Hook and Needles


Hook and Needles is full of great tips and informative videos. We like the range of how to offerings, from videos on casting off to how to add pockets.

Love of Knitting


From New Year’s resolutions to free patterns, this new blog is full of inspiring posts. Check out the Afterthought Thumb for a cool way to modify patterns.

May Crochet GIVEAWAY!
by Jamie about 4 years ago
Top secret! – Mother’s Day gift update
by Jamie about 4 years ago

Berta’s Knitting Blog


Berta shares patterns and tips for creating gorgeous sweaters and more. We especially liked the post on short row shaping, complete with video.

Knit Purl Girl


From book reviews to project tips, Knit Purl Girl offers tons of great information for knitters of any skill level. We especially love the idea for using comforter bags for knitting projects.

Inspiration Bit


A design blog with a focus on web design, art and photography. Content includes the author's portfolio and and several "How To" guides.

Spoon Graphics


Spooner uses his blog as a platform for his many design tutorials, as well as intelligent discussions about the most interesting and recherche techniques in Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator.

How To Create a Distorted VHS Effect in Photoshop
by Chris Spooner over 2 years ago
Royal Black & White Lightroom Presets for Premium Members
by Chris Spooner over 2 years ago

Laughing Lion Design


Jennifer Farley, a design instructor and illustrator based in Ireland, has over one hundred Photoshop tutorials as well as general discussions on graphic design and digital media.

Learn Illustrator Lesson 3–Drawing Shapes
by Jennifer Farley over 2 years ago
Learn Adobe Illustrator Day 2 – The Interface – Know Your Tools!
by Jennifer Farley over 2 years ago

The Graphic Mac


Dempsey's informative blog provides tutorials and discussions on Abobe Creative Suite, Mac OS X, and other graphic design software, as well as links to other excellent resources on the web for aspiring graphic designers.

Transform a face into a powerful text portrait
by James over 3 years ago
Free font: Display font has decidedly large and bulky feel
by James over 3 years ago



Jason's personal journal chronicles the life of a graphic designer including speaking gigs and business trips. He also offers software reviews and tutorials.

The (Initially) Reluctant Manager
by Jason over 3 years ago
Six Months with a Nissan Leaf
by Jason over 3 years ago



Abduzeedo is a blog that embraces design in all artistic fields. Look at the list of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Pixelmator tutorials to learn new techniques in creating complex images. Or you can explore logos that are grouped together by theme and industry. Abduzeedo has the ability to provide you with a great deal of daily inspiration.

The Perfect Office - Mighty Spotify Player, LG G5 and Office Ideas
by PauloGabriel over 2 years ago
Donaflor Mobília Editorial Design
by abduzeedo over 2 years ago

Math Expression


Math can be difficult, or it can be a delight -- it depends on how you learn it. On this blog, math is learned with ease and understanding.

over 4 years ago
over 4 years ago



Budding illustrators are invited to come here often and improve their skill set with each post. Important and enlightening tutorials on the art form are provided for readers.



Craftsy Knits brings everything about knitting on to one page. I started Craftsy Knits as a way to give women, men, and even children an opportunity to teach themselves how to knit. Knitting is a a visual craft and beginners will learn best when they actually see it for themselves.

Seriously, Do It Yourself!


This site strives to help create a "basis of knowledge" for knitters by giving them simple visual exercises, formulas, and common sense tools for debugging everyday pattern problems unaided. It's for anyone who wants to become a more self-sufficient and aware knitter, anyone who is tired of waiting for a response from a yarn company, magazine, or online designer, or anyone tired of feeling helpless when a pattern goes wrong.

Pattern Blogs


Discover a growing selection of knitting, crochet and sewing videos as well as a growing selection of patterns and useful links. Updated daily.

Tumped Duck


A knitting blog focused on creating detailed and beautiful accessory patterns. Small projects rule and all posts are illustrated with beautiful photography.

Secret Shopper Unboxing
by Barbara over 2 years ago
Unboxing video blog – Gradient yarn and Beads
by Barbara over 2 years ago



Zipso.net offers useful tips, comparisons and problem-solving articles covering tech. areas such as Hardware/Software, Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Chromebooks, Blogging, Facebook, Google Adsense, Web Design and more. We're trying to write a better quality of How-to articles, in addition to covering interesting new areas (for example, cryptocurrencies). We aim to explain both the basics and a sufficient level of technical detail in each article, in an easy to follow format.