Fr. Z's Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?


This site contains pages on how to make good confessions and tips on writing to bishops. The blog was originally started as a means to translate the Latin mass into English. Fr. Z discovered that there were multiple flaws with the translations and his ultimate desire is to spread the word of both languages to the people.

My View For Awhile: Squished
by frz@wdtprs.com (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf) over 2 years ago
LENTCAzT 20 – Monday of the 3rd Week of Lent: We have not the pluck
by frz@wdtprs.com (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf) over 2 years ago

One Way


In this blog, Joaquim hopes to share in the abundance he gained from Jesus Christ with others. He writes about all things Catholic, such as prayers, intentions, saints, traditions, and customs.

God, Mom, Alzheimer's, and Me


This spiritual blog looks to inject a dose of faith and prayer into the fight against AD. Even those who aren't religious can find posts to enlighten and empower them here.

Constructed Guilt
by Linda Born over 2 years ago
Blessings for Those Who Stay
by Linda Born over 2 years ago

Praying in Color


Praying in Color is not just a blog. It's a prayer practice and a workshop for a new approach to prayer. Sybil Macbeth introduces you to a creative way to pray: by utilizing art to pray visually, whether you are an artist or not!

Lenten Calendar Templates 2016
by Sybil Macbeth over 2 years ago
Epiphany–The Third Piece of the Nativity Triptych
by Sybil Macbeth over 2 years ago

Prayer for Everyone


Prayer for Everyone is a community of spiritual warriors. For those committed to prayer and praying for those in need, Prayer for Everyone invites volunteers to pray over certain prayer requests or over certain types of people (such as those struggling with their marriages or those in leadership).

WORD - Feeding Your Spirit!
by LadyBee Archie over 2 years ago
PRAYER - Today We Pray...
by LadyBee Archie over 2 years ago

Bob Hostetler's Prayer Blog


Writer and speaker Bob Hostetler shares his prayers on this blog. Read Bob's prayers for all aspects of his life: prayers for vacation, holidays, spiritual guidance and growth, and more.

To the Holy Spirit
by Hoss over 2 years ago
Pass Me Not
by Hoss over 2 years ago

Letters to Jesus


Letters to Jesus is a blog that invites you to join in the conversation. Write your letters to Jesus. Tell him about your trials and praises, your questions and considerations. Read personal prayers, requests, and devotional life on the discipline of prayer.

Prayer Request
by Letters To Jesus over 2 years ago
Prayer Request
by Letters To Jesus over 2 years ago

Dear God, this is Kelley


This is an immensely personal blog. Kelley blogs her prayers with sincerity and faith, knowing that always, God will answer. He will always answer. See into the heart of a fervid prayer life at "Dear God, this is Kelley."

Today, we wait
by Kelley Renz about 4 years ago
The cross
by Kelley Renz over 4 years ago

Daily Prayer


This is another "Daily Prayer" blog, but written in a different way! This team of bloggers at Daily Prayer generally provides you with a passage of Scripture and their own prayers and thoughts on that passage.

The Bestseller of 2013
by masonbarge over 4 years ago
My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
by masonbarge over 4 years ago

Daily Prayer


Every day brings a new series of prayers, a thought-provoking quote, and a passage of Scripture. We love how this blog gives you multiple things to read and meditate on throughout your day.

by noreply@blogger.com (Wanda) over 2 years ago
The Joy of Serving God
by noreply@blogger.com (From the Recliner) over 2 years ago

Persecution Blog


Jesus warned his followers that there would be immense persecution and trials if they were to follow him. For those who follow after Christ today, this warning remains true. Pray for persecuted Christians around the world by following this blog.

VOM Team in Nigeria
by VOM_MediaDev about 4 years ago
IRAN: A Light in the Darkness
by VOM_MediaDev over 4 years ago

God Answers Prayers


This blog is a resource for all who need prayer. You can send your prayer requests anonymously to this site, where it will be posted and other Christians can come and support you in intercession.

Prayer Habits


Most of the blogs on this list either present prayer requests to the wider Internet community or feature personal prayers from bloggers. Prayer Habits is different. Prayer Habits is a blog that brings you many tips for building prayer into your life. It helps to give you a structure to your prayer life, advise you on ways to maximize your focus, and corrects you on the proper mentality that is necessary for righteous prayer.

Seed Gifts: A Subtle Form of Evangelization
by Jared Dees over 2 years ago
How to See Others for Who They Truly Are
by Jared Dees over 2 years ago

Prayer Coach


Kevin's thoughtful and biblical posts on prayer are good nourishment for any Christian, whether you are a new follower or a longtime believer. All of these posts focus on Jesus and how Christians can serve him better.

Your Perspective is Your Choice
by Kevin Shorter over 2 years ago
Imagine Believing This: God Never Giving Up On You
by Kevin Shorter over 2 years ago

Power of Prayer Ministry: National Day of Prayer


On the first Thursday of May, the National Day of Prayer Task Force organizes a national movement. American Christians come together in prayer for the nation. Until that eventful day, the National Day of Prayer blog features some short essays from on maintaining a godly prayer life.

National Prayer Call
by National Day of Prayer Task Force over 4 years ago
A Word of Encouragement
by National Day of Prayer Task Force over 4 years ago

2RC Prayer Blog


This church uses the Internet for a whole new use in their congregation: prayer! See how Two Rivers Church utilizes this blog to minister to their congregation.

Warrior Prayers--Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need It Most


Moms unite! For Christian mothers out there, this blog is a wonderful resource for encouraging you to pray over your sons with the power of Scripture so that they might become men strong in the Holy Spirit.

Worldwide Prayer Chain


The body of Christ is not just your own little congregation. The body of Christ is the powerful fellowship of true believers from all corners of the globe. Which leads to the existence of this blog. Worldwide Prayer Chain is a place where believers from all corners of the globe can be united in prayer. No language or denominational barriers! Learn to pray for your spiritual brothers and sisters from around the world by looking through the prayer requests on this blog.

#pray4 #3747 Lucas’ Prayer of Healing, Salvation, Needs Met
by info@worldwideprayerchain.org (Worldwide Prayer Chain) about 3 years ago
by info@worldwideprayerchain.org (Worldwide Prayer Chain) about 3 years ago

A Blog on Prayer


A blog about learning to talk with God about everything and anything and how God really can answer prayer.

Everyday Christian


Come here to find prayer prompts, support, and advice. The bloggers here are passionate about the power of prayer and are eager to answer any questions you may have.

by Brenda Wood over 2 years ago
Farm On
by Brenda Wood over 2 years ago

Pray for Surf


Pray For Surf is blogged by Phil Miglioratti who enjoys the sound and spirituality of the music of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys ... As a Christ-follower, he comments on what he considers "the Gospel according to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys ..

Interview with author of "The Beach Boys: America's Band
by Phil Miglioratti over 2 years ago
The Other Brilliant Beach Boys ~ The Story of Carl Wilson's Role With America's Greatest Band
by Phil Miglioratti over 2 years ago

Praying in Color


Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God combines memoir with theology. Step-by step instructions introduce the practice of praying in color as a way to do intercessory prayer.

Your Prayer Blog


Post your prayer needs below and we will make sure to pray with you and for you. Tell your friends and help us grow this prayer effort because as it says in the bible “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” -Matthew 18:20. God bless you.

The Savings Wife


I post free samples, coupons and giveaways all for creating and audience for the “God Moments” blog posts. I am sharing his word by using social media. I am also providing a need by helping people financially with coupons, household management and showing them other ways to save money. My goal is for more people to hear the gospel message.

New Coupon for 1/7
by Melissa Hellmann over 3 years ago
HotelSpa® AquaCare Series Insta-Mount Towel Ring Review
by Melissa Hellmann over 3 years ago