It seems as if contemporary society is always decrying the dearth of women in science. RobotGrrrl Erin is doing her utmost to help fill in the gap with this vibrant and comprehensive page -- you wouldn't be able to this author as male or female, because the content is strong enough to avoid a discussion on gender politics. Erin's loved robots since her first mobile Lego creation at 13. Her blog concentrates on her affinity for sociable robotics and their potential to improve human communication.

Clyde : Disco
by Erin, the RobotGrrl almost 4 years ago
RoboBrrd in OWL Magazine
by Erin, the RobotGrrl almost 4 years ago

Robotics Under the Stole


Many people exhibit an almost religious zeal for the world of robots, but this blogger takes that assertion to a brand new level. He doubles as both a roboticist and a priest, bringing a spiritual conviction to the sleek and scientific conversation. His posts tend to vacillate between passionate studies of his favorite contemporary robots to ruminations on the morality and consciousness of robots in society. Anyone who's talked of the Bible and 'bots in the same conversation will relish the site.

Fun Parallax Robot Header
by Whit+ almost 4 years ago
IHMC in Pensacola
by Whit+ almost 4 years ago



Blogger Erico leads a staff of five, all of whom are focused on bringing readers the first reports of news related to place of robots in society. Humanoids, mechatronics, and AI all serve as sizable portions of the conversation here. The fleet is also quite skilled at linking their visitors to worthwhile videos and news clippings they can check out to bolster their bot know-how. Overall, the idea is to keep the blog's readership alert to where robots are heading next -- which is exactly where humans are heading next.

Do Telepresence Robots Need Arms?
almost 4 years ago
Drone Fleets Could Monitor Bridge Safety
almost 4 years ago



Robot junkies get their automaton fix here daily. Yet even those who aren't quite so well versed in the world of robotics can catch up to speed by perusing this blog's short yet knowledge-packed posts. Headlines relating to what's happening with robots in the world definitely abound, to be best digested by readers who visit daily. But those who don't make it as often aren't left behind: the editors curate a Robo-Roundup, to supply a week's worth of robo-news in one quickly read offering.

Robotics Zeitgeist


This blog expertly chronicles the current state of society's evergreen interest in artificial intelligence. It also tackles machine learning and computer vision.

Relay: A delivery robot for the hospitality industry
by Awesome-o almost 3 years ago
Overexposed photos be gone, say MIT researchers!
by Awesome-o almost 3 years ago

Trossen Robotics


This robot company has developed a blog that doesn't solicit business but instead pumps out need-to-know robot news. It also covers the latest in bot contests and conventions.

Jimmy in the News!
by Kyle about 4 years ago
Take Cover! Foam Dart Gun Kit Released
by Drew about 4 years ago



An assemblage of super smart robot lovers come together here to provide the most up-to-date bot headlines. They also offer a charming and informative podcast.

Robots Podcast #152: EU Robotics Week 2013
over 4 years ago
Robots Podcast #151: Big deals and privacy
over 4 years ago



Experts in robotics review the latest products and provide recommendations for everyday folks here. They also conduct interviews with roboticist luminaries.

An Introduction to FlowBotics’ Phidgets Apps
by Phidgets almost 4 years ago
New FlowBotics Apps for Phidgets Products
by Coleman Benson almost 4 years ago



This blog has attracted gaggles of readers for its timely reporting on the newest must-have bot product. It also chronicles the boom in robot education for young people.

Modular Robotics


This blog focuses on improving the ways in which robot products are designed and tailored for kids. Started by Carnegie Mellon alums, posts have a lightly academic tone.

We’re Shipping MOSS
by Eric Schweikardt over 4 years ago
MOSS Production Progress
by Eric Schweikardt over 4 years ago

Robotics Academy


Carnegie Mellon University's highly ranked robotics program shows off its latest achievements here. Boy Scout robot lovers and World Championships are new features.

Student POV: Robovacuum
by Cara Friez about 4 years ago
Student POV: Slalom Challenge
by Cara Friez over 4 years ago

Bot Thoughts


Robot and electronics programming is the bread and butter of this site. The writers gild the info in each post with tools like circuit diagrams and tales from real life.

What the heck is PIPduino?
by Michael Shimniok almost 4 years ago
Discovering Linux Mint 14 EOL
by Michael Shimniok almost 4 years ago

Let's Make Robots


This blog address exactly what its title implies for those who want to take their robot love to the next level. Funding, design proposal, and joystick choices provide new posts.

I hope it's a phase
by Maxhirez over 4 years ago
DAGU CNC mill controller - first prototype
by OddBot over 4 years ago

The Robot Report


This blog concentrates on the business side of the robotics conversation. News on manufacturers and the most promising robot start-ups proliferates throughout the page.

Everything Robotic


This blog is slowly assembling a database of info on the private companies and research locations that focus on robotics. The transition from industrial to consumer robot products is a new concentration.

Our Relationship with the Uncanny Valley
by noreply@blogger.com (Frank Tobe) about 4 years ago
Proletarian Robots Getting Cheaper to Exploit
by noreply@blogger.com (Frank Tobe) over 4 years ago

I Heart Robotics


This blog's desired audience is a no-brainer: those who love robots almost as much as they love breathing. Posts frequently demonstrate how standout robot creations come to be.

Turtlebot rides
by noreply@blogger.com (IHEdabit) almost 4 years ago
Want to dabble
by noreply@blogger.com (IHEdabit) almost 4 years ago

Litter-Robot News


Feline owners who wish robots were of use to them keep track of the latest developments on that front here. It also shows off a new product that cleans litter quickly.

I’ve always had a cat or two…
by agreen about 4 years ago
We have four cats…
by agreen about 4 years ago



The Institute for Personal Robots in Education helms this blog page. It focuses on those creations that help facilitate the learning processes of challenged students.

Nuthin' But Mech


An assemblage of contributors nearly thirty strong make this one of the most active blogs on robots to be found. The focus is on finding the next great robotics visual artist.

Eric Joyner A Retrospective...Kind Of
by Lorin Wood over 2 years ago
by Lorin Wood over 2 years ago

KC Robotics Blog


This blog passionately explores what lies on the next frontier for robots on Earth and in space. Humanoids and robot use in the military are the site's most recent focuses.

The Importance of Mentoring
by Connie over 2 years ago
KC Robotics Offers Hollow-Wrist Welding Robot from Kawasaki
by Anna Betsch over 2 years ago

HowToWeb: Robots


The latest in international robot news surfaces here before trickling to other sites. The writers thoroughly enjoy using videos to buttress their commentary and analyses.

Microsoft Changes OneDrive Storage Plans, Removes Unlimited Option
over 2 years ago
Google Unveils New Logo and Four Color G Icon
almost 3 years ago