog shows that he has a wealth of experience in improving homes and boats alike with the power of wood. Each post exemplifies that specific passion, with clear and precise analyses of various tricks and tools of the trade. The correlation of musical instruments to woodworking and literal wardrobe malfunctions are some of the alluring topics here.

It’s Only Wood
by tom over 2 years ago
by tom over 2 years ago

Skiving Off


Blogger Jeff had to be coaxed into the woodworking blogosphere. The editor of respected publication Popular Woodworking encouraged him to share his apparently famous ramblings on wood with the Internet masses. Plaudits are due to that editor; Jeff has fashioned an idiosyncratic and endearingly zany persona on this blog. LinkedIn, sports, and popular films generate much of his fodder. Oh yeah -- he writes on woodworking as well, in a zesty way that refreshes your viewpoint on the art form.

Ya Know You Only Get One
by Jeff Skiver almost 3 years ago
Patiently Waiting
by Jeff Skiver over 3 years ago

Information Central Woodworking


In many schools, young ladies are instilled with lessons on home economics while the woodshop becomes a boys' club of hammers and hi-jinks. Thankfully, blogger Stephanie sidestepped the ridiculous gender distinction and has become a foremost figure in modern woodworking. Instead of yachts and enormous tables, Stephanie works in the miniature: she focuses on fretwork boxes and crosses. Fortunately, each post she composes is a big-ole dose of well-styled wood passion and fun.

Chain Cross
by Lambdafarm about 4 years ago
Quarter Sized Puzzles with boxes
by Lambdafarm over 4 years ago

The Wood Whisperer


This blogger demonstrates a profound knack for bringing delicacy and intricateness out of even the most unsightly pieces of wood. Adirondack chairs and mortises are recent features.

TWW Live 05 – Hot Dog Sauce
by Marc Spagnuolo almost 4 years ago
TWW Live Today at 1pm Eastern!
by Marc Spagnuolo almost 4 years ago

Logan Cabinet Shoppe


Blogger Bob wields his 18 years of experience as a autodidact woodsman to help out newbies here. He specializes in writing about tools from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Downsizing and Simplifying the Site
by logancabinetshoppe about 4 years ago
One Spot Left in Saw Sharpening Class
by Bob Rozaieski over 4 years ago

Wood Treks


This blog produces a new weekly video entry tailored toward those who want to become masters with wood. Each vid is sure to include strong examples of the craft.

Modern Woodworking


Blogger John has a preference for modern and mid-century wood design, which he demonstrates here throughout. Refurbishment for old machinery tools is his main gift.

Rust Hunting in Georgia 2014.04.12
by John Eaton over 3 years ago



Neil shares with the blogosphere his passion for quirky, mod-style woodworking here. He especially enjoys writing about the latest wood expo or conference he's attending.

Woodworking Stuff


This blog's simple title doesn't indicate the lush European-style wood work that is effortlessly accomplished here. Euro cab production and more is shown here with detailed pics.

by steve about 3 years ago
Shop sale
by steve about 3 years ago

Easy Woodworking


Blogger Eddie caters to readers who believe woodworking to be a craft to complex and ornate for average folks. Each post simply and clearly relates a key wood fact.

Musings from the Workbench


Alf recounts the highs and lows of a life in wood on this personal yet informative page. She's particularly passionate about the myriad tools she uses in her wood creations.

by Alf over 3 years ago
Fountain Pen Day 2014
by Alf over 3 years ago

Evenfall Woodworks


Blogger Rob grew up working with his dad and grandpa alongside wood creations. That longstanding commitment to wood pervades this page, especially when discussing jig making.

Shooting Boards for the Veritas Shooting Sander
by Rob over 4 years ago

Tools for Working Wood


A gaggle of top-notch woodworking pros contribute masterly yet accessibly posts on crucial woodworking values here. Joinery and festool jigsaws are recent topics.

Khalaf Oud Luthiery


Blogger Mike specializes in crafting -- and playing -- the lute, a charming instrument from medieval days. He treats this niche subject with refreshing bombastic passion.

Poems of Wood and Light


Blogger David has infused his longstanding relationship with woodcrafting into a series of contemplative posts here. Readers deepen their grasp of woodworking history.



This blogger began his love of wood via a teenage apprenticeship with a German cabinet maker. He now specializes in writing on 18th-century American furniture.

What Happened at Popular Woodworking?
by Chuck almost 4 years ago



Philip, a Briton woodworker, has a truly deep love for crafting some of the world's most alluring wooden planes. Readers get a glance into his vetted expertise here.

by Philly over 2 years ago
by Philly over 2 years ago

The Village Carpenter


Kari obsesses over woodworking exclusively, with an occasional ice cream cone for good measure. She also manages to infuses pop culture relevance into many posts.

Sauer and Steiner


Konrad and this blog's other writers understand that woodworkers are only as savvy as their tool arsenal. He helps readers to arm themselves with utensils of elegance.

minding the gap - introducing the K8
by Konrad over 2 years ago
finishing the badger plane
by Konrad over 2 years ago

From the Workshop


Blogger Karl specializes in crafting lushly rendered and idiosyncratic traditional dovetail infill planes. He couples his detailed writing with simple drawings for readers.

Window to my Workshop 76
by admin over 4 years ago
Window to my Workshop 75
by admin over 4 years ago