The SandGram


This site has many military stories from past to present on both wars. There is a humorous trend to many of the tales told, but the author never implies that fighting for our country's safety and freedom is something to be taken lightly. You will find many posts for hours of great reading.

Christopher David Duke another fake Marine
by Taco Bell over 4 years ago
Busting Military Poser’s, CASE #78 The Car Salesman
by Taco Bell over 4 years ago

Mail Call! Supporting the Troops


Blogger Kathi is the daughter of an army vet, granddaughter of a WWII navy vet, an aunt who was an army nurse in Vietnam, and her husband is also an army vet, and now his son is an army MP. She and her family are very devoted to their country, and she chronicles this here on her blog.

No, You CANNOT send Cards to "A Recovering Wounded Soldier"
by Kathi McClenney over 2 years ago
Adel Agayby Zakhary
by Kathi McClenney almost 3 years ago

Soldiers' Angels Germany


Soldier's Angels Germany is a medical organization who's mission is to support patients brought to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center from Iraq and Afghanistan for medical treatment. Soldiers' Angels is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization.

Groundbreaking ECMO treatment used at Bagram and Landstuhl to breathe life into NATO ally
by MaryAnn over 2 years ago
"Keep breathing"
by MaryAnn over 2 years ago

Real Combat Life


The mission of this blog is to provide an online forum for our brave veterans to share their experiences and to educate the public on what life is like in combat from a first hand perspective. The photographs tell a story of the courageous men and women who serve our country.

What It’s Like To Be The Real 1% By Robert B. Robeson
by patrick over 4 years ago

Eighty Deuce on the Loose in Iraq


The blogger of this site is a young infantry team leader serving with the 82nd Airborne in Baghdad. He writes about his experiences overseas and upon coming home. A post titled "Reunited," about when he sees his dog for the first time after being away, is touching and heartwarming!

This Ain't Hell, But You Can See It From Here


Three U.S. Army Infantry veterans blog together to fight what they call "a different kind of evil." They expose the truth behind the tough issues in our world today.

Wittgenfeld and Bernath: The Low Spark of High-heeled Boys
by TSO about 4 years ago
Judge; Occupy terrorists not terrorists
by Jonn Lilyea about 4 years ago

Project 365 Vets


Project 365 Vets is honoring a veteran a day, every day of the year, through their stories, told in their own words.



Combat Poetry is a veteran owned website dedicated to the men and women of our Armed Forces. It is a place where we share our thoughts, experiences, and accounts from our current and past deployments abroad. This may be in the form of poetry, letters, accounts from a war journal, or videos of veterans reading the poetry of other veterans. Combat Poetry is not restricted to veterans; it is also open to the family and friends of our Veteran's. Each of us share our own unique experiences and we welcome you to share your thoughts.

Little Boy
by cryptic26djp over 4 years ago
Presidential mandate; military personnel deserve the right to bear arms on base!
by cryptic26djp over 4 years ago

Words For Vets


Words For Vets, here you will find My poems, short stories, or creative writing, you may call them anything you wish. This blog is for those who have served, because freedom isn't free. you might also see a slight bias toward the Marine Corps, seeing that I did my 4 years active duty there.

Being In Debt
by Bruce Knipp over 2 years ago
Plan Or No Plan
by Bruce Knipp over 2 years ago

Life After The Army


Life After The Army helps Veterans and Service Members prepare to transition by providing instructions on personal branding and how to leverage social media to find jobs.

Top casinos to visit when travelling in America
by Curtez over 4 years ago
Personal Injury Claims: How to Get Started
by Curtez over 4 years ago

Only Spartan Women


I’m an Iraq war veteran who’s traded in her combat boots for mommy-hood and who sometimes feels in need of a good compass. I met my husband on a tiny patrol base in Iraq, and we married almost as soon as we came home. Three years, a couple wrong turns, and one amazing child later, we are still making our way through limbo. At the time I was in the Army, the dreaded stop-loss policy meant that many soldiers were in for much longer than what they thought they were signing up for. But for my husband and I, getting out of the Army proved to be much easier than getting out of my parent’s house. What we thought would be a temporary transition has dragged out for two and a half years. Going straight from being sergeant to mommy has been as rewarding as it has been challenging, but mostly it has meant being way too busy for reflection. Lately, however, I think a little reflection is exactly what I need. So I’m starting a blog in hopes of looking on my present situation with a little levity, and with even greater hopes that this will help preserve my sanity! I’d like to dedicate this blog to any of our service men and women who sometimes wrestle with living a “normal” life after the war.

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by onlyspartanwomen about 3 years ago
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My VA Disability Benefits.com


Insight and advice for Veterans filing claims for VA disability benefits.

A Hire Mission


A Hire Mission is dedicated to providing US military veterans with the most comprehensive list of job transition resources for veterans in job search transition.

Fifth Third Bank Offers Free Job Search Training for Veterans
by Mike over 3 years ago
Hidden Jobs
by Mike almost 4 years ago