A Woman's Health


The women's blog-magazine has a very strong focus on cancer prevention and treatment. Many celebrities battling the illness are interviewed regularly.

Ixekizumab Promising in RA
by tracey about 4 years ago
Expert Tips to Ease Itch from Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac
by cancerconnect about 4 years ago

Cancer Blog


This blog is a comprehensive source about all things cancer: from spotting it to surviving it. It's an excellent page to keep bookmarked in the quest to kill the illness.

Your Post-Thyroidectomy Diet
about 4 years ago
Your First Chemotherapy Appointment: What You Need to Know
about 4 years ago

Know Cancer


An essential and comprehensive resource for the cancer community. The information featured here is not only informative, but also presented in a visually-stunning manner.

Soccer Lens


For the latest soccer news from around the world ,this is your one stop. along with team and player profiles ,daily posts you will find all the soccer league information you desire.

Who Should Win “Coach of the Year”?
by Waddah Hassani over 3 years ago
FIFA releases Three-Man shortlist for Ballon d’Or 2014 award
by Chris David over 3 years ago

All That Matters


Maintain your up-to-date status when it comes to the latest innovations in chemistry and other sciences with this site. The writer also serves as an editor to a respected journal.

Nature Communications is becoming fully open access
by Joerg Heber over 3 years ago
Citations and the problem of capturing impact
by Joerg Heber almost 4 years ago

Science of Social Harms


This blog seeks explore the societal ramifications of drug use, including medical weed. It shows both sides, both for and against, in the struggle to legalize.

Solutions to Crime, Part 1: Peacekeeping Canada
by John Anderson over 4 years ago

American Catholic Blog


Catholicism, a major religion in America's history, functions as this blog's primary fodder. It's an excellent way to delve into US culture's understanding of religion.

The Last of the Forty Days
by Angela Glassmeyer about 4 years ago
A Lenten Lesson from Traffic Court
by Louise Pare about 4 years ago

Maman Poulet


Maman Poulet, written by Suzy Byrne, is a blog mostly about Irish politics and culture from a progressive--and lesbian perspective. It has a very broad focus, with posts on disability as well as LGBT issues.

What do you call a Former Taoiseach?
by Maman Poulet over 3 years ago
His Excellency on Water and other issues
by Maman Poulet over 3 years ago



Run by straight Melissa McEwan, Shakesville is a collaborative blog with a large and diverse set of writers, including lesbian, trans, and gay bloggers. It focuses on the political and the personal and where they intersect.

The Oscars + Flint
by Melissa McEwan about 2 years ago
Open Thread
by Melissa McEwan about 2 years ago



Lance Armstong's organization, Livestrong, maintains a great blog which posts articles frequently and incorporates images, videos, and links to really enhance the reader's experience.

A Big C Competition Profile: My Health Sensei
by Guest about 4 years ago
Why Testicular Cancer Awareness and Treatment Still Matters
by Chris Brewer about 4 years ago

Travel to Wellness


Blogger Anne places special importance on being well on a daily basis. Key to her plan is using a bit of spa ethic to make her days pass cheerier.

American Salon


Americans do many things well, including pamper their populace. Gain insight on the newest and hottest trends for spas in the States here.



A more serious video game blog, GamePolitics focuses on controversies within gaming, a history of the medium, and articles on politics and gaming. Hence, this is not your normal video gaming blog.

PSA: GamePolitics will be going offline for maintenance this week
by james_fudge over 2 years ago
AbleGamers launches 'AbleGamers Fellowship' program
by james_fudge over 2 years ago



GamrFeed is an attractive small to medium sized blog that services Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation. It has reviews, original reporting on video game issues, and only a few distracting ads to boot.

Sony: Sega was a 'War Buddy' During PSOne Era
by William D'Angelo over 3 years ago
Sony Teases Something Called Emagon
by William D'Angelo over 3 years ago



A blog site dedicated to video game news, humor, updates, industry news, and the like. Blogs are short but sweet and have a mix of college humor and tongue in cheek fact based writing.

That Video Game Blog


All the video game news one could want is available here, in a pretty package with an endless amount of content. There are some great video game trailers here as well.

REVIEW / Slender: The Arrival (PS3)
by Ken Kee over 3 years ago
REVIEW / The Sacred Tears TRUE (PC)
by Noe Ponce over 3 years ago



Hideo Kojima is one of the godfathers of video games as we know them. His blog contains great videos of of game discussion, news, and highlights of the industry.



A beautiful looking blog with graphics to match its writing and content, Joystiq is a marvel in terms of giving the reader exactly what they want. From gaming news and reviews for every gaming system to hard hitting articles on cutting edge technology, this blog is the real deal.

Pure Nintendo


A site devoted to Nintendo -- the Wii and 3DS. Many other sites tend to put Nintendo far down on the list, but here it is in the forefront for those avid gamers looking for blogs and articles about their favorite system.

Nintendo Download – March 3 eShop Releases (Europe)
by Jemma Casson about 2 years ago
Video: Nintendo Minute – Fire Emblem FEbruary DLC & Revelation
by Jemma Casson about 2 years ago

Blue's News


An up-to-the-date source of gaming news on consoles and PC. It provides links, trailers, and discussion forums for the avid gamer.

PS3 News


Dedicated to all things PS3, this site offers forums, guides, themes, and trophies. A few ads detract slightly from the overall look, but in the end, PS3 News is an important site for PlayStation gamers.

PS Plus Members Can Vote to Play Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games
by PS4 News PS3NEWSCOM 44957 almost 3 years ago
Media Molecule Dives Inside the Tearaway Unfolded Companion App
by PS4 News PS3NEWSCOM 44956 almost 3 years ago

Medicine Net: Leukemia


Shore up your understanding of this complex and serious disease here. You can find articles on causes and symptoms, as well as the latest treatments.

Sleeping Pills May Spell Trouble for Older Drivers
about 2 years ago
In Mice, Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Sperm
about 2 years ago

Startup Company Law


Stay on the friendly side of legal relations with this site's exceptionally important advice. Issues with the law regularly surface with startups; steer clear of them here.

Is Title III Equity Crowdfunding Going to Work?
by Joe Wallin almost 4 years ago
How to Design for Humans
by Joe Wallin almost 4 years ago