Review of Optometry Blog


This is an extensive collection of optometry articles in a very attractive layout. There's lots of helpful info here -even a collection of printable patient handouts for practicing optometrists to use in their own practices.

On Eye


This is a valuable source of information on the subject of contact lenses and the vision world. Learn about lens fitting and stay up on the latest technologies.

Preventing Contact Lens Dropout
by cvadmin almost 4 years ago
Dry Eyes with Contact Lenses
by cvadmin over 4 years ago

Clarin Eye Care Blog


Clarin has over 70 years of experience in meeting people’s eye care needs, and in this journey of life, we all experience eye care needs. This is a blog that can guide anyone along this unpredictable journey.

Pixels Are In The Eye Of The Beholder
by admin over 4 years ago

The Big Optometry Blog


The Optician magazine blog. Get the latest news and thoughts concerning the latest buzz in the world of optometry.

Optometry Blog


The world of optometry is constantly evolving. This blog is designated as a common platform where those involved in this field can come to collaborate, discuss, and improve upon their work.

Peripheral Vision


This site is a form for the optometric world. Share ideas and learn about the benefits of social networking for your practice.

Optometry Blog


This student of optometry shares her thoughts and seeks to connect with other likeminded individuals. Read news, tips, and personal insights.

The E-Myth Optometrist By Michael Gerber
by Thanh over 4 years ago
Chinese Proverb
by Thanh over 4 years ago

Retina Eye Doctor


This blogger is a board certified ophthalmologist and trusted retina specialist with nearly twenty years in the profession. He realized that there are few credible web sources covering diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, maintaining that while "Understanding retinal disease is difficult, accepting visual loss is harder". So he started a blog of his own, with a desire to better educate both patients and doctors.

Changing Locations
by Randall Wong, M.D. over 2 years ago
Avastin is Safe | Study Shows No Link to Infection
by Randall Wong, M.D. almost 3 years ago

Ask An Optometrist Blog


No matter what your medical eye concern, you can ask the question to these experts and receive an answer. While this is definitely no substitute for a personal visit to a medical professional, it can offer some timely advice.

The Lasik Directory Blog


This site is a resource for those who are seriously considering or interested in learning more about lasik surgery. Get all the answers to your top questions or learn where to find an optometrist specializing in this form of surgery.

Recovery from PRK
by Admin over 2 years ago
Perfect Your Vision in 2016
by Admin over 2 years ago

Pepose Vision Institute Blog


Pepose Vision Institute is a recognized leader in the ophthalmology world. The posts here will interest both the average individual and optometry students. Articles include new technology product reviews and practical helps such as "The Importance of Eye Safety in Sports".

Are You Suffering From Computer-Vision Syndrome?
by admin about 4 years ago
We are now an Accredited Dry Eye Center
by admin about 4 years ago

Keene's Eye & Vision Care Blog


Come into the world of Jason Deviney, a Texan optometrist who shares his Eyeworks insights. He offers breakthroughs in eye care, product reviews, and an interesting look at his world.

Digital Eye Strain — Ways to Prevent It
by admin over 4 years ago
What’s the Right Age for Children to Start Wearing Contact Lenses?
by admin over 4 years ago

Dr Morris's Optometry BLOG


Get interesting and insightful vision-related tips from Dr. Morris, an Ontario Optometrist. He focuses on topics that will all of us focus on better eye care, with posts on topics such as allergies, sun gazing, contacts, and eyeballs vs. computers.

Techridge Vision Blog


Browse categories such as contact lenses, children's eye care, eye health, eye exams, CRT, and optometry to find what you need. This Austin optometrist's blog offers vital information for anyone who is dealing with any type of eye condition.

VSP Vision Care Blog


Keep your eye on the vision world here. Optometrists should know about this blog, which offers a daily peek at eye care and new advances in technology that can benefit those who are suffering from various eye conditions.

Step Up Your Game and Protect Your Eyes with Athletic Eyewear
by Grace N about 4 years ago
Getting your eyes examined can save your vision (INFOGRAPHIC)
by David C. about 4 years ago

The Eye Doc Blog


This is a resource that Dr. Diana Driscoll created for her patients. Forgot to ask something while in the office? No worries. Get all the answers to your eye questions on The Eye Doc Blog

Dr. Diana’s New Book The Driscoll Theory® is Now Available!
by RAD over 3 years ago
NIH Study Commissioned to Examine Prevention of Nearsightedness with Soft Bifocal Contact Lenses
by RAD about 4 years ago

Eye Doc News


This site is the result of a collaboration of a number of top ophthalmologists and other eyecare specialists. These individuals contribute content, top news, and breaking research with a goal of helping other eye care professionals stay on top of the latest treatments, technologies, and techniques.

Trial to Study Effect of Gabapentin on Pain of Second Cataract Surgery
by Dr. Ari Weitzner about 4 years ago
Trial to Study Treatment of Geographic Atrophy with Emixustat Hydrochloride
by Dr. Ari Weitzner about 4 years ago

Maino's Memos


This distinguished optometrist and Professor of Pediatrics/Binocular Vision Illinois College of Optometry most resent book was awarded First Prize in the area of Health and Social Care, is the recipient of the Leonardo da Vinci Award of Excellence in Medicine from the Order Sons of Italy and is a Distinguished Practioner of the National Academies of Practice He is an internationally known expert concerning children's vision care, his MainosMemos isnpacked with the latest research and information concerning eye and vision care, developmental disabilities, and acquired brain injury.

A Sit Down with Dr. Dominick Maino
by Dominick Maino over 4 years ago
Evidence Based Medicine: Strabismus Surgery Outcomes
by Dominick Maino over 4 years ago

Little Four Eyes


Anyone who is considering pediatric optometry or has just discovered that their child needs glasses may want to take a look at this blog. It is written and maintained by parents of children that need glasses or are experiencing other vision issues. A collection of valuable wisdom, on everything from ordering children's glasses to keeping the glasses on to lists of books on glasses for kids and resources for parents. There is also a large photo gallery of children in glasses.

Book review: Grady Gets Glasses
by Ann Z over 2 years ago
Wishes for 2016
by Ann Z over 2 years ago

Northeastern Eye Institute Vision Correction Blog


The largest and most comprehensive eye care center in Northeastern Pennsylvania hosts a blog in a pioneering effort to educate and inform others. It offers basic eye care and innovative new techniques are they come to the optometric world.

Premium IOL Options for Cataracts Patients
by Page 1 Solutions over 4 years ago
What is Laser Cataract Surgery?
by Page 1 Solutions over 4 years ago

Envision Optical


The mere word "optometry" may instantly cause many to become uninterested. But eye wear and eye care become instantly fun and exciting with the eye-catching designs and upbeat posts on this blog.

No More Injections for Eye Treatments?
by Andrew over 4 years ago
by Andrew over 4 years ago

Park Slope Eye


This compassionate eye doctor is a voracious opthalmic journal and trade magazine reader, and it shows. Read his blog to find why so many love him and his site. He offers practical tips and advice in eye care, as well as current news and trends in the optometric profession.

Dori's 20/20 Tour


Dori M. Carlson was a member of the American Optometric Association Board of Trustees, now the organization's first female President-elect. She committed to 20 visits with optometry students in 20 months. This is the story of her journey.

Enhanced Vision Blog


A leader in developing technology for the visually impaired hosts this blog. They are dedicated to helping individuals maintain their independence and enjoy their lives without being bothered with vision problems. The blog covers topics such as macular degeneration and offers weekly vision tips.

Sunnyside Up!
by Enhanced Vision over 3 years ago
The Role of Inflammation in Eye Diseases
by Enhanced Vision over 3 years ago