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Peggy Reeves - Embracing Life


A blog by a woman for women. Her life goal is to inspire women to stop living defeated lives and draw near to God while embracing their life journey.

Inspiration 101


A collection of inspirational quotes, stories, articles, and poems designed to help readers. Get your daily motivation here.

Explore Faith


Need an answer to a spiritual question? This site offers a private non-judgmental place for individuals to come in their time of need.

Heal Your Life


Top authors and experts from across the Web contribute to this site. Named the fastest growing personal growth and self help blog, it attracts attention from thousands of readers daily. Read everyday wisdom, affirmations, and get tips for living.

Mind & Body Works


Learn to love yourself, meditate, catch positive energy, and gain control over your emotions through this site. It's a great inspirational read for those who are serious about using hypnosis for wellness, want to learn more about themselves and their energy, want to let go of the past and move successfully into the future. Learn about various healing modalities such as Aromatherapy, Hypnosis, Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, Spirituality, Yoga and many more.

Positively Positive
by Mind & Body Works over 3 years ago
Happy Halloween
by Mind & Body Works over 3 years ago

The Spirited Nerd


Funny. Sarcastic. Peculiar. Believer. Truthful. Wife. Woman. Foodie. Random jingle singer/composer…I’m exactly what the title of this blog says that I am—a spirited nerd. Strap yourself in for my infamous outlook on life, combined with some biblical enthusiasm and random nerdisms. I’m sure you’ll laugh…I’m snorting at the thought now!

Onward to 2015
by TheSpiritedNerd over 3 years ago
Onward to 2015
by TheSpiritedNerd over 3 years ago

Love Movements


Welcome to Love Movements, where the love that you are is honored, so that a new way of being can arise – a way in harmony with the earth, with our selves, and with all of life. Liberate your heart and change the world through stories of love in action and divine inspiration to support your own love realisation.

Be Inspired


Danica Nichole Worthy's inspirational blog to uplift the mind, body, and spirit. Through personal experiences, and messages of hope, and love. Be Inspired!

Stimulate your Endowements
by dani0835 over 4 years ago
I am here because I want to be here. A glimpse of LeAndria Johnson!
by dani0835 over 4 years ago

The Christian Connection


Christian Connection Events (CCE) is an event planning company in South Florida that organizes events for Christian singles. What makes us unique is that we consider your interests and preferences you submit on our website to find someone who shares your interests and connect you both at an event; this Connection is one aspect that sets us apart from other single events. We strive to organize events that will not only bring Christian singles together, but that will encourage lasting friendships and relationships. This blog will share topics related to dating and spirituality.

Daily Handstand


I love to read, write, and all things of the spirit. I adore yoga, although handstand both excites and eludes me. I have enough cats.

Extreme Christian


A blog about my thoughts and feelings towards Christianity, and my personal walk with the Lord. There will be humor, straight shooting (regardless of who likes it) and absolutely no bible thumping.

Reflections of a Secular Franciscan


Reflections on scripture and daily life. Fulfill the commandment to go forth and spread the Gospel.

The 2012 Shift


Mayan Calendar and Prophecy about the Shift of the Ages with free info and book on the 2012 era.

Cat Box Zen


Cat Box Zen is a place where cat minded people can find some zen and spirituality through the silly ways and wisdom of the cat. A place to embrace your Inner Purr! Love, Peace & Purrs- KT Cat Paws!!

Sin Forgiveness in Jesus Christ.


A blog about Repentance and Salvation in Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Running with the Dharma


A blog that explores the common ground of distance running and Buddhist practice.