The Sports Hernia


Sports often take themselves too seriously, and athletes even more so. Fortunately, The Sports Hernia is here to poke fun at some of the most interesting goings-on in the world of sports.

Do not pull Putin's finger right now
by hameljaime@yahoo.com (Jaime Hamel) over 4 years ago
Ranger diehard can't get enough of advanced metrics
by hameljaime@yahoo.com (Jaime Hamel) over 4 years ago

Bike Diva


Featuring a focus on all things bike and bike-related, Bike Diva is a one-stop blog for anyone seeking information on the vast amount of gear used in this popular sport.

Bike Diva is a FitFluential Ambassador
by Lynn Smythe over 3 years ago
Top 5 Cycling Safety Tips
by Lynn Smythe almost 4 years ago

Arsenal Arsenal


This blog is titled and about Arsenal Arsenal, the most successful club in London and the third most successful team in English football history. You will learn the history and read about the accomplishments of the famous football team.

Must Do Better.
by Big Raddy over 2 years ago
Welbeck to Start.
by Big Raddy over 2 years ago

College Athletic Recruiting Network


Sometimes student athletes who deserve a college education can fall through the cracks. This site helps those students use their sports skills and earn free studies.

The Sports Cubicle


The Sports Cubicle has earned acclaim as one of the finest sports discussion blogs around as a result of mastermind blogger Jose's almost maniacal adoration of athletics. Such fixation on sports doesn't make Jose into a Napeoleon-like figure, but rather his posts reflect the same brand of passion and rigor that have propelled many an athlete and coach to greatness. Myriad sports comprise the fodder of the Cubicle, and Jose gets around to all the major contests.

Ernie Banks (1931-2015)
by The Sports Cubicle over 3 years ago
NFC Championship Game: Never Underestimate The Heart Of A Champion!!
by The Sports Cubicle over 3 years ago

First Round Bye


Too many sports blogs believe that bang-pow-slam graphics and photos can make up for a dearth of quality content. First Round Bye ditches gimmicks, as shown in its bone-clean design interface, and concentrates rather on first-rate analysis of the architecture of athletic competition. The posts dissect and analyze how contests are set up, and also debate their fairness and practicality. What's more, the blog brings this in-depth coverage to a wide variety of sports favored internationally.

USA Curling


This is the U.S. official curling site. Join a fan club, support USA Curling, and get the latest news. There is also a comprehensive photo gallery full of high-quality photos.

World Curling Federation


The WCF represents curling as an international sport and encourages its growth worldwide. This site is a comprehensive resource, managed by an executive board from seven different countries.

Axels Loops and Spins


From a figure skating calendar to a list of useful links, this blog has everything you need to keep up on your passion. You'll also find breaking news from the skating world.

Ice Addiction


Kate, from London, blogs about a variety of figure skating topics. Her "program of the day" posts feature great videos that will let you relive incredible skating moments.

Ice Addiction - What's Coming Soon?
by Kate over 4 years ago
The Skating Lesson
by Kate over 4 years ago

Flutzing Around


Tony Wheeler is a figure skating fan. He blogs about events and news and recently covered the Four Continents Ladies Short Program.

Long Track Long Shot


This former investment banker watched the 2010 Winter Olympics in awe, and used the competition to spur his own aims to get on the frosted tracks and make his bid to become a great speed skater in his own right. His posts here always sparkle with personable charm and unique factoids about the sport.

A Door Closes, A Window Opens - The Long Track Long Shot Journey Comes to An End
by Kevin Jagger over 4 years ago

Ed Sk8Toronto


This blogger can definitely bill himself as the inline speed skating guru of the Toronto region. Ed is extremely passionate about the practice of his sport and does everything possible to facilitate his readers' participation in the athletic medium. For those in or planning to visit Toronto, you can also benefit from his detailed maps of the best skating zones.

This Might Hurt Our Reputation


This speed-skating blog might just provide the perfect fodder for a heartwarming film or television show. The narrative appeal of TMHOR began with its impetus: three friends decided to return to the ice after higher education, family, and journeys in life elsewhere kept them from lacing up for quite a while. In 2009, one of the writers' husbands counseled them to chronicle their prepwork for an upcoming skating marathon. And the rest is history -- divvied up in neat, intoxicating posts.

First Loser


Glenn, the helmsman of this blog, is obsessed the thrill and adrenaline that result from an inline speed skating race well run. The title of the blog speaks to a position that this blogger might be finding himself in a little too often for his liking -- in second place, or in the spot known as the "first loser" of the race.

And there you have it…
by FirstLoser almost 3 years ago
The obligatory “10 Things All Inline Speed Skaters Must Do” post – part 1
by FirstLoser over 3 years ago

SB Nation


SB Nation is one of the fast growing online sports communities. The bloggers and writers who participate on this site are very well respected who have helped in the development of this blog. The main purpose is to encourage fans to engage in conversation.

Tom Brady, Patriots reportedly agree on 2-year contract extension
by James Brady over 2 years ago
The top free agent linebackers of 2016
by Jon Benne over 2 years ago

Fantasy Football Geek


Even armchair athletes ought to flex their sports freak every now and then. Football nerds will flock to this site en masse for its bright and focused gridiron insights.

Autistic Sports Nerd


The incredibly endearing helmsman of this site truly does own the blog title's affliction but still manages to write with charm about the sports scene. Athletics fans, read one post and become addicted.

Alan's College Softball Blog


Blogger Alan is impassioned by the ever-exciting college softball scene. Journey with him and his posts all the way to the big championship throwdown.

Weekend Summary -- February 18-21, 2016
by alan over 2 years ago
Double Dose of Nutter Classic This Year
by alan over 2 years ago

WAC Softball


This blog concentrates on softball communities on the West Coast. It brings a refreshing dose of California sunshine to its coverage.