This blog is perfect for those searching for a site that provides extremely comprehensive coverage of design photos and outlines.

Happy Mundane


So you don't live in downtown Manhattan -- no worries; this site's here to remind you that there's glamor everywhere, and "there's beauty in your dishsoap."

TGIF video break: Free Falling
by Jonathan Lo about 4 years ago
Nathalie Du Pasquier for American Apparel
by Jonathan Lo about 4 years ago

I Can Has Cheezburger


LOLCats fans, unite! The site, famed for its funny felines, has now expanded into dogs and other droll creatures.

Cake Wrecks


Here comes the bride -- diving right into the six-foot layer dome Daddy paid $5,000 for. Such culinary laughs like this are plentiful here.

Friday Favs 11/20/15
by Jen over 2 years ago
Maybe It IS Rocket Surgery
by Jen over 2 years ago

People of Wal-Mart


When you think America's pride, do you think of WalMart first? This site isn't for you -- rather it's meant for those who see the kitschiness inherent in the mega retail outlet.

Pretty Pretty Feet
by luke about 4 years ago
WWIB: Just Hanging Out
by luke about 4 years ago

Win Blog


Everybody does win on this site, despite what you might think. The pics here are so laughable that you can't help coming way feeling like a champ.

Found S$*t


People love to explore, to find things. Sometimes, they find rather disturbing yet whimsical things in their explorations. Come here to laugh at human nature.

Barrel Chairs
by found over 4 years ago
Pixelated Fox
by found over 4 years ago

Fabric of My Life


We are completely enamored with this warm and wide-eyed blog site that tempts us to pieces with gorgeous photos.

big beats
by kate about 4 years ago
a pipe dream
by kate about 4 years ago



This blog is all about interior design, and if you ever thought that graphic design is not involved here, this blog will show you all the ins and outs.

by noreply@blogger.com (Oliveaux) almost 4 years ago
A fresh kitchen
by noreply@blogger.com (Oliveaux) over 4 years ago



funny photos in the Philippines, fail photos! :)

Funny Sayings and Pictures


Funny Sayings and Pictures is a fun blog of picture's with funny sayings for people to enjoy and share. We have funny pictures in just about every category of funny, including sayings about the day's of the week, Facebook, Holidays, sarcasm and much, much more. Check us out and if you like anything, give our share bustton's some much needed love and tell your friends about us.

Night cities


The world around me captured with a cheap camera