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This niche blog is all about connecting employers and employees in the Charlotte area. The twist? They do it through blogs and social networking.

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Learn more about how to recruit the best candidates and to do it in the least amount of time as possible. HR people recruit, but it does not have to be an overwhelming task. Great information on this blog!

Utilizing Recruitment Metrics is the key to Your Ultimate Candidate Attraction
by Jessica Miller-Merrell over 2 years ago
How to Calculate Employee Turnover
by Jessica Miller-Merrell almost 3 years ago

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With a whole roster of experienced bloggers, all with a unique sense of humor, Fistful of Talent is a blog dedicated to human resources. Catchy post titles like If "Everyone is Responsible, is Anyone Responsible?" always raise questions and give rise to subtly funny answers regarding life in the workplace.

Employers Love Lesbians 9% More Than Heterosexual Women
by Tim Sackett over 2 years ago
Regional HR Models Suck
by Laurie Ruettimann over 2 years ago

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Much of HR management is recruiting and this blog helps HR personnel and management learn how to better attract the best candidates.

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HR and recruitment are just part of the job, but knowing the best ways to recruit can save you time. In addition, when you know the best recruitment tricks, you save your company money because you are hiring the best.

A Cautionary Tale for Boolean Hacks and Illiterates
by Amitai Givertz over 4 years ago



Hiring process for Services vs Product company as we all know is a lot unique and I compare it with Disneyland vs Paintball.The objective of this article is not to weigh Services companies vs Product companies but to compare the kind of people and the hiring mantras that these kinds of companies use.



Today we live in a hyper-connected world where everything is connected through internet and mobile apps. We are a lucky generation; we have seen the digital evolution from telephones to mobile phones to smartphones to smartwatches and much more. We have seen automation in almost everything. The recruiting and hiring process has also evolved from traditional recruiting and job boards to applicant tracking systems and big data analytics.

9 Promising Reasons Why Companies Need to Invest in HR Tech


HR departments are lagging in technology; they have not gotten the best and latest technology. However, this trend is changing at a fast pace due to our understanding of what affects human productivity and the value of skilled employees is increasing. All of that knowledge is developing into software and technology. The work of HR is no longer limited to finding, recruiting, and retaining top talent; it has grown beyond that to include promoting and advertising jobs to the right talent. Companies need to invest more in their HR departments, and here are a number of compelling reasons: