Call Me Fishmeal


The best parts of this blog are its tips on coding; they’re articulate and readable, and since they’re written by a software developer, they’re almost always guaranteed to work. The coding comes in almost every programming language, and the writer is great at explaining every piece of code so that it’s understandable. The only real fault of this blog is that the writer, whose blog is connected to the blog of his employing company, doesn't respond to email often.

My “Doom” 20th Anniversary Stories
by noreply@blogger.com (Wil Shipley) over 4 years ago

Coding Relic


This blogger writes about a variety of tech topics, including programming. The programming posts mainly deal with C.

Michael J. Radwin's Blog


Michael J. Radwin shares a lot about computer science and especially the various programming languages. There are many other useful pieces of information on this blog that we think you will enjoy.

Blog | 3D Pool and Landscape Design Software


At Structure Studios We publish and develop leading 3D-visualization software and technologies for the pool and landscape design industries. We are the dominant player in our market, serving 96% of industry leaders and we would love to help you grow your business. Get to know us when you read our blog.

Julia Nguyen


A blog from a twenty-something computer science student on web and mobile development, design, and being in a co-op program.

Terminal Services Manager


RDS are executed by a single management interface better known as the terminal services manager. This software monitors overall deployment, configuration, work flows and manages remote communication with associated components and servers.

Techno Voltage


A blog about technology and technical tweaks including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, Windows, Mac, Samsung and General tweaks.

List Of The Essential Chinese Language Learning Apps For Iphone


Learning Chinese language is a challenge in itself and is a task which requires great dedication, passion for the language, time and high levels of concentration.

Comidor Blog


The main issues of this blog are Enterprise Collaboration, Project Management and Cloud technology. We provide all the latest articles and new for the industry

Timekeeping Software – The Only Business Management Solution that Counts


Effective utilisation of organisational resources and imaginative management of business assets is vital for any organisation, whether a small business or a large corporation.

Time Clocks London – The Web Based Systems to Watch Over Your Workplace


Web based workforce management systems, such as time clock London from uAttend, are rightly credited with revolutionising the time and attendance management market by introducing features such as cloud computing, automation, and biometrics.

Transform Your Payroll with Automated Time Clock UK From uAttend


It is imperative for a small or medium sized organisation to pay its employees exactly what it owes them in terms of work received if it wishes to stay competitive and be profitable in the long run.

Fingerprint Time Attendance System Works Best in the Cloud


UK businesses, whether small or corporate entities, are realising more and more that in order to realise the best possible return on investment they need to get rid of out-of-date manual time and attendance.

A Case Study on how uAttend’s Time Clocks UK with Facial Recognition Helped Improve the Payroll for Manufacturing Industry in the UK


WAL (Watkiss Automation Limited) manufactures print finishing equipment and is one of the leading players in the UK market. They export 80% of their production all over the world. WALhas 3 factories in Sandy, Bedfordshire and employs 70 staff in Production, Admin, R & D, Sales and Service positions.

UK Time Clock for SMEs from Any Industry


Are you the owner of a small or medium sized business? Are you in need of an inexpensive and accurate method of employee time and attendance tracking? If yes, then you are in luck as there is a workforce management

Biometric Time Attendance System Can Ensure Enhanced ProductivityFor UK Businesses


The ever-increasing competition in the UK markets compels businesses to increase their productivity and reduce operating costs. However, it is easier said than done, especially if the particular businesses in question are lacking in certain areas of employee management.