No one dares deny the pull of Disneyland, Graceland, and other almost annoying over-traveled sightseeing destinations. Roadside America makes a point of alerting its readers to must-see experiences that lurk off the tourist-trampled path. The magazine's blog, Trunkations, further specifies that ability to turn readers on to alternative voyage fare to the challenges and charms of travel along the road. Every post covers some new and fascinating place you'll want to pencil in pronto.

Lincoln Highway Orphaned Bridge, Tama, IA
about 4 years ago
Florida Forbids: Anthropomorphic Alligators
about 4 years ago

Merlin's Road Trip


Merlin boasts an exuberant spiritedness that makes him a perfect fit for the oftentimes impetuous and freewheeling feel that the greatest road trips offer. That he is an Australian Shepherd is no hazard to his ability to take in the thrill of the road. Alongside his human Cindy, Merlin adventures throughout the country to pose for irresistibly adorable photo ops and affectionately mischievous exploits. Anyone who loves canines and kick-ass road trips alike will find themselves howling in thanks here.

Tattoo Road Trip


Blogger Baxter invites body ink lovers to travel the world one tat at a time here. His blog makes for a perfect marriage between two activities that are known to hook their followers for life: the traditionally popular affair of road tripping and the sometimes controversial addiction to tattoos all over. Just as every new design comes complete with a narrative, this blog's posts feature entertaining anecdotes that might just encourage readers to tattoo the site to their bookmark listing.

Faithful Flaunt Finery on Fifth Avenue
by Val Landesberg over 3 years ago
Did Oprah Enlist in The Army? The US Army Having “Aha moment”!
by Val Landesberg over 3 years ago

Midlife Road Trip


A couple currently undergoing the existential dilemma of middle age take to the road to figure it all out. They specialize in finding weirdly charming photos to caption.

Pawn Stars ……
by Midlife Road Trip over 2 years ago
Happy Hump Day! Rhino’s Playing Leap Frog
by Midlife Road Trip over 2 years ago

Road Trip USA


Jamie, a seasoned road tripper, blogs with continued wonder about the beauties he counters on the highway. He also invites newbies to ask him questions about it all.

Last Great Road Trip


This blog features a team of explorers who examine diversity, culture, and nature during their road trips. Baja and the Arctic Ocean are among their favorite spots.

Lessons From The Baja
by L G R T about 4 years ago
Before You Modify Your Vehicle For Off-Road Travel
by L G R T about 4 years ago

Roadtrip Clothing


This blog reminds readers that not every latest fashion is suitable for a lengthy road adventure. Up-and-coming designers who know the asphalt well are spotlighted here.

BB DAKOTA – Down to Earth New Spring Arrivals
by roadtrip over 4 years ago
HAPPY SOCKS – Mean Happy Feet!
by roadtrip over 4 years ago

RV Road Trip


Two bloggers make it very clear here that RVing is the classiest, most comfortable way to road trip well. They reveal that full-time RV living is possible, even on a budget.

Pool Players Road Trip


The American Pool Association sponsors the blog that connects fellow members with one another through the road. Standout members nationwide are the focus here.

Branson Roadtrip


Anyone looking to travel to Branson, Missouri will find this a must-read blog before heading there. The city is revealed to be a haven for road trip aficionados.

Mar 30, Branson MO Shows host the best in entertainment
over 4 years ago
Jan 12, Burger Restaurants in Branson MO
over 4 years ago

Perceptive Travel


This blog encourages road trippers to stop and smell the flowers of their journeys, found at pit stops and beyond. Discover rarely mentioned gems to schedule into your drive.

5 Art Nouveau Cities You May Not Know
by Jennifer Walker over 2 years ago
In Singapore, Coast-to-Coast Railroad Reclamation
by Brian Spencer over 2 years ago

Road Trips for Families


Children's boredom and their "are we there yet" refrain are what this blog tries to vainquish. Each post offers families advice on keeping everyone comfy on the drive.

#MichelinQuest Geocaching Contest
by Julie Henning almost 4 years ago
Family Vacation in Helena, Montana
by Julie Henning almost 4 years ago

Family Tour USA


This blog encourages families to travel America together along the open road. It focuses on a family who's managed the highs and lows of it all to find trip success.

Rand McNally on the Road


A very popular publisher of travel guides has developed this blog to cater to a burgeoning base of road trip-aholics. Each post highlights a must-see detour.

Desert Road Trippin'


This blog provides hydrated proof that road tripping through the desert does not have to be a parched affair. Oases and wildflower reports are frequent post topics here.

Ladder Canyon Hike in Mecca Hills Wilderness Area
by Lynn Bremner over 2 years ago
Dog Hikes in La Quinta
by Lynn Bremner over 2 years ago

Road Roamer


This blog courts the attention of both tourists and local denizens to learn about road trip-worthy locales. They also critique hotels, B&Bs, and campsites you'll encounter.

Mom's Minivan Blog


This blog provides mothers (and fathers) with a teeming assortment of games and activities to keep kids entertained while driving. Many of the posts here are printable.

String Game Tutorials – Running Dog
by Laurel Smith - Road Trip Mom about 4 years ago
Simple Tips to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready
by Momsminivan Guest Blogger about 4 years ago

Pet Auto Safety


Bringing your furry family member with you on your road trip is understandable, and this blog informs you on how to keep her safe. Safety belts and travel carriers are covered.

How to Prep Your Dog for a Long Road Trip
by MayaAndPierson over 2 years ago
How to Best Protect Your Dog in the Car
by MayaAndPierson almost 3 years ago

Car Seat Blog


Young children require a strong and appropriate car seat to be safe while road tripping. This blog gives parents all they need to make good seat decisions.

How to toss your cookies but not your sanity.
by Alicia S. over 2 years ago
Evenflo Transitions 3-in-1 Combination Seat Recall
by Jennie over 2 years ago

Arrive Alive


This blog espouses the importance of vehicular safety and precautions. Regular road trippers are counseled to read this often and stay informed of new road developments.

Mother and daughter critical after collision
by roadsafety over 2 years ago
Roodepoort North pedestrian crash leaves boy 4 critically wounded
by roadsafety over 2 years ago

Road Food


You often remember your road trip not by the visual sights but by the culinary delights that marked each stop. This blog helps you pepper your next trip with even more tasty venues.

Old Tin Can - Sandpoint, ID
almost 4 years ago
La'wan's Soul Food Restaurant - Charlotte, NC
about 4 years ago

Discovering Umbria


Umbria, known as the Green Heart of Italy, has its specific dialect and cultural details praised here. Also learn about the olive oil and wine that distinguishes the region.

Umbria: a "plain air" painter's heaven
by discoveringumbria over 2 years ago
Merry Sagrantino 2015: in the Court of the King
by discoveringumbria over 2 years ago

Baroque Sicily


Blogger Jann, from New Mexico, instantly fell in love with southern Italy upon visiting the locale. She writes about the language as well as the geletaria's yumminess here.

Festival Crowd, Sicily: Part 1
by Jann about 3 years ago
Market Day, & Sins of Youth
by Jann about 3 years ago