The Logo Design Guru speaks from professional experience. As a provider of branding solutions for small and start-up companies, the blog offers insight on basic logo design, Web design, and running a small business.

MycroBurst Blog


This blog is where small business owners and graphic designers converge. Find logo and graphic design solutions and creative talent on display.

Home Based Business Mom


If you are a stay at home mother or father, follow this blog to see how this blogger made a career while being at home. The Internet is a powerful tool and the bloggers here share tons of information about working from home.



Many small business owners do not realize how big of an impact (for the better) that social media can have on their business. Fiona Powell will show you how to make the most of social media in your favor.

Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog


While this blog is not maintained by women, it is primarily concerned with leadership tactics and there are numerous posts of interest regarding women, leadership and the challenges businesswomen face from the other side of the glass ceiling.

Powerful Insights of Workplace Dynamics
by John Agno about 4 years ago
The Cure for CEO Disease
by John Agno about 4 years ago

Beyond the Glass Ceiling


This blog is designed to help women develop their careers. It offers advice from planning and strategy to resolving and preventing workplace issues.

Effortless HR


This blog is geared toward small business HR management. Topics include succession planning, employee turnover, managing change, and more.

The Importance of Branding In Hiring
by Aaron Queen about 4 years ago
Keys to Attracting Top Talent
by Erica Fener over 4 years ago

Brazen Careerist


Penelope Trunk is a best-selling author and CEO of Brazen Careerist, a career networking company. She began her life after college as a professional beach volleyball player. Somehow and lucky for us, her journey led her from launching three software start-ups to a writing career advice column that runs in 200 newspapers -- plus this very blog, considered to be the absolute number one career blog.

Seth Godin


This widely heralded site has earned its acclaim for Seth's expert and insightful observations on the job life, both with and without a gig. The posts are quick yet rewarding reads.

Get rich (quick)
by Seth Godin about 4 years ago
"I didn't have time"
by Seth Godin about 4 years ago

Tips and Tricks


The name says it all. Tips and Tricks features articles to help you stay a float during the first weeks of your affiliate campaign. What most important here is not only the massive number of articles available, but the honesty and the depth of knowledge that the Tips and Tricks team have on all internet marketing related topics. Tips and Tricks doesn't try to be fancy, and makes an effort to stick to the simple tactics that make successful marketing campaigns. Here's a thorough breakdown of how to increase your sales page's conversion rate 10 Tips to Increase Your Sales Page Conversion

How To Attract Customers To Your WordPress e-Commerce Store
by admin over 3 years ago
Adding a PayPal Payment Widget to The Sidebar of Your WordPress Site
by Korin Iverson over 3 years ago

Nicky Cakes


Covering the low down, often dirty news and gossip of the affiliate marketing scene, Nick Cakes is the TMZ of the affiliate blog world. Its a little low on the celebrity stalking and focuses more on nerdy superstars who are also pretty well paid.

The Best Conference In The Industry with 100% Discount Code
by nickycakes about 4 years ago
The Cake Show Podcast 003 – Asian Efficiency
by nickycakes about 4 years ago

My blog toolkit


If you're looking to get into Wordpress affiliate marketing this blog has a ton of tips and pointers to get you started and making bank.

Uber Affiliate


Almost anything goes on this blog. From tech discussion, to a one sided discussion about the LOST series finale, and job placements Uber Affiliate is an interesting read and a welcome change from event coverage, and start-up kit sales.

Build Your Own PHP Affiliate Tracker – The Redirect Link
by UberAffiliate over 4 years ago
Things I’ve Learned From Baller Affiliate Marketers
by UberAffiliate over 4 years ago



Ahaze covers all aspects of the internet marketing business for web entrepreneurs; from social media, ppc, and small business how-to's, to hot niches and affiliate marketing tips.

Bryn Youngblut


Bryn might be a baby faced affiliate marketer, but he has some pretty grownup ideas about making serious money in this industry. His expertise is regularly featured in more traditional print and online outlets so his words hold some weight.

Great Read – Anything You Want
by Bryn Youngblut almost 4 years ago
Holy crap it’s been another year
by Bryn Youngblut almost 4 years ago

Jonathan Volk


President of Surge Marketing, Jonathan's personal blog covers all topics business and affiliate marketing related. From profiles of successful entrepreneurs to tidbits of industry insider info and personal thoughts. Jonathan, an entrepreneur since the age of seven, uses the blog to share his stories and vision.

Tyler Cruz


Tyler is a Canadian blogger, entrepreneur, and affiliate marketer living in British Columbia. He's managed to piece together a very comfortable life for himself through the Internet and his various web-based ventures. The blog chronicles the day-to-day operations of web-based small businesses including blogging tips, affiliate marketing, inspirational and motivational posts, contests and competitions, guest posts, in-depth articles, reviews, and occasional personal posts.

An Overdue Update on My Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
by Tyler Cruz over 2 years ago
Votesy Updates: 3 Weeks Post Launch
by Tyler Cruz over 2 years ago

Footprints in the Cloud


Information for small businesses about the cloud and software as a service. Allen is the CEO of a managed applications service and has a wealth of experience to share.

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog


This blog, written by Liz Stauss with some guest bloggers sets out to show small and new business owners how to do things just a little bit differently. In addition, she uses thought-provoking articles that make you think about your own business in a new and exciting way.

Jim's Marketing Blog


Blogger Jim lends a jolt to the health of small businesses with his insights here. He demonstrates that a little marketing finesse can go a long way.

Success leaves clues
by Jim Connolly over 2 years ago
Why your search traffic just dropped
by Jim Connolly over 2 years ago



Going through the motions of classes, assignments, and exams can grow taxing for myriad reasons. One of the primary causes of the ennui, however, is the feeling that what you're learning takes place in a vacuum. Blogs like AVC help demonstrate the practicality and benefit of b-school lessons in the real world. The site focuses on venture capitalism, an extremely important topic for contemporary business. Students who read this often will unsurprisingly become the envy of their classrooms.

The Retrade
by Fred Wilson over 2 years ago
Video Of The Week: Andy Weissman at Figure 1
by Fred Wilson over 2 years ago