MLS Talk


Here is your source for soccer news and analysis updated daily! They cover everything MLS-related and have a video browser ESPN-style in case you're not in the mood to do any reading (don't worry, we won't judge you). Each post contains either a streaming video or beautiful pictures of various players doing what they do best... kick!

USA’s Christian Pulisic living the German league dream at Dortmund
by AFP over 2 years ago
Manchester City vs. Liverpool predicted lineups and team news
by Ayo Isaiah over 2 years ago

MLS Rumors


This blog tracks rumors of player transfers and expansion news, as well as posting interviews and showing videos and game schedules. It's an all-inclusive look at the scope of the MLS. There's even audio that you can stream and listen to if you're not in the mood to read.

Daily MLS Rumors - Aritz Aduriz is on MLS radar
by Rumor Mill over 2 years ago
Daily MLS Rumors - Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer Prioritised over Lionel Messi by Orlando City Owner
by Rumor Mill over 2 years ago

The Offside Rules


There are so many aspects of even a single sport. This blog does a great job covering all those aspects. Mostly there are videos of player interviews, great goalie saves as well as goalies getting torn apart by lethal kicks from great forwards in the league. You won't miss a step (no pun intended) by following The Offside Rules regularly.

Legal Juice


This site offers all the drama, both in and out of the courtroom. It has a true sense of humor and the articles are breezy and entertaining to read.

Fighting This Traffic Ticket? Not Such A Good Idea
by John Mesirow almost 4 years ago
Hey, Don’t Shoot The Lawn Mower!
by John Mesirow almost 4 years ago

Blog of New Orleans


New Orleans has become internationally regarded as a microcosm of America's struggles and cultural excellence. Readers direct themselves here to stay abreast of the Big Easy's hardships.

Jazz Fest 2014: Photos from Day 2
by Scott Saltzman about 4 years ago
Saturday at Jazz Fest
by Will Coviello about 4 years ago

Attacking Soccer


The site is headed by two soccer fanatics who have been playing the game since they were little kids. One of them writes from Ireland, the other from L.A. This makes for an interesting combination, as you get viewpoints from two different continents! The pair talks about everything from MLS to soccer around the globe, and they post fantastic videos almost daily.

Brilliant Dominick Kumbela Bi-Cycle Kick v Mainz
by Anto11 about 4 years ago
Funny Moment When Celtic Fan Falls Through a Gate Celebrating an Off-Side Goal
by Anto11 about 4 years ago

World Soccer Reader


Since launching its site in the spring of 2008, World Soccer Reader has grown into a leading soccer news and analysis site here in the U.S. According to their About page, WSR staffs over 30 writers and airs 10 podcasts providing in-depth coverage of world soccer. The blog is comprehensive and you can get lost in there for days, there's that much to cover!

US Soccer Daily


US Soccer Daily examines the world of MLS soccer, as well as international. The blog is updated almost daily which is great for any soccer fanatic. There's also a weekly update dedicated just to the MLS - a convenient source for news if you happened to miss a couple games in a given week.

Cancer Blog


This blog seems to congregate articles from various resources in one easy-to-read, accessible site. Many of the articles can be found on The Cancer Blog.



Readers can find an sophisticated, opinionated take on the current state of U.S. litigation here. Manifold legal experts lend their learned viewpoints on courts with zeal.

Second Circuit: Pragmatism Trumps Truth
by Hester Peirce about 4 years ago
Bond v. U.S.
by James R. Copland about 4 years ago

The American Muslim


Islam in America, a touchy subject, is covered with finesse and allure here. Blogger Robert, a former Marine, relates a nuanced and intelligent viewpoint to readers.

The Weather Channel Blog


America's extremely diverse weather patterns reflect on its equally unique population details here. Glean info on the country's understanding of climate change and more.

American Red Cross


This blog covers the importance, historical and current, of the Red Cross to America's triage and emergency health. Measles and tornadoes are recent topic points here.

Volunteers Map Fire-Affected Neighborhoods in Chile
by Jenelle Eli about 4 years ago
The Intersection of Work and Volunteering
by Kristiana Almeida about 4 years ago

Change: Economic Justice


This blog covers Americans' stance and tackling of the country's currently dire financial straits. The site excellently covers those arrested for their economically motivated actions.

The MFA Blog


The blog affiliated with Mercy for Animals, the MFA blog seeks to promote the activities at their organization and similar organizations. The site deliberately includes a large variety in its blog posts, discussing everything from how abstaining from meat can prevent cancer to prosecutions of animal abusers.

Activist Spotlight: Meet Outreach Coordinator Brian Pietrzycki
by Mikael Nielsen about 4 years ago
7 Vegan Peanut Butter Recipes That Will Change Your Life!
by Sarah Von Alt about 4 years ago

Humane Research Council


The Humane Spot blog is kept in conjunction with the Humane Research Council, an advocacy groups that promotes animal welfare in scientific research. The tone of this blog will appeal most to those who already work in animal rights and are looking to network with other organizations to be as effective as possible.

Henry Bergh, the Unlikely Champion of Animals
by Morgan about 4 years ago
5 Animal Advocacy Pitfalls to Avoid
by Che Green about 4 years ago



LISNews offers stories on everything relating to libraries, librarians, and technology. This is an all-encompassing site for those interested in the subject matter all the way up to those working in the profession.

Who Says Libraries Are Going Extinct?
by Blake over 4 years ago
Miami-Dade Children's Books Budget Cuts
by birdie over 4 years ago



The blogger is a project coordinator and virtual reference librarian for a nonprofit organization. She offers some crazy posts on the subject matter.

Why you should check out Startup Weekend Toronto EDU: Library Edition
by jandawson over 4 years ago
Shelf Series Volume 2: Grace O’Connell
by jandawson over 4 years ago



Mongabay.com is an ecology-cognizant blog that is always eager to keep their readers informed and on top of the latest breaking news in all ecological areas including but not limited to climate, conservation, and the natural environment.

Carbon emissions flatlined last year
by Jeremy Hance over 3 years ago
Bottom trawling reduces size of commercially important flatfish
by Tiffany Roufs over 3 years ago

UK Mediation


This mediation blog posts about the role of mediation in modern society, what the company that hosts it is up to, and interesting news in the mediation world. It covers topics like when it is correct for companies to use mediation in internal disputes, and how members of parliament consider mediation as a practice.

Mediation Online


Mediation Online speaks to its readers in a frank, direct tone. It doesn't mask its terms in complex jargon, and in a world where mediation information is frequently shrouded, murky, and obscure, this tells us what we need to know briskly. Some of its frequent themes include "MythBusters" style posts about mediation, and careful analysis of changing laws.