The Fashion Police


The Fashion Police is a lighthearted look at the good, bad and downright ugly side of fashion, by people who love it, but don’t take it too seriously. If you don't want to be a slave to fashion but love to stay in style, this is the site for you.

What to Wear to a Job Interview
by The Fashion Police over 2 years ago
How to save money on high fashion items
by The Fashion Police over 2 years ago

Fashion Style Blog


Fashion Style Blog brings you news and opinions from passionate fashion experts and specialists. You will find what you need to know to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Bags and Accessories under $150
by elsy over 2 years ago
Shoe trends for this fall
by ananda over 2 years ago

Poetry Society of America


One of the country's most respected literary organizations puts on their very own blog site.

Bob and Margery's Poetry


These two poets, based in both New York City and San Francisco, bring a fresh spin to the poetry blog scene.

Poetry Hut Blog


"Fresh poetry news hand-picked daily" makes this a site to bookmark, if only for the informative posts on what's happening in the community.

Hayden's Ferry Review


"Showcasing the voices of emerging writers" serves as the primary point of dedication to this site, worth a read if you're into the newest, freshest poets on the scene.

Contributor Spotlight: Michael Meyerhofer
by Dana D over 3 years ago
#superblueferry: AWP Event
by Dana D over 3 years ago

Read Write Poem


This blog models the ideal living pattern for any poet; notice how eating or sleeping don't factor into the equation.

Famous Poets and Poems


If you're just getting into poetry and want to bone up on the classics, this is your best bet.

Infinite Thinking


Teachers don't just teach, they continue to learn, and Infinite Thinking is a prime resource for free webinars aimed to help teachers sharpen their skills and learn new educational techniques.

Fashion Tribes


Fashion Tribes is a premier fashion & lifestyle blog. It is ranked as one of the top ten blogs out there. Lesley Scott is an influential and respected member of the lifestyle blogging community and offers a wealth of information on her site on the latest fashions, runway shows and lifestyle trends.

FUTURE OF FASHION: Technology Drives Cultural Change. Just Ask William Gibson.
by Fashiontribes almost 3 years ago
End Time Fashion with Some Offkilter Schiaparelli Surrealism
by Fashiontribes almost 3 years ago

Huffpost Women


Lemon Drop blog is jammed full of everything for the trendy lifestyle you yearn for. From beauty and style section to food and fashion at it's best. Your head will spin and not know where to begin your fashion journey.

State-By-State 'Fertility Friendliness' Rankings Show Wide Range
by Catherine Pearson about 4 years ago
'Mad Men' Review: All In 'A Day's Work' For Don
by Maureen Ryan about 4 years ago

The Fashionable Housewife


Sarah-Jean Ballard is a mother, housewife, and author of this great blog. She shares her fashion advice and product reviews to help moms stay fabulous! This site is so loaded with beauty, fashion and lifestyle resources you won't know where to start.

Which Underwear Do I Wear? How To Find Your #EveryDayFit + Kohls $50 Gift Card Giveaway! #sponsored
by The Fashionable Housewife over 2 years ago
Things to Consider When Choosing Music for Your Wedding
by The Fashionable Housewife over 2 years ago

Poets & Writers


The world's largest non profit organization serving creative writers. This is a rich resource with a directory of nearly 10,000 writers, and databases of literary magazines. It also hosts reading and workshop programs throughout the year. Find tools for your writing or connect with other like-minded individuals.

Music Lessons
by Writing Prompter over 4 years ago
Music Lessons
by Writing Prompter over 4 years ago

The Poetry Kit


A poetry and literature blog. Discover ongoing competitions, courses, events, workshops, publishers, and even a list of other distinguished poetry blogs.

Coffee Table Poetry for Tea Drinkers


Study poetry by era or get filled in on proper poetry terminology, from the Paeon to the Rondel. Or, if you're in need of an effective love poem, take note that there is a large selection available here.

As I Walked Out One Evening
by noreply@blogger.com (Vic Mahfood) over 4 years ago
This is Just to Say
by noreply@blogger.com (Vic Mahfood) over 4 years ago

The Music In It: Adele Kenny's Poetry Blog


Adele Kenny has enough accomplishments to make any aspiring writer intensely jealous. With over twenty books and two awards to her name, she is definitely no amateur. Those who are even slightly interested in the craft of poetry will find her blog fascinating. There are tons of unique poetry prompts, and fun activities such as a famous poets crossword puzzle.

Prompt #247 – What If
by noreply@blogger.com (ADELE KENNY) over 2 years ago
Etiquette for Soliciting Poetry Readings by Guest Blogger Joe Weil
by noreply@blogger.com (ADELE KENNY) over 2 years ago

Welding Tips and Tricks


This blog is a great place to start your journey into welding. There's information for both beginners and advanced welders, articles on tig welding, mig welding, and even welding safely.

TIG Welding basics part 3
almost 4 years ago
Welding Helmets and a few Tips and Tricks
almost 4 years ago

Welding Tips and Projects Blog


This blog not only amasses a wealth of information, but does so in a succinct manner. There are even featured projects to guide any novice into welding mastery.

Sep 16, Adjustable Campfire Grill Plans
almost 4 years ago
Sep 13, Trailer Tips and Questions!
almost 4 years ago

Weld It Right


This blog is chock-full of welding information and a great resource for all metalworkers. Straight-forward and easy to navigate.

Book of Kells


Poets can gather notes about writing and living creatively from Kelli Ogoden, a published author of three poetry books, one of which snagged the White Pine Press Prize. You'll also get lots of practical information and advice on topics such as "The Benefit of Social Media in the Writer's Life."

Pretty Cool-- INDY 500 looking for a Race Day Poet (and Poem)! #submit
by noreply@blogger.com (Kelli Russell Agodon) over 2 years ago
2015 Reading Year in Review... #TuesdayBookBlog #Motivational
by noreply@blogger.com (Kelli Russell Agodon) over 2 years ago

Jim Aderhold's Welding and Metalworking Hobby


A beautiful new website that is beginning to accumulate multiple features on the art of welding. Check "School of the Hard Knocks" for the author's most pertinent tips on getting started.