Beauty is Within


Beauty Is Within blog is about what radiates from the inside only enhances what you see on the outside. With that, this site offers beauty tips, fashion advice, and everything in between to make you feel pretty inside and out!

The Its List


Shelley Mantei is behind this blog. She compiles what you need to know about the latest trends ,colors, styles and more from the magazine pages, runways, and internet. This site will help you define your personal beauty and have fun doing it.

Fix “it” Roots Concealer – Rita Hazan
by shelley over 4 years ago
Restorative “it” Remedy – Clarins Day Cream
by CrystalC over 4 years ago

Beauty Secrets Reveled


This MBA graduate is really into taking charge of your skin the organic way. One of our favorites for the women is the eyelash stimulator that uses plant oils!

This is My Last Blog Post…
by Lleaon Rao over 4 years ago
New Year New You Summit
by Lleaon Rao over 4 years ago

Glamour Beauty Blog


This is the beauty blog of Glamour magazine. Find beauty tips and advice that also features celebrities.

Spa Week


It can be difficult to incorporate the spa mood and feel into your everyday hustle. This blog works like a loofah and helps to rub the stress away.

NYC Fashion Show For A Good Cause
by Noelle Chehab about 4 years ago
Don’t Miss The Wedding Salon Showcase!
by Noelle Chehab about 4 years ago

Travel to Wellness


Blogger Anne places special importance on being well on a daily basis. Key to her plan is using a bit of spa ethic to make her days pass cheerier.

The Nail Spa Blog


Pampering your nails as much as you would any other body part is never a bad idea. Come to this blog for the best new ideas and locations.

The Spa


Learn about internationally hot and popular trends in spa care on this site. The site also links you to retailers of new spa products.

Beyond Beauty


Come here to learn about the latest spa finds that are improving the beauty of women everywhere. You can also get news on upcoming spa seminars.

Arizona Spa Girls


The desert-bound state of Arizona boasts a booming population of renowned spas. These bloggers help you keep track of what's really hot and what's just bubbles.

Enlighten Up Honey Facial Mask
by Lisa Kasanicky over 4 years ago
10 Days of Spa Savings at The Spa at Talking Stick
by Lisa Kasanicky over 4 years ago

Beauty School Blog


Many spa technicians earned their degree from a well-reputed beauty school. This site puts you in touch with the latest on the intersection of day spas and beauticians.

Salon and Spa Source


From nail care to homemade moisture cream for your gams, this blog can help you integrate the feel of a spa into your own home. This is a blog to read often.

Beautynomics: The Economics of Vanity


This blog is cognizant of the economy and how it's pricier these days to glam effectively. The tricks and tips you'll find here can help you save at the spa and elsewhere.

Vogue: Beauty


Vogue has been featuring more and more spas in its Beauty section. You know that the spas you'll find here basically define luxury and opulence.

Vanity Fair: Spas


Surprised to see that Vanity Fair has hopped on the spa bandwagon? It's not too much of a shocker, as spas have always welcomed the vain and lovely with open arms.

Beauty and the Blog


Sephora sponsors this blog that concentrates on the gloriousness of form that can arise from a nice day at the spa. Pick up tons of beauty advice here, as well.

American Salon


Americans do many things well, including pamper their populace. Gain insight on the newest and hottest trends for spas in the States here.

Spa Beauty Schools


Learn about how spa pros learn about their trade and wellness here. It also boasts features on relevant topics from pop culture.

Tres Spa


This blog discusses its latest findings on how spa care can improve your skin. You can also glean health and fitness tips here.

The Plastic Diaries


Contrary to what the title leads you to believe, this site is not about plastic surgery. Rather, it focuses on the beauty products that are often encased in the material.

The Best Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog Posts – Link Love Vol. 18
by Kimmi over 4 years ago
Wella Professionals – Color.id Hair Colour Makeover
by Kimmi over 4 years ago

Buy Organics


When is it important to buy organic skin care and when can you get away with a cheaper alternative? This blog that helps determine what absolutely needs to be organic and when you can get by with a cheaper brand.

Look good for life: Tattoo Makeup


The most popular uses of tattoo makeup would have to be eyeliner and eyebrows, followed by the lips. Other jobs, like eye shadow or blush involve a more skilled artist that is an expert in shading and skin pigmentation… http://bit.ly/1Jw34sD