This "daily international news and entertainment network of online programming based in New York City" has lured quite a large following.



This tip-filled blog designed for designers caters frequently to the Flash crowd. Earn boatloads of inspiration and insight into the best ways to use the programming.

How to Display Timed Transcript Alongside Played Audio
by Preethi Ranjit over 2 years ago
40 Creative Remakes of The World Map
by Nancy Young over 2 years ago

Miceli Studios


This New York-based Flash blog brings real energy and verve to the craft of using the programming. It keeps readers up to date on the latest trends and happenings.

Photoshop Elements


Photoshop Elements is one of the newest formats for the design programming software. This blog is the best anywhere at ushering those who aren't familiar with the software into the fold. Even if you're not too keen on Elements per se, you can look to this blog for unending Photoshop inspiration. The writers make especially intelligent and authentic use of Texture capacity in order to show how a pic can really sparkle and pop.

Davide Zordan


Davide Zodran is a certified Microsoft Silverlight specialist and knows a great deal about the world of cloud computing. His blog is intended to give his thoughts on cloud computing and new programming technologies reaching the Web.

Experiments with TypeScript, MVVM and Windows Store apps – TypedMVVM available on CodePlex
by Davide over 4 years ago
NDepend v5.0 available
by Davide almost 5 years ago



Eddy Luten has been blogging at Scriptionary since 2006. His blog offers tutorials, sample code, and more.

Linux Programming Blog


If you’re looking to tailor your C++ programming to the Linux platform, this is the blog for you. From debugging to code samples, this one has it all.

Beer Planet


No, this blog isn’t about beer. It’s about technology and programming and is written by Artem Russakovskii, a programmer with an obvious sense of humor.



A plethora of information on topics covering software, graphics, social media, programming, design, and more. Search the term "Pixelmator" to locate helpful tutorials and latest Pixelmator news.

Just CSE- C Programming Source Codes


For those just starting out in computer science and coding, we thought this blog deserved to be in our list because it shows you step-by-step how to start coding. It even gives you languages that you can begin making sense out of with coding. Very informative blog!

Call Me Fishmeal


The best parts of this blog are its tips on coding; they’re articulate and readable, and since they’re written by a software developer, they’re almost always guaranteed to work. The coding comes in almost every programming language, and the writer is great at explaining every piece of code so that it’s understandable. The only real fault of this blog is that the writer, whose blog is connected to the blog of his employing company, doesn't respond to email often.

My “Doom” 20th Anniversary Stories
by noreply@blogger.com (Wil Shipley) over 4 years ago

C++ Home


If you’re looking to learn more about C++ and dig in with fun tutorials, this is the blog for you. Readers will learn how to create games, mazes, and more.

Light Sleeper


This blogger has been programming since 1993 and now works for Microsoft. He shares his expertise and advice to C++ programmers and to game coders in particular.

Package Perfect
by pkisensee over 3 years ago
Random Fail
by pkisensee over 3 years ago

Advanced C++ with Examples


If you’ve been struggling with C++, maybe this blog will do the trick. The author posts code samples, along with comments to guide you through it.

iCode Blog


iCode Blog offers tutorials on programming apps for mobile devices. It was created by Brandon Trebitowski in 2008.

Debugging a memory increase, using Generational Analysis
by James Van Metre over 4 years ago

Lamda the Ultimate


Lamda the Ultimate is a group blog. It focuses on programming languages and offers courses, research papers, and other resources.

PHP Architect


This site delivers everything a PHP programmer could need. Readers will find development resources, news, opinions, and a podcast.

My Constraint Programming Blog


Programmers will find sample code, models, and updates on new releases. Some of the languages discussed are MiniZinc, Choco, Gecode, Comet, ECLiPSe, and Python

CP 2014 (September 8-12 in Lyon, France)
over 4 years ago
A first look at Picat programming language
almost 5 years ago



This multicore and parallel programming blog offers tons of useful information for programmers. Readers will enjoy video interviews, programmer profiles, and lots more.