Storm Highway


Gripping photography of extraordinary weather is the star of this blog by storm chaser Dan Robinson.

Loaded Gun Chasing Blog


Despite the somewhat threatening title, we like this blog for its casual but dedicated approach to storm chasing.

Passion Twist


Plenty of facts about the thrill of the chase--along with the little details that characterize a storm chaser's life--brings the extreme weather stories on this blog to life.

Storm Chaser: News, Blog, and Recent Events


Self-proclaimed "Explorer/Adventurer and Storm Chaser" George Kourounis documents severe weather and climate change around the globe.

Chemistry Blog


While this blog has a incredibly generic name, its content is certainly not bland. It is a multi-author blog written by chemists of in all fields who are mostly students in college. It posts chemistry news, chemistry jokes, and information about chemistry computing tools.

ACS LiveSlides: Another Step in Multimedia Science Publishing
by Kenneth Hanson over 2 years ago
The most cynical advice to graduate students from an assistant professor you’ll read
by mitch over 2 years ago



After you get a degree in chemistry, you have to find a job--preferably one that your expensive education qualifies you for. Chemjobber is about that search--that sometimes desperate search--for a job in chemistry.

Job posting: medicinal chemistry postdoc, Phoenix Nest, Brooklyn, NY
by Chemjobber over 2 years ago
Weekend discussion: "The 'skills gap' is fake"
by Chemjobber over 2 years ago

Useful Chemistry


Useful Chem is the online notebook of a Drexel University Lab which is working on synthesizing new anti-malaria drugs. As such, it has details of the laboratory life as well as comments on using the internet in science research.

Pharma Strategy Blog


Pharma Strategy Blog follows news in pharmaceutical developments and posts analysis of the chemistry of the medicines. Written by Sally Church, PhD, it focuses on oncology and hematology.

No Name, No Slogan Chemistry Blog


NNNS posts on new papers in chemistry, including topics like the effects of the deepwater spill and new syntheses for pharmaceuticals.

Practical Fragments


One of the largest uses of organic chemistry in industry is in drug design and production, and Practical Fragments posts on the practical matters of making drugs, particularly when using the Fragment-based Drug Design. The contents are highly technical, but clearly written.

Like the Elves to Valinor?
by Dr. Teddy Z almost 4 years ago
248th ACS National Meeting
by Dan Erlanson almost 4 years ago

Synthetic Nature


This blog is all about synthesis, constantly posting on new syntheses of natural products and methodologies. While the syntheses can be complicating, seeing all those different processes may help advances students get a feel for chemical reactions in the real world.

Total Synthesis of Jiadifenolide
by syntheticnature over 3 years ago
Total Synthesis of Jiadifenolide
by syntheticnature over 3 years ago



Protein Crystallography is an important tool in many organic chemists and biochemists kit: it allows a clear look at the structure of proteins. P212121 is a blog about this necessary and useful technique.

Trevor Shipping
about 4 years ago
SDA-His-Leu-Trp-Ura Powder 10 x 0.5L
about 4 years ago

Transforming Matters


The tagline for this blog, "…basic bits and bolts of chemistry…", sums up this blogs content in a nutshell. Most posts are descriptions of some kind of reaction in organic chemistry

SnAP reagents for the one-step synthesis of medium-ring saturated N-heterocycles from aldehydes
by DaveB over 4 years ago
Pd-Catalyzed Nucleophilic Fluorination of Aryl Bromides
by DaveB over 4 years ago

Naturalproductman's Blog


This blog posts the structure of molecules recently isolated from natural sources. The blogger's goal is to keep organic chemists in the loop about

(−)-Aspidophylline A synthesis
by naturalproductman over 2 years ago
Haliclonin A synthesis
by naturalproductman over 2 years ago

Drug Discovery Opinion


This blog is run by a biotech consulting firm that specializes in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. Posts cover different medicinal compounds, their discovery and possible uses in medicine from a medicinal chemistry perspective.

Machine-Learning in Drug Discovery
by WH almost 5 years ago

All Things Metathesis


All Things Metathesis is a blog that does one thing, and does it well: post information on metathesis, a way of using double bounds to react organic molecules together. If you are interested in learning more about metathesis, this is definitely the blog for you. It is run by a environmentally-friendly metathesis catalyst company.

New Work on Functionalized Polyethylene Models via Olefin Metathesis
by Ed Lehman over 2 years ago
Cooperative Organometallic and Enzymatic Transformations: Progress Marches On
by Noah Duffy over 2 years ago

Periodic Tabloid


As the name suggests, this blog is a news blog about chemistry, with notes on science education, women and science, and organic chemistry topics like replacements for toxic bisphenol-A. It is run by the Chemical Heritage Foundation

sciencefriday: The use of 3-D printers has opened up the...
over 2 years ago
Both medical science and society have long sought to categorize...
over 2 years ago

On Pharma


Affiliated with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine, On Pharma analyzes the news in the pharmaceutical industry, including taking on alternative medicine. It has mostly industry news, but also has news about new drugs.

Carbon-Based Curiosities


This is a blog from an organic chemistry lab, which posts on equipment, personal life, and the rest of the things that come up when you work in a lab. Oh, and homemade scanning electron microscopes.

Puff the Mutant Dragon


Puff the Mutant Dragon writes fascinating explorations in the history of science, including organic chemistry, which the blogger explains at a level suitable to people who have nothing but basic chemistry. While this is a new blog, the series on chemical warfare is not to be missed.

Vaccination and the Republican presidential debate: where did THAT come from?
by puffthemutantdragon almost 3 years ago
Nuclear power and biofuel: The climate change debate we should be having
by puffthemutantdragon almost 3 years ago



MedChemBuzz is a multi-author news blog on news and recent papers on medicinal chemistry. While it is a bit jargon-filled, it also has clear diagrams, and is a good blog for those familiar with the industry.

In Vivo


In Vivo is a news blog about the pharmaceutical industry. While its chemistry content is sparse, this business information is of interest to anyone with a degree in organic chemistry who wants to go into drug creation, since this is the environment in which drugs are created.

IN VIVO Blog Is No More.
by Chris Trudeau over 3 years ago
Deals of the Week Takes Stock in M&A
by Paul Bonanos over 4 years ago

ChemSpider Blog


Associated with ChemSpider, a free online chemistry database, the ChemSpider blog is all about using the internet and computers to increase communication between chemists and therefore make science better.

Introduction to the new ChemSpider website
by David about 3 years ago
What’s new with ChemSpider?
by David about 3 years ago