Run Fast. Run Vegan.


Are you a vegan athlete? Are you an athlete that wants to become vegan? Check out Run Fast. Run Vegan for advice from a vegan long-distance competitive runner.

All Systems Stop
by kipwinger almost 4 years ago
Needs and Necessity
by kipwinger almost 4 years ago

Mark's Daily Apple


This blog will have you thinking like your ancestors did! This blogger provides daily nutrition tips for us that help us live a lifestyle with a connection to the way that people did hundreds of years ago. This will put you in touch with your roots as well as promote healthy daily living.

Baked Eggs with Creamy Spinach
by Worker Bee almost 4 years ago
What a Difference 110 Pounds Makes
by Guest almost 4 years ago

Bigger Than My Body


Sometimes it's important to keep dieting in perspective. This is a maxim of this blog, "a journey about health, self-discovery, steadfastness and living the life I envision for myself."

My Bizzy Kitchen


Those with special illnesses ought to take special care as they lose weight. This diabetic dieter provides a lot of appropriate recipes to share and enjoy.

Happy Friday!
by Biz319 almost 4 years ago
Super Simple Sauce. . .and a note from Tony!
by Biz319 almost 4 years ago

Food Politics


From 1986-88, Marion Nestle was senior nutrition policy advisor in the Department of Health and Human Services and managing editor of the 1988 Surgeon General’s Report on Nutrition and Health. She has been a member of the FDA Food Advisory Committee and Science Board, the USDA/DHHS Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, and American Cancer Society committees that issue dietary guidelines for cancer prevention. Her research focuses on how science and society influence dietary advice and practice

Dairy food politics, Australia. Kangaroo politics too.
by Marion over 2 years ago
Three books about eating: 2. The Practice of Eating
by Marion over 2 years ago

Whole 9


Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig believe their are 9 factors that need to be addressed when it comes to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. They evaluate each of them to come up with an optimal health and fitness plan to help you to be the best you be inside and out.

Ask Whole9 Canada: Inconsistent Food Reactions
by Whole9 Canada over 3 years ago
Food, Mood, and FODMAPs
by Crystal Ellefsen, Whole9 over 3 years ago

Healthy Simple Living


After the climbing the corporate ladder and finding herself unfulfilled, this blogger reviewed her life and discovered a passion for health and fitness. Her blog features tasty recipes, and advice on a balanced lifestyle.

Finally! A 100% Stainless Steel Cooling Rack That Fits
by lilla about 3 years ago
4 Simple Step for Bicycle Safety (and Other Outdoor Activities!)
by lilla about 3 years ago

Laurel on Health Food


This blog is written by a holistic health counselor who is willing to offer many great tips, advice, and recipes throughout her blog to help assist everyone in living a healthy life.

Jalapeño Cornbread
by Laurel over 3 years ago
Roasted Okra Salad
by Laurel over 3 years ago

Healthy Green Kitchen


Healthy Green Kitchen is a wellness blog dedicated to holistic nutrition and natural health. It teaches people that a healthy diet can make all the difference in the world.

Tara’s Fig and Ginger Cluster Granola
by Winnie almost 3 years ago
Life and Garden Update + A Giant Summer Salad
by Winnie almost 3 years ago

The Happiness in Health


This blog is happily written by a girl named Jessie who is a registered dietician. She is currently on a journey through life balancing her love for a healthy lifestyle-and good food! She is sharing all of her trial and tribulations as well as some really great dietetic advice along the way!

Homegrown Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta {Recipe Redux}
by Jessie over 3 years ago
5 Things I’ve Learned This Autumn
by Jessie over 3 years ago

Circle of Food


This blog is great because it offers something a little bit different. This is a student’s account of her lifestyle through college offering healthy recipes and tips, but also offer a great deal of information of recalls of healthy products in the industry. We think that this is something that is very important for us all to be aware of.

Tucson restaurants closing, opening, celebrating
by Karyn Zoldan over 2 years ago
Tucson: 1055 Brewing Celebrates 3rd Anniversary – Feb. 6
by Karyn Zoldan over 2 years ago

Eat. Drink. Better


This blog has a wide range of resources that are all related to food written by many green and organic activists. While environmental issues about food are the blog’s core focus, it also explores different categories including food politics and policy, nutrition, healthy cooking, and organic farming and gardening. All recipes in this blog centre on organic ingredients.

Why Do Onions Make You Cry? How Chemicals Work in Food [Infographic]
by Jill Ettinger about 4 years ago
What if You Woke Up Tomorrow and Cinnabon Was Vegan?
by Jill Ettinger about 4 years ago

Diet Blog


This blog is all about losing weight through making healthy choices throughout your day. RDs, MDs, and fitness experts blog about exercise, healthy alternatives to high fat/calorie foods, and provide support for your body image.

“The Online Coach” Raymond Queridob Talks IIFYM
by Dan Bolton about 4 years ago
Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness Talks Flexible Dieting
by Dan Bolton about 4 years ago

I Ate a Pie


This a really great blog that reviews many products that claim to be healthy. They will review anything! It is unique and unbiased, and gives you the answers that you need as a consumer in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Diet Hack


A site devoted to keeping you healthy, Diet Hack offers articles on such wide ranging topics as decluttering your home and the health benefits of garlic. It's an all-encompassing site with some true knowledge to share.

Say What You Need To Say


Lauren is a 20-something runner, self described "foodie," and newly-wed who is sharing her secrets to a healthy lifestyle and says it's "ultimately found when one stops trying to be healthy and just lives healthy."

Baby Bump Update: Week 16
by Lauren about 4 years ago
Hershey Pantry Baked Oatmeal Recipe
by Lauren about 4 years ago

Breast Cancer and Fitness


Kathy counsels cancer fighters in the art of maintaining fitness while enduring difficult medical treatment here. She also addresses the importance of nutrition in the battle.

Joie de Jenn


A natural foods blog, featuring Jenn's favorite vegan products along with the occasional plant-based, epicurean experiment.

Apples and Optimism


Apples and Optimism is a space where I discuss my passion for living a healthy lifestyle and living life with a positive outlook!

Roots and Leaves


Stumbling into mostly vegan, nutritarian eating and experiments with cooking, baking, juicing, living, I hope my fairly liberal application of nose-to-tail cooking and living (um, and I mean that in the most vegetarian way possible) makes you laugh and even inspires you.

TLC by Summer


TLC by Summer is a holistic approach to life, beauty, nutrition and fitness. I post vegan/raw/vegetarian recipes, fitness routines, progress from my own life, books I find helpful, music I find inspiring, and overall helpful heathy lifestyle tips. I believe in feeding my soul, I believe in beauty radiating from the inside out, I believe that is is our birthright to live long, healthy and fulfilling lives. My mission is to help spread knowledge and detailed information to support people on their journeys to health and wellness. Light and LOVE.

Eclectic Traditional Bedroom Houston
almost 4 years ago
Ground venison is sauteed with onion and garlic and added to...
almost 4 years ago

Sinfully Nutritious


Vegan food blog of an Italian Holistic Nutrition Coach. Lots of great everyday recipe foods and nutritional information to go with them. Vegan fare that is family friendly. Practical meals that anyone can make. Life and food should be enjoyable and cruelty free.