The Fit for Life Wife


Recently, I made a decision to make a lifestyle change in order to become healthier and more fit for my wedding and for my life. Through a lot of trial and error, I was able to lose 30 lbs in a healthy, sustainable way. I often read articles about healthy lifestyle tips and diet fads and trends, and I usually have something to say on the subject. That's where this blog comes in. Read all about my weight loss journey, my efforts and roadblocks in maintaining this healthy lifestyle, and receive some tips and yummy recipes along the way.



Ditching bad eating habits, feeling stronger, and proving to herself that longer distances are possible are the motivation that she needs. This 20 something blogger has begun her simultaneous journey through life and to completing her first half-marathon, finding comfort in humor, her husband, and God the whole way!

Run Dream Achieve


Blog founded by 2.19 marathoner and Army Officer Nathan Pennington designed to provide distance running guidance, coaching and personal development information.

Corporate Wellness Plans For Employees And Entrepreneurs
by Nathan Pennington about 4 years ago
How To Deal With Sore Calves
by Nathan Pennington about 4 years ago

The Running Robot


A blog about the running robot, the colours and seasons of his life. Blogging about running, running gear, aviation, driving and cars.

18 years old once again...
by The Running Robot over 3 years ago
Saying Goodbye
by The Running Robot about 4 years ago

Adventures In Running


If you want tips on racing or motivation to get you through your next run, this is the place to find it. It's a fresh perspective on the sport of running with some observational humor. You will certainly look forward to each and every post.

Seeking Boston Marathon


This is not a blog about a world class athlete, but an average guy who tripped into running in adult life, got hooked, and set his sights on the ultimate race--The Boston Marathon. Since starting my blog, I have run Boston three times (most recently in 2013.) You might say I'm hooked. I added triathlons to my training routine in 2011.

The Average Runner's Guide to Grabbing that Boston Marathon Qualifier
by Ty Godwin over 2 years ago
Meme Monday: Cam Sandwich
by Ty Godwin over 2 years ago

Clippin' Along


Clippin' Along is written by a Michigan runner who is back to running after many years of inactivity. The author shares his thoughts on his progress, equipment and other running topics in efforts to motivate himself and others.

The Short Game
by noreply@blogger.com (protometal @ clippinalong.blogspot.com) almost 3 years ago
The Long Road Back
by noreply@blogger.com (protometal @ clippinalong.blogspot.com) over 3 years ago

Der Scott


Middle aged and nearly broken down, Scott regained his passion for running and writing in his 40's. "Der Scott" is mostly a collection of writings about Scott's misadventures when attempting to run long and difficult trail races in completely inadequate footwear.

Bile Burping Miles - Uwharrie Mountain Run 2016
by Scott Lynch over 2 years ago
Iron Mountain Trail Run - 16 Miler
by Scott Lynch almost 3 years ago

A Long Way To Boston


A collection of motivational observations and personal stories I've come across while once again preparing to run "a long way to Boston."

So this is what rock bottom looks like…
by Tracy almost 3 years ago
Fall Race Schedule Announced
by Tracy almost 3 years ago

Running on Ipsum


I run - a business, a household, on the street and even a few races on the weekends. Chickens in my backyard and miles under my feet; healthy recipes and some not-so-healthy baked goods. I love this stuff.

How to Get Living Room Sets for Cheap Price
by admin over 4 years ago
Placing Living Room Furniture
by admin over 4 years ago

The Clydesdale Chronicles


In an effort to win a bet and lose more weight than his wife gains during pregnancy, Roger takes his 200+ pounds into training for his first marathon.

Run Blog - Adam Condit


Primarily a distance running blog that reaches all different levels of fitness enthusiasts with humor, reviews, training advice, and over 15 years of competitive running experience founded by sub-elite distance runner Adam Condit. Site content includes gear reviews, training, fitness, running, marathon, and nutrition articles.

18 months later …
by Adam Condit over 2 years ago
18 months later …
by Adam Condit over 2 years ago



Running Coach, Genie Bianchi, writes about her training, upcoming events, shares tips on training, gear, nutrition, injury prevention, etc. A great site for beginners to marathoners.



Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled expertise and knowledge about training and racing to help make you a smarter, fitter, and faster runner. We're fellow runners and experts in one thing only - improving your running. If you've ever started a run at 3am or run circles in a parking garage to make sure you got in your run for the day, this site is for you.

What is a Tempo Run: Understanding the 3 Types of Thresholds and How to Target Them in Your Training
by Sarah Crouch over 4 years ago
Gels, Sports Drinks and Gummies: Which is the Best Fueling Option for the Marathon
by John Davis over 4 years ago

Running Tar Heel


A reformed newspaper man, I am the proud dad to two sons and have been happily married for 26 years. I'm a runner who has completed 29 marathons and a big fan of sports and politics. My long suffering as a Cubs fan has been balanced by the national championships by my Tar Heels in basketball and the Stanley Cup my Hurricanes hoisted in 2006.

Giving up marathon quality for quantity
by R.L. Bynum over 3 years ago
A run of midnight madness
by R.L. Bynum almost 4 years ago

Chronic Runner


I've been running since I was 8 years old, and several decades later, I'm still at it. I'm not too slow and I'm not too fast, but I am a runner and will run for as long as my body permits me to do so. I am also a fairly serious rock climber, a college philosophy instructor (ethics and social and political are my areas of interest), a mother, and wife. Some think I have a little running problem - but running is like eating to me - it allows me time to think, to make sense of the world around me - things will come up that I find interesting, perplexing, disturbing, outrageous, hopeful, etc. Just important subjects and questions to chew on...And, of course there will be running, running, running...

Mean People Suck: Some Thoughts on the Running 'Community"
by noreply@blogger.com (Caolan MacMahon) over 2 years ago
The Asterisk Factor
by noreply@blogger.com (Caolan MacMahon) over 2 years ago



I have recently decided that now is the time to get back in shape, get fit and get running. I dream of running ultras, but I am just starting from scratch. I have been captivated by many of the long distance runners, but I noticed all their information was written retrospectively and not in the moment when they were feeling the highs and lows. I plan to capture this as I blog and run.

From The Couch To A Marathon


A couch potato takes on the ultimate running challenge: a marathon! Follow along to read my trials (and trails), encouragement, advice and inspiration

by admin over 4 years ago
by admin over 4 years ago

The Unlikely Runner


At 50, I decided to do the unthinkable and started running. Although I’ve been relatively fit for years, a zaftig figure combined with never having run before made it seem rather implausible. It turns out I love it! A year later, I can run 5 miles and have run in several races! My doctor is so happy that she told me to tell my story to anyone who would listen. So this is me doing just that.

Half Done Run


In August of 2010 I weighed over 290 pounds. I decided to exercise every day that I worked. That goal has changed a lot. So have a lot of other things. This blog is about those changes and my experiences because of them.