Fashion Treck


Virtual parties held by Duchess Isabella. You can share your vision and let your imagination go wild....

KId PoEtrY


Poems about the shift shaping nature of the human condition.

People Against Nonsense and DumbAsses (P.A.N.D.A.)


A razor sharp commentary on our contemporary society and culture. Barbed at times with a stinging, "pull no punches" style of writing. At times funny, but often times philosophical and exploratory of the issues at hand. A voice for those fed up with the madness that at times seems to overwhelm good common sense and what's right. Each piece is written in proportional tone to the subject.

Positivity Guides


We consist of a few enthusiasts that write practical guide books to stimulate the positivity within each person. Our books are written in a personable manner so that we build meaningful relationships and connect with each reader. Primarily, our books are for you to enjoy and get good use from as you are the foundation of our cause to spread more positivity!