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Saving money on energy bills and such should be seen really as a benefit of a lifestyle that values and appreciates what the environment offers. The Green Blog excellently provides a sense of perspective and understanding about the relationship between consumers and the regulations that monitor and govern their surroundings. There is also a noticeable push here to shed light on the pros of ecosocialism and to motivate readers to fight CO2 emissisions near them.

Costa Rica is now running on 100 percent renewable energy
over 3 years ago
UN warns the world could face a catastrophic global water crisis by 2030
over 3 years ago

Echoing Green


Reading any of the blogs we've featured in this listing will definitely support your energy-saving goals. But once you start noticing smaller bills coming in from your household chores and needs, you might just be inspired to get your community saving money and safeguarding the environment alongside you. This blog is the ideal site to begin your energy-saving activism plan. Echoing Green's page is centered on the idea of promoting social change with ideological entrepreneurs like yourself.

Finalists for the 2015 Fellowships
by Scott Ballum Cohen about 3 years ago
Bold in Action: Connecting the Dots
by Scott Ballum Cohen about 3 years ago

Climate Change Insights


The blog discusses analyzes policy in climate change law. Renewable energy and green building are some of the topics broached.

Green Hell Blog


Saving energy is all well and good, but sometimes too-eager environmentalists can feel intrusive. Peruse this site when you're in the mood to vent about all things green.

Renewable Energy World


This site undoubtedly ranks as one of the web's premier sources for renewable energy news and headlines, its coverage always appearing at up-to-the-minute speeds. You could argue that the green movement's ever-larger profile is encouraging larger publications to also reference important renewable news. Even despite green's popularity, REW still ranks as a must-read blog for alternative energy aficionados for its team of expert's impressively informed and opinionated commentary on what needs to be done.

The Price of Oil


At the crux of any discussion revolving around renewable energy is oil. Naysayers believe that petrol is the primary cause of global warming, yet reactionaries retort with claims that zealous "greenies" embellish statistics regarding the energy source with defenseless hyperbole. Though Price of Oil unmistakably sides with those who have a bone to pick with fossil fuels, the site excellently backs up its claims in a manner that even haters have to concede constitutes fact.

For Big Oil to Survive “It Needs a Fundamental Rethink”
by Andy Rowell over 2 years ago
Outrage Over Peru Oil Spills: “It’s a crime that has no forgiveness”
by Andy Rowell over 2 years ago



The latest in gadgets, technology and arts that align with the renewable energy movement is presented to readers here. Zero-emission ATVs and wind turbines are recent features.



Readers seeking fresh and unique analysis on what's happening with renewable energy worldwide find satisfaction here. Green-focused webinars also appear on the site regularly.

Renewable Energy


International headlines on what's new in renewable energy's impact appear here nearly daily. The influence on politics on the green movement is a common topic.

Carbon Commentary


By educating the public about relevant issues, this blog hopes to move the world toward a low-carbon economy. Read what Chris Goodall, the author of Ten Technologies to Save the Planet, has to say on the matter.

E.ON ignores the DECC agreement to allow local individuals to invest in wind farms
by Chris Goodall about 4 years ago
The biggest proposed tidal energy project yet. In China, of course.
by Chris Goodall about 4 years ago



Because people's health is drastically affected by the environment, attention should be paid to the food, water, and air to ensure that people are neither harming or being harmed by the environment. This blog keeps you up-to-date on environmental developments that concern public health.

SolveClimate News


For the latest headlines surrounding our collective mother's climate, this blog should be one of the first places you look. SolveClimate News features original reports, media clips, and articles that will greatly expand your knowledge.

The Fracking Industry Faces Its Climate Demon: Methane
over 4 years ago
Compensation Battle Rages Four Years After BP Spill
over 4 years ago

R Squared Energy Blog


On this blog, you'll be able to follow intelligent discussions on energy and environmental issues. Inform yourself on a range of topics, like how declining oil prices is actually a sign of trouble.

Ecosystem Restoration Takes Precedence Over Renewable Energy Projects
by Russ Finley over 2 years ago
A Critical Review of the 2015 Energy Balance for Corn Ethanol
by Robert Rapier over 2 years ago



At this blog, you'll find both national and international news about people promoting sustainability. If you decide to visit this site, it'll be a challenge for you not to become inspired to live more self-sufficiently and with the environment as one of your top priorities.

Environmental Economics


Both of the people who maintain this blog are experienced economists who provide their expert opinions and analyses of the environment and natural resources. On this blog, you'll frequently find economics concepts like "supply and demand" applied to environmental events.

Friday beer post: time to get your glyphosate on
by John Whitehead over 2 years ago
E) Please forgive, I'm an idiot
by John Whitehead over 2 years ago

Environment Forum


This blog contains interesting discussions on the status of certain wildlife species, global warming trends, green business, and much more. To become an expert on the environment, you should follow this blog regularly.