Cool the Earth


The blog comes from the writer's PhD thesis in Environmental Economics. As it comes down to it, the blogger states that turning back climate change is about the survival of our civilization.

Above the Law


Those who get a sugar high from legal gossip and behind-the-gavel action will thoroughly enjoy themselves here. The top people and companies in law are the common targets.

If You’re Using . . .
by Mark Herrmann over 2 years ago
Morning Docket: 02.29.16
by Staci Zaretsky over 2 years ago

The Great American Blog


Fox News' Sean Hannity contributes his controversial opinion here the state of America today. He offers a sound understanding of right-wing US political ideology.

American Thinker


This American cultural analysis page shows a belief in the state of Israel as one of its few ardent political assertions. Others, readers can expect a smorgasbord of opinion here.

Democracy in America


Right, left, or center, this blog prefers to concentrate on the unique brand of politics America has produced. Anticipate posts of deep reflection and sharp intellect here.

Conservative estimate
about 4 years ago
No hero
about 4 years ago

Blog for Rural America


Though cities like New York and Los Angeles dominate news coverage, this blog reminds readers that American farmland lives on. Political ramifications for rural living are the main focus.

Conservation Going Strong in Sandhills
by Becky Keim over 2 years ago
Corporate Control, Fairness & Democracy
by Brian Depew over 2 years ago

Animals & Politics


As its name suggests, the main focus of this blog is the way animals are treated by politicians and by voters. Blogger Mark Markarian works and writes for the Humane Society, with well-researched, relevant posts on animal rights.

HUD Needs a Clause on Claws
by blog@hslf.org (Humane Society Legislative Fund) over 2 years ago
Political Progeny in the Limelight on Animal Issues
by blog@hslf.org (Humane Society Legislative Fund) over 2 years ago

Kernel of Truth


Everything you ever wanted to know about integrity and ethics can being found on Kernel of Truth. You can find ethics on businesses, law firms, and just about everything else.

Mommies Vote Too


Mommies Vote Too is the home of a Conservative mommy having her say on politics, news, social issues and whatever else hits her radar.

Council on Environmental Quality


Coming straight from Washington, D.C., the heart of the United States, the Council on Environmental Quality works to develop effective environmental policies and initiatives. As one of the White House blogs, you can rest assured that this blog is official.

Here’s What They're Saying About President Obama’s Clean Power Plan:
by Dan Utech, Rohan Patel almost 3 years ago
Climate Change is a National Security Issue
by Robert Diamond almost 3 years ago

Environmental and Urban Economics


The author of this blog is a professor at UCLA who holds an interest in economics. On this blog, you'll find his thoughts on environmental and urban issues, which are, inevitably, from an economic perspective.

Market Access and the Rise of Positive Assortment in Urban Marriage Markets
by Matthew Kahn over 2 years ago
Does Facebook Cause (Meta) World Peace?
by Matthew Kahn over 2 years ago

Environmental Crimes Blog


If you have a taste for legal matters, you should definitely visit this blog. Here, you'll find detailed descriptions of environmental crimes and their enforcement (or lack thereof).

ALI CLE Criminal Enforcement of Environmental Crimes Conference
by Walter James over 4 years ago
Local Fort Worth Company Investigated
by Walter James over 4 years ago

Environmental Justice Blog


The next State of Environmental Justice In America 2012 Conference will be held in the nation's capital in May 2012. This blog addresses issues that will be at the forefront of discussion.

EJ 2020 Action Agenda
by noreply@blogger.com (E J B) over 3 years ago
NEJAC Earth Day Teleconference
by noreply@blogger.com (E J B) over 3 years ago

The Oil Drum


One of the main goals of this blog is to make the public aware that we are incredibly reliant on energy, but that its sources are diminishing. Energy has a profound role in society, and these bloggers are working to ensure that people are filled in.

The Oil Drum writers: Where are they now?
by Euan Mearns almost 5 years ago
The Last Post
by Euan Mearns almost 5 years ago

Todds and Ends


Todds and Ends is a collection of musings and ramblings on a variety of topics, from politics to sports to science.

Justin Vacula's Blog


Justin Vacula's Blog explores atheism, philosophy, science, church/state separation, local news, and national news appealing to open-minded religious and non-religious persons in Northeastern Pennsylvania and around the world.

Johns Revelation Christian Issues Blog


This blog provides current news concerning issues that are of concern to Christians including abortion, divorce, creation, immigration, marriage amendment, the occult and more. Keep up to date on the latest news about each of these important issues.

Johns Revelation Prophecy Blog


This blog provides the latest postings from some of the top blogs on the internet concerning biblical prophecy. Keep up to date on current events that impact our Christian world view.



a blog of over 100k members and more focusing on different aspects of information

Nossa Política


The Brazilian policy defined by the media discourse and analyzed under the critical gaze of communication; by ideological possession: my, your, our policy.

Narendra Modi Latest News & Updates


Know about the latest updates & news of prime minister Narendra Modi with his personal and professionals life.