Midwifery Supplies Canada


Run by a doula and midwifery supply salesperson, this website is ideal for mothers-to-be looking for the right products to ease herself into a comfortable home birth. You can purchase birthing pools, DVDs, books, and more all from this blog, and most of the products come with in-depth reviews.

Ethics for Midwives


The title says it all- this blog focus on current ethical issues facing midwives. A great resource for industry professionals looking to stay up-to-date on contemporary moral issues.

PR at Sunrise


This blog spot offers good information for those in the business while also providing interesting insight to those looking to get their foot in the door at a PR/marketing/human resources firm. Topics include how to stay happy at work, skills a PR professional should posses, and much more in this well written and intelligent blog.

Carolyn's blog


Read about birth stories in developing countries, as well as more general facts about being a midwife. This blogger also discusses midwifery education.

Supporting vulnerable Families
by Carolyn almost 4 years ago
A lovely, family centred, home waterbirth
by Carolyn over 4 years ago