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This blog seems to serve almost as an alter-ego to an otherwise repressed and overstressed academic. The tone taken here is mirthful, funny, and anything but too serious.

Lamest Toilet Stall Graffiti Ever
by Comradde PhysioProffe over 3 years ago
Hellz To The Motherfucken YEAH!!! 1!111!!!
by Comradde PhysioProffe over 3 years ago

The Art and Science of Introducting Neuroscience


I am a neurogardener.I "grow" people and neurosciences for my university since neuro and brain sciences are the fifth revolution after nanotechnology and genomics.As I am growing them,I am growing old as well.I hope the trees will grow tall one day as I may not be able to see the results.I do need help from fellow neurogardeners else where with big hearts and donors with big,deep pockets to help make a brain research center a reality.

The Art and Science of introducing Neuroscience .. turned 2...
over 4 years ago

Noura Writes


Reflective and informative articles on current news in history and science.



our blog already indicates that it is the "The Universe Encyclopedia". so no wonder every single person of the world who is keenly intrested on the topic "the universe' will undoubtedly enjoy our website. Array Proxima is all about knowing our complicated universe i started this website to make the topic more easier to understand the whole world. UNIVERSE is a topic like a suspenseful story which i would like to explain as a narrator of that story. My future plans are all about how to encourage people about the term 'cosmoloy' with the explanation of hidden souls who has taken part in the past ,present and future of the learning of universe with the compilation of all the theories and philosphies behind the sceens.



You don’t need to look far to see risk in innovation leadership. Yet many entrepreneurs lack a sufficient understanding of how to judge and deal with risks. In this article we introduce a model for classifying risks in innovation leadership. In turn, we discuss how some of these risks can be reduced or averted, and in some cases even embraced and reframed to mean something positive.

6 Ways to Avoid Employee Burnout and Foster Innovation


According to a recent Gallup poll, around 31% of U.S. employees were engaged in 2014. Why are employees less engaged? Some of the blame is due to burnout at work. This burnout, characterized by severe mental and physical exhaustion, is leading to a lack of interest, reduced employee engagement and less work being accomplished. For more visit the link mentioned.

10 Ways to Reduce the Innovation Failure Rate


You are not able to stand still in this fast paced business environment, but most of the time innovation fails. Innovation process-expert Robert Cooper shows that of every seven new product/service projects, about four enter development, 1.5 are launched, and only one succeeds. For more visit the link.

How Innovation and Authenticity Complement Each Other in a Corporate Environment


Authenticity and innovation are two of today’s biggest corporate buzzwords. They are often considered as separate values, but in reality they have much in common and in this article we will examine the areas of overlap and potential leverage benefits.