Makeup Junkie


The "makeup blogozine for the beauty addicted" refuses to rehabilitate those who visit; rather, you'll only get more deeply turned on by the looks here.

Career Hub


Louise Fletcher serves as the head of a top-level resume sculpting agency. Her post there has equipped her with some sterling wisdom that she doles out in spades via her vibrant blog. She determines to motivate job seekers to inject new confidence and verve in their mission to win employment. She covers all spheres of the process: networking and harnessing the Internet, interview skills, and naturally, resume perfection.

Can You Guess What Word This Post Is About?
by billiesucher over 2 years ago
Somebody Said It Was Bad to Talk About Myself
by billiesucher over 2 years ago

Blogging 4 Jobs


Blogger Jessica shelters an intense passion for the art and technique of great recruiting. Her Internet web show, "Job Search Secrets," has resulted in great success for her and translated into a booming community of visitors to her informative page here. She is incredibly cognizant of the reality of the job hunt and how it has evolved into its current state. Thus, readers can anticipate her tips to tailor toward the inclusion of technology and social media in their search for a job.

Will Employee Service Awards Disappear In the Gig Economy?
by jessica@xceptionalhr.com over 2 years ago
How a Nursing Degree Changes the Face of Medicine
by jessica@xceptionalhr.com over 2 years ago

Jibber Jobber


You will find some humor in this HR blog along with the serious side of human resources. We liked that it was easy to follow and offered great advice. We think you will enjoy the mix of information for both the HR person and those dealing with HR.

The Fourth of July: Freedom
by Jason Alba about 4 years ago
A Real Curriculum for Career Management at the University Level
by Jason Alba about 4 years ago

Guerrilla Job Hunting


Sometimes, propriety needs to be thrown out the window in favor of some crazy coming in. Go on the wild side of job hunting here.

Employment Digest


Have you recently found yourself in between jobs, and you're ready to get back in the workforce? Begin your resurgence to a job with this site's tailored tips.

George's Employment Blawg


Blogger George Lenard is familiar with labor and employment law. He's been in the business for over 20 years and his blog offers information related to workplace trends, the labor market, human resources, careers and the job search, and more.

Movin On Up


Those wanting to escalate and expedite their job hunt would do well to heed the counsel here. The posts provide expert opinions designed to help you shine brightest.

Poll – How Do You Prepare for a Future Leadership Role?
by admin over 2 years ago
Job Search Advice From This Year’s Oscar Nominees
by admin over 2 years ago

Working Girl


The Working Girl's Karen Burns offers perspective on office-related news articles and topics in a humorous way, while also offering advice on how to beat the daily grind. There are an endless array of post categories to choose from and plenty of laughs to be had.

Your social network Plan B
by Karen Burns over 4 years ago
Working hard is not enough
by Karen Burns over 4 years ago

45 Things


You'll find far more than forty-something quips of wisdom on this page. Anticipate a daily deluge of information to inject real energy in your job search.

How to Get Your Big Idea Into the Marketplace
by Anita almost 4 years ago
How to Turn Around Miserable Workers
by Anita almost 4 years ago



Find the latest news for job seekers on trends, tips, and more on job searching and careers. Also receive updates related to the state of hiring and the job market.

The Wise Job Search


This blog sifts away irrelevant and outdated information for job seekers. Instead, readers will find fresh and crisp counsel to assist their search.

Give Before You Get
by Harry Urschel about 4 years ago
Humbled and Honored…
by Harry Urschel about 4 years ago

Jeff Lipschultz's Blog


Jeff enjoys blogging about the challenges of the job and candidate search. Articles cover the spectrum from resumes to interviews to overall strategy. His articles are published in blogs like AOL and Job-hunt and magazines like Money.

Conducting a Job Search in 2016? Start here!
by jefflipschultz over 2 years ago
Ring, Ring….Your Interview Is Calling
by jefflipschultz almost 3 years ago

The 'Internet Electrician' Blog


Scandinavian Terry is an adventurous, travel loving electrician that loves to blog. Be it installing a spa pool light or his recent "messy find" in Calgary Alberta - he talks us through it with true electrician gusto.

Mr. Electric of Tucson Expert Electrical Blog


Rah, rah Arizona and the Mr. Electric of Tucson Expert Electrical Blog. Blogging about obtaining an electrician licensing, troubleshooting troubles and safety at the site does AZ electrician bloggers justice. For us it was the wide-range article with tips on electrical safety in relation to children. It is a should-be-required read.

Sparky...the life and times of a lunatic electrician


Ian is the first to admit that the rules of the blogs are that personal life discussions come first with a dabble of electrician talk peppered throughout second. All and all, it’s a delightful blog by a personable electrician imparting a few interesting tidbit.

J.C. Pye Electrical Services


From recessed lights in the kitchen to great comprehensive tips for “smart wiring” your home Jake Pye the 3rd rolls up his sleeves and eagerly delves right in. And while these informative articles are older they are not to be overlooked.