Music is Free Now


Cesar Alvarez doesn't give you mp3 downloads or music reviews. Instead he gives you information about how the music industry has changed now that music is free, but also how it has always been free. Very interesting.

by cesar@cesaralvarez.net (César Alvarez) over 2 years ago
by cesar@cesaralvarez.net (César Alvarez) over 3 years ago

CPA Blogger


This CPA hits all the major bases -- the Big Four, auditing, taxation -- to home-run effect here. Students can also find information on internships throughout the site.

Amusicology in 1000 Words of Less


Lots of good musicology history on this blog for musicologists and those in academic endeavors, but the blog also includes many useful and informative entries.

Farewell amusicology, we hardly knew thee.
by Drew Massey over 4 years ago
Amusicology Buttons and Funeral!
by Drew Massey over 4 years ago

Sleep on CPA


This is a blog from a student, and it chronicles the preparation that goes into CPA exams, as well as some of the issues surrounding such preparations. Her mission is to keep all CPA candidates motivated, which we think she does a fantastic job.

5 Pros and Cons of Social Media in the Classroom


Social media is such an important part of modern society, especially for students. In many schools, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked on school computers while some schools have started taking a different approach by including social media into the educational system.